DJ Nu-mark’s Zodiac Tracks set — all vinyl, all awesome

Sometimes a DJ set comes along that’s just too good to not post. And this is one of those sets. DJ Nu-mark takes you on a musical and technological journey, with an all vinyl set, sometimes on four desks, sometimes with musical accompaniment, and 99.9% of it is without headphones.

In this Zodiac Tracks set, artist who celebrate their birthdays in the star sign of Leo get weaved into a cool 4 minute set. The set list is at the end of the video, but expect a broad cross-section of music, and an equally broad spectrum of skills too.

I can’t let this pass without some opinion — I have to laugh when I read comments on social media about DJs clearly faking it when not using headphones. Those people need to watch and learn. Wearing headphones when you play does not make you a DJ. Showing outstanding skills like Nu-mark does makes you a DJ.


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