For many, the turntable reached the pinnacle of perfection when the Technics SL-1200 arrived. But others dared to challenge the dominant force in the booth, and one such brave company was Vestax with their turntablist’s favourite PDX-2000.  And this turntable more than any other has received a solid amount of home-brew hacks and mods. And I’ve just stumbled across a mod that takes things to a new level, and edges a little nearer to the 7″ motorised turntable, just like the Biz Markie Technics mod.

As seen in the above from portablist luminary Swiftstyle, the creator of the “Mini PDX” DJ Maiam, has essentially taken the guts of a PDX-2000 and put them all back into a custom fibreglass case. The straight arm has been shortened to suit, and it looks like an old record player platter has been modded to fit.

We’ve seen a 10″ turntable before though — DJ J-Tek’s 10″ Technics SL-DZ mod dubbed the Technics JT-10 MK1 took the much maligned SL-DZ1200 deck and make a 10″ turntable. It’s a slightly different approach to DJ Maiam’s, but the end result is much the same.

DJ Maiam's 10 inch Vestax PDX-2000 turntable mod 1


Obviously we’re all hoping that the 7″ Technics will eventually see the light of day, but we’re definitely edging nearer to it. I’m still surprised that the Numark V7 hasn’t seen some sort of modding action. The guts are there — a case (with power and outputs), a 7″ platter and a motor. It all depends on just how digital it is, and if it can be easily transformed into an analogue turntable. It’s not just as easy drilling a hole for a tone arm base and hanging a couple of RCAs off of it.

DJ Maiam's 10 inch Vestax PDX-2000 turntable mod 2

I’ll be honest — I’m not feeling the 45 scene. But I might get it more if there was a dedicated turntable explicitly designed to run 45s. Because if using 45s is as fun as playing on an NS7, I imagine I would suddenly see the attraction.

DJ Maiam's 10 inch Vestax PDX-2000 turntable mod 3

So come on modders — pull your fingers out and deliver us all a 7″ motorised turntable. Given that the 7″ Technics story is always in the traffic top 10 on DJWORX, the demand is certainly there.


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