Vestax PMC-05Pro IV mixer (28)

DJ Gear from Yesteryear — The Vestax PMC-05Pro IV

The impact of Vestax in the DJ world is immense. But it’s not just while they were alive and kicking, but their influence is clear in every controller and mixer out there. And today’s #djgearfromyesteryear is the PMC-05Pro IV, which for me is the blueprint for every battle mixer since it was released.

The original PMC 05 Pro was incredibly basic — like 2 band EQ and no XLRs basic. And this continued through different iterations up until this beauty hit the scene. The PMC-05Pro IV had everything thrown at it including 3 band EQ, XLR outs, USB, and all the fader controls you could ever need, not to mention a killer crossfader as standard. Finally, the 05 deserved the Pro moniker.

Vestax PMC-05Pro IV mixer (19)

But it’s the MIDI buttons that mark this out as a serious influencer on the scratch mixer market that we know today. And I’d also argue that while the fat toggles seen here aren’t for effects, but also made it through to the Pioneer S9 and Rane Seventy-Two/Seventy mixers too. I wrote a whole piece about this very subject a while ago.

When I do pieces like this, my mind goes down the rabbit hole and wonders what a Vestax/Serato mixer might have looked like. It’s strange to think that while there were all manner of controllers that they made together, there was never a Serato badged Vestax scratch mixer.