I don’t think I’m out of line stating that most hardware that comes out is iterative, and largely just an update of something that we’ve all seen before in one form or other. And then there’s the 4Midiloop — is it a mixer? Or a controller? Perhaps both. But the best description is a 4 channel Traktor wet dream.

To clarify — the 4MidiLoop is a controller from the mind of Ivo Glanzmann with the help of German controller manufacturer Faderfox. Traditionally Faderfox units have been small, modular, and decidedly in the domain of tinkering Traktor users. And then the 4MidiLoop did a full 180 on their established style and made the biggest thing they could think of, and aimed to do everything in one box.

In reality, it’s a balls-out controller in mixer form. Each channel represents a deck complete with transport, hot cues, 4 band EQ, filter and effects controls. Well… mappable buttons anyway. You see the 4MidiLoop has no audio of its own, so you’d need an audio interface to use it.

4midiloop Glanzmann Faderfox mixer controller (14)

To underline how balls out the 4MidiLoop was, it came complete with 5 x Pro X Fades faders. That’s every channel and the crossfader. Nothing before it or since has gone quite so full-on in this department. Like the rest of the unit, this shows how ridiculously overspecified it was, a fact that was reflected in the price, a somewhat eyewatering €1300.

4midiloop Glanzmann Faderfox mixer controller (11)

It’s one of the most out-there concepts that’s ever passed through my hands. And having reminded myself of it, I genuinely miss it all over again. Interestingly, just checking on eBay, and there’s a rotary version that I didn’t know about. Now that’s a Techno Traktor DJ’s wet dream right there.




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