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DJ gear from yesteryear — a daily photographic retrospective 3

DJ gear from yesteryear — a daily photographic retrospective

While I’m not especially impacted by the lockdown (less shopping and longer hair is the worst I’m experiencing), I’m taking this time to do some much-needed housekeeping. And the skratchworx and DJWORX Flickr accounts have come under scrutiny because of the crazy annual subscription charges for no return. I’ll be switching them both to free accounts and saving an arm and leg in the process.

While doing this, I realised that I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the years — 8000+ over 17 years, 460+ reviews, and 30+ trade shows in reality. And it feels like such a shame that they languish unseen and that so much good gear gets forgotten. So I started running a series on Instagram with the #djgearfromyesteryear hashtag, and the community seems to be getting into it.

Yesterday however, Dan suggested running it on DJWORX first, a move that makes a great deal of sense. So today, I’ll republish the ones I’ve already posted over on Instagram here, and then tomorrow carry on posting fresh sets from the archives.


It’s good to showcase these old units — we get to review them for just a short window in time, but it’s only when people have bought them and have long term user experience that a fuller picture is painted. It’s good to get feedback from DJs who may have bought them based on reading our reviews, even if it’s just to vent for persuading them to sell a body part to buy what turned out to be a complete piece of shit.

It’s not just that though — I know for a fact that some of you will be looking for things to do during the lockdown. And a good place to start is to rummage under the bed, unbox stuff in the garage, or venture into the attic aka the place where old stuff goes to die. Enjoy the meander through your DJ past, and if you really don’t use it anymore, sell it, recycle it, or donate it to good causes. Don’t just bin it.

Anyway, here’s what has been posted so far. I have A LOT of folders to choose from. One per day until I get bored. So far however, I’m loving the trip down memory lane.


Did you or do you own any of these? Have you dug out your old DJ crap out of sheer lockdown boredom?