denon mc6000mk2 serato DJ DVS expansion pack

Keen to show that they’re not asset stripping and are taking their acquisition of Denon DJ seriously, inMusic has put the spotlight on the top of the range MC6000mk2. As a flagship controller, it deserves more than entry level software, so with immediate effect, the MC6000mk2 will come with the full fat Serato DJ, and will be DVS ready with the purchase of the recently announced DVS expansion pack.

Some brief words from inMusic:

Denon DJ Delivers Flagship MC6000mk2 with Serato DJ, Immediate DVS Support

Just 90 days into acquisition by inMusic, renowned DJ innovator provides even more capability and value with versatile controller offering

Cumberland, RI, USA – August 7, 2014. New for DJ Expo, Denon DJ (, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, announces the inclusion of Serato DJ with the MC6000mk2. Effective August 12, new MC6000mk2 customers will receive a voucher for the full-version of Serato DJ, a powerful software platform for digital DJ’ing used by professionals at events and in clubs all over the globe.

Further, Denon DJ announces immediate support for Serato’s newly unveiled DVS Expansion Pack, enabling turntablists to use the MC6000mk2 as an interface for sending Serato NoiseMap™ signals using the controller’s USB connection. The MC6000mk2 is the only controller in its class to provide out-of-box support for Serato NoiseMap™ timecode control signals. Coined the “Swiss Army Knife of controllers”, the MC6000mk2 features 4 decks of software control and 4 independent channels of audio mixing, letting the user combine the best of computer-based DJ’ing with external sources.

“There has never been a better time to perform with an MC6000mk2,” noted Silvio Zeppieri, Denon DJ Product Manager. “With instant support for Serato NoiseMap™ users, the full-version of Serato DJ, and a legion of rich features, we have put together a compelling device for the professional DJ.”


  • 4-Channel, 4-Deck controller and digital mixer
  • Includes full-version Serato DJ voucher (user download)
  • Supports Serato NoiseMap™ timecode control signals for integrating turntables into a Serato DJ setup (DVS Expansion Pack Sold Separately)
  • Integrated 2-in, 2-out USB audio interface
  • 2 mic inputs with 3-band EQ and Echo effect
  • Pro-grade steel construction

Denon DJ will showcase the MC6000mk2 and other premium DJ products at The DJ Expo, August 11-14 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Booth #615. For more information, visit Serato’s DVS Expansion pack and version 1.7 update will be available later this fall.

Denon MC6000mk2 — eating at the grown ups table

So Denon’s flagship controller gets blessed with the full version of Serato DJ. As I said in my review, as a unit it might not have everything that similarly pitched Numark, Pioneer, Reloop, and Vestax units have, but equally the MC6000mk2 has features for a different market, and that market is mobile. But it is still a highly specced flagship unit, and as such be blessed with software that better fits the features. And Serato DJ does just that.

Given the rather more compact stature of the MC6000mk2, it is better suited to being sandwiched between a pair of decks, thus the DVS ability is very welcome. You’ll still have to fork out $99 for the DVS expansion pack and lay your hands on some Serato control vinyl, but when you consider that before this you’d have to get at least a Rane SL-2 to plug in the back, this a bargain.