Aaaaaannnnd relax. Yes dear readers, the 12 Days of Worxmas has drawn to a somewhat epic conclusion (well the whole thing was epic from start to finish really), and now it’s time for us to switch off, relax and soak up the real Christmas spirit. Each of the 12 days is open for entries until we fully return in the New Year, so don’t be shy – throw your name in there if you haven’t already. You’d be mad not to.

Personally, I’m looking forward to switching off for a decent length of time. Christmas Day will be spent with nearest and dearest, in a lovely country pub being waited on with stunning Christmas fare. My birthday is 2 days later, but fear not for I’ll be returning to these pages to offer my musings on the somewhat momentous 2012, as well as dishing out my customary tongue-sooo-hard-in-cheek-it-hurts Annual Awards – you know, the ones that manufacturers don’t print on their boxes or quote in their PR.

Anyway, all that is left is for me to offer genuine heartfelt thanks for stopping by, and to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Festivus, Happy Holidays or whatever your flavour of celebrating the next few days is. Be safe, well, and spend time having fun being a DJ!