Dan writes for NI — how to manage your Traktor music

We love it when our beloved readers like and share what we do. But it’s equally nice when one of the companies that we write about likes the cut of our jib, and invites one of us to write for them too. This is what happened to our Dan Morse, when he was asked by Native Instruments to contribute a fraction of his considerable knowledge to their blog.

In his article, Dan unloads his expertise in the areas of Traktor library and music management. In it, he covers the basics and more detailed elements of music wrangling in Traktor, as well as offering tricks and tips that could be used for anyone wanting to manage music in their own particular software of choice.

On a personal level, I’m really proud that the work of one of our own has caught the attention of the wider industry beyond the scope of being a bloody good read. Indeed, last month saw Arkaei opening the Red Bull finals in Poland. This for me is validation that we have the best team in the industry. Bloody good work guys.