Calling InvaderOne and President Clinton...

Calling InvaderOne and President Clinton…

Calling InvaderOne and President Clinton...

The 12 Days of Worxmas is well and truly over, and the winners have all been informed and responded. Bar 2 that is, and these lucky winners seem to have decided to ignore their Facebook and Hotmail accounts and carry on oblivious to the fact that booty awaits their response.

So InvaderOne and Adam Reaume aka President Clinton – you really need to pick up your mail/Facebook messages and claim your booty. I’ll only leave it so long before drawing some other people who most probably do want me to send the goodies their way.

In the meantime, here is a list of all the other very luck and incredibly happy winners. Please bear with me – it’s just me trying to wrap them as well shooting another commercial video and keeping the content coming.

Day 1 – Randy Johnson, Brad Giezentanner and Dan Pham, all from the USA. Plus Adam Reaume.

Day 2 – Robert Quick from Bristol, UK.

Day 3 – Oreste Din Poveste from Romania and Onno Krause-Leipoldt from Germany

Day 4 – Sam Brunelle from the USA.

Day 5 – Alex Vilfrant from France.


Day 7 – Mark Hills from the UK.

Day 8 – Dylan Van Es from Australia and Christophe Cox from Belgium.

Day 9 – Michael Broderson from the USA.

Day 10 – Tom Hughes from the UK.

Day 11 – Mark Stewart from Spain.

Day 12 – Nick Bivona from the USA.

A huge thanks to everyone who entered. I’m working hard to get the prizes out ASAP.

Calling InvaderOne and President Clinton...

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