At what point does something become tradition? We’ve done a Drunken Review at BPM twice now, and it feel almost like it would be wrong to miss it this year. The previous two years, we’ve reviewed fader caps and iPhone stands, lubricated liberally with various forms of beer. This year, we found ourselves at a loss when finding that there was nothing new announced on the day for us to review.

But then, as luck would have it, we were handed something on the Next Audio Labs stand. Something no other DJ news outlet will have: The official Next Audio Labs branded coffee mug.

The Windows standalone version

In a nutshell

A purist promotional tool designed to remind you that Next Audio Labs still exists. There’s even a Windows version.

The obligatory and terribly clichéd unboxed. Or in this case, unbagging.

In the box (bag)

The mug.

We were disappointed with the lack of included cables, manual, or adapters. We found that this made setting up difficult to do, and had to struggle on our own. And the website also lacks operating instructions too. Not good.

The hardware

As is expected with DJWORX, we really went into the nitty-gritty of the unit. Thorough investigation revealed that the mug was made in a Chinese factory. Namely, we turned the mug over and found a Made in China sticker. How disappointing. We hoped for an American product, built by a good old American company. What we got, was nothing more than a super-OEM unit. That said, it was of high quality nonetheless.

The mug is a simple design. A smooth, curved cup with a sturdy matte-black finish, emblazoned with the company logo. The shape screams efficient industrial design, with tones of Scandinavian influence. The logo appears on both sides making the mug ambidextrous, a powerful pro-left-handed statement.

In use

Once we got the hang of how to use this (despite the lack of manual supplied by Next Audio Labs), it was powerful and versatile tool for fuelling your DJing. Whatever DJ drinking style you might choose, there’s something here for you. Tea, coffee, beer, Lemsip. The mug has great stability, filling it helped keep it steady even more. We did of course take great delight in emptying it. Numerous times…

We tested performance under stress, in situations that might not occur unless you’re in a very niche area. As an iPhone stand it felt decidedly average.

Screen visibility is obscured by the design of the mug and needs to be changed for the next version, but you get decent sound amplification while in use. We would suggest a glass version for the future.

Next up real world testing. In testing, the Next Audio Labs mug auto-sinks reliably, every time. The feature is smooth and swift, without lag. For those that need reliable sinking, this is a huge plus for the product. Though we did find that bubbles affected the speed of sinking quite dramatically.

In conclusion

Having nearly gotten into a fight with locals for trying to drink beer from a mug in a pub, we feel that its nearest competitor, the pint glass, is a much better option for drinking ale and lager. For coffee and tea however, the Next Audio Labs mug is a clear winner. Well probably — we were too busy drinking beer to actually test that.

With all this said, we’d like to congratulate Damien Sirkis and Next Audio Labs for officially leaving beta and releasing Rekord Buddy 2. Ching ching!



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