LINK: Reloop | PRICE: €15

The DJ world is full of stands of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. And directly addressing DJ culture is Reloop, a company that has has taken the slightly left field approach in creating a stand to hold tablets.

It’s very clear about its intended use — “universal stand for DJing on tablets and smartphones”. Obviously we would urge you to seek medical advice before taking tablets of any kind, but because we’ve got little else to do on a Saturday evening after a few beers, we figured we’d give this interesting new product a bit of a test drive.

Clearly this stand can take different types of tablets, and of a range of sizes too. . And being the clean living chaps that we are, the only tablets we have are Paracetamol and Rennie, but this covers large and small tablets. As you can see in the pictures, both tablets were very adequately handled. They stayed in place, and were easily accessible. The Tablet Stand only has a small slot, so is only going to take a few tablets. But how many do you really need to get through a DJ set?


Having established that the Tablet Stand does an excellent job of keeping pharmaceuticals handy for DJing,  we set about looking at alternative uses. We noticed that the flat format of the stand made a very useful beer mat while ploughing through plates of food at the Beefeater restaurant. And with some careful positioning, you can use it as a beer stand.

While attacking said plate of food, we also discovered that the Tablet Stand really isn’t of much use should you find yourself short of a steak knife. We recommend that you ask your waitress for a proper steak knife instead.

I do not however recommend using the Tablet Stand for opening beer. You can stand beer on it in varied ways, but it’s quite rubbish as a bottle opener. We tried.


In our testing, we discovered a much better use for the Tablet Stand, and that’s for smartphones and other mobile devices. We feel that this would be a much better direction for Reloop to market this stand. And the beauty of this is that they needn’t change a thing. The packaging can stay just the same.

So… the Reloop Tablet Stand is crap for opening beer, and is an even worse steak knife. But if you want a sturdy mobile device stand, it’s pretty good at that.