And so it goes… as rekordbox gains momentum on desktop, so thoughts turn to the assorted mobile platforms. And thus WeDJ is available for iPad, a DJ app that gives Pioneer DJ a presence in the mobile sphere.

The words:

Mix on the move: WeDJ has landed –

iPad app for easy DJ performances wherever you go

6th September 2016: We’re releasing WeDJ, a DJ performance app that makes it easy for anyone to start mixing music on an iPad. Using the colourful animated interface, you can control the tracks in your iTunes playlists and use a variety of features and FX to add creativity to your sets. By plugging your iPad into speakers, you can DJ at parties, or you can use your headphones for practising wherever you go.

It’s easy to start mixing on the intuitive app, which looks like a two-channel hardware set-up with waveforms, jog wheels, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders and a crossfader. You can use the Sync button to get your tracks perfectly in time and Auto Gain to automatically set the volume to the right level, leaving you free to use the performance features including Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX and Combo FX to make your mix unique. There’s even an Automix feature, which seamlessly mixes in the next track before the end of the track that’s playing. And to take your WeDJ performances to the next level, you can connect the new DDJ-WeGO4 controller for tactile control of the app’s features.

WeDJ is available in the App Store at an introductory price of €2.99 until 30th September 2016, and will be available at the regular price of €4.99 from 1st October 2016.

Watch our introduction video for WeDJ and the DDJ-WeGO4 find out more here.


1. Colourful animated user interface for intuitive control

The display’s colourful, intuitive layout gives you visual feedback, making it easy to learn the basics of DJing and transition to using hardware including controllers. See the controls and jog wheels react as you adjust the tempo, scratch tracks and tweak EQs. The colour of the waveforms and jog wheels change according to the colour of the album cover image, so you can easily keep track of what’s on each deck.

2. Performance features for endless creativity

Make your sets unique with WeDJ’s Hot Cues, loops and sampler. You can trigger Pad FX by pressing down on the pads, and with Combo FX you can blend two effects by tracing your finger on the x and y axes on the display. Two of these features can be displayed at the same time on each deck, so you can create different sounds without switching performance panels.

3. DDJ-WeGO4 support for tactile control

The new DDJ-WeGO4 controller is the ideal partner to WeDJ. When connected, the WeDJ display changes to a dedicated interface that’s optimised for use with the hardware. You can enjoy tactile control of WeDJ’s features by touching the DDJ-WeGO4’s jog wheels, faders and knobs. Everything you control, as well as waveforms and track information, will be shown on your iPad’s screen.

4. Flexible layout

Choose the layout you like best from the three options:

Two jog wheels

Enlarged horizontal waveforms

Enlarged vertical waveforms

5. Other features

Automix – Press the Automix button and WeDJ will automatically mix in the next track before the end of the track that’s playing

Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app

On-board Loopmasters samples

WeDJ system requirements

OS (iOS) :iOS 8 or later

Device :9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Air

Death and taxes, and rekordbox Go

It’s one thing to develop a library app into a fully fledged lump of DJ software. But creating a complete version of a desktop experience on a mobile platform is going to take some time. But WeDJ looks to be a solid experience — it’s certainly polished (love the BPM linked pulsing outer ring), but it’s not quite djay Pro or DJ Player. Yet.

I suspect that rekordbox Go is in the works, but not really ready for prime time. Hell in relative terms, rekordbox DJ is only just out of the starting block. WeDJ may also become WeDJ Pro and get 4 decks, but I’m guessing that the goal is full parity between desktop and mobile, rather than separate universes. And if not, it should be.

It looks like a nice app, and the perfect partner for the yet to be talked about WeGo4 that I’m about to get to.

You can snag WeDJ from the app store for an initial price of €2.99 before it reverts to €4.99.



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