The word thing about the BPM demo stage is the large amount of more production and non-DJ performance pieces make an appearance. And Novation’s Launchpad Pro is one of those bits of gear that fits in well across the spectrum of DJs, performers, and producers that attended BPM 2015.

Mark Lowes from Novation walks us through the basics of the all new Launchpad Pro, showing what is new, and what has changed. In my layman’s opinion, the new Pro makes the old one look like a simple box of buttons. The RGB feedback, pressure and velocity sensitivity, and standalone features make it worthy of the Pro moniker.

Our resident Ableton expert Darren Cowley from Isotonik Studios has one lost in a pile of other next level controllers, and will be writing a review in due course. And you know it’ll get in deeper than anyone else out there.