bpm seminar how dj gear is made

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made

bpm seminar how dj gear is made

There has been a recurring task on my todo list for the best part of a decade, and that’s to explain to people in great detail how DJ gear is made. To complete this task at a level I’m happy with is going to take a very long time indeed. But to get things started, we’re running a seminar at BPM 2015 cramming as much of it as we can into an hour.

We’ve teamed up with the very good people at Native Instruments to attempt to demystify the process of how gear is designed, manufactured, and delivered to your doorstep. This isn’t about NI specifically, but aims to paint a picture with broad stokes about the decisions that go into deciding what gears comes next — is it all new or an update? How do you design and test new product before hitting the production line? How many people are involved in the chain from drawing board to delivery van? There are way too many questions for a one hour panel, but we’ll do our best.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made

Asking the questions and generally coaxing great responses from the panel is our own Jared Helfer. And broadly representing Native Instruments’ chain of design, R&D, manufacture, sales, and marketing are:

chad carrier Native Instruments
NI’s Chad Carrier and his baby, the Kontrol S8.


Chad Carrier is the Product Owner for Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR software and has been working in the industry for nearly a decade starting with hardware products like M-Audio’s Trigger Finger and, most recently, NI’s flagship KONTROL S8.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made
David Eserin photobombed by Westend DJ’s Eitan Zilkha.


David worked for DJ Mag as their tech editor, then at Pioneer running the media side of things (yes that guy in the videos), and now runs marketing for NI UK, working with artists, running events etc.


BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made
Stephen Parker pledges allegiance to DJWORX.


Having worked with NI since 2001 as their distributor when they had just a handful of products, Stephen is now responsible for the UK operation, both in general terms and for all sales and marketing related items.


This  takes place at BPM 2015, Sunday 13th September, at 4pm. Entry is free, and you just basically turn up, watch, and ask questions. The whole thing is being filmed, so if you’re unlucky enough to miss the seminar or just can’t make it to BPM, then we’ve got you covered.

This will also turn into a wider and considerably more comprehensive series of articles getting into the real detail of how and why DJ gear is made.


The clock is ticking, so get your tickets booked today. See the BPM box in the right hand column? Click it or this, and when asked, insert the code DJWORX5OFF and you’ll get a hefty discount on the door price.

If you need an incentive outside of attending the best damned DJ show in the world, we’ve got some DJWORX freebies to give away. And the only way to get them is to come along and shake our hands.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made

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