Did you ever wonder how DJ gear is made? Do you know the exact process of how a drunken scribble in a bar becomes the product you’re playing with every weekend? While we have a solid idea of the process, we thought it would be nice to give the tiniest of glimpses into how NI does it at BPM 2015.

Jared Helfer managed to escape the demo stage compound, and with the help of Chad Carrier, Stephen Parker, and David Eserin from Native Instruments, the guys kicked around the basic principles of design, marketing and selling DJ gear. And for the few out there who genuinely believe that NI is turning its back on the traditional market, Jared asks the question to get some clarification. And in true clickbait style, the answer might surprise you. But not us.

DJWORX bpm 2015 panel how DJ gear is made

Watching this back, it’s clear that this is a tip of the iceberg video. So it’s my mission to fill in all the dots, and bring the whole subject to your screens in glorious detail in the coming months. But this is absolutely worth a watch in the meantime. You’ve got 30 minutes right?