bpm 2015 dmc DJ uk final 2015

BPM 2015 at Birmingham to host DMC UK final. No, not London

bpm 2015 dmc DJ uk final 2015

Outside of invading stands and having impromptu scratch sessions, BPM 2015 just got a lot more interesting for turntablists, especially those of a battle mentality. For this year, the DMC UK showcase and supremacy finals will take place at the BPM show on Sunday 13th September. Brace yourselves, because that means a trip to Birmingham, and they talk dead funny there.

The words:


Want to see DJ history unfold before your eyes?

BPM 2015 will host the UK finals of the renowned DMC World Championships, as some of the hottest DJs around battle it out for the UK title and a place in the World Finals. Whether you’re a DJ or not, watching these skilled turntablists at work is a spectacle to behold!

Previous DMC winners include A-Trak and Mix Master Mike, who’ve worked with such names as Kanye West and the Beastie Boys. So, you’ll be watching future stars in the making inside the CHAUVET BPM ARENA! The DMC UK Finals 2015 will take place from 4pm on Sunday 13 September and entry to watch the show is included for all BPM ticket holders.

We’ll also be hosting the DMC Battle for Supremacy, which will see DJs battle it out in a series of intense one-on-one sessions…

Rather take part than watch? You can enter here! www.dmcdjchamps.com/ukfinal.php

Brace Yourselves


It isn’t without a sense of irony that the DMC UK final should be on twelvety times DMC champion Mr Switch’s home turf (check his 2014 world championship winning performance shot in The Worxlab). But the last time I spoke with him, he was pretty adamant about not entering again. Perhaps the lure of winning in his own yard might be enough to get him to step up. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

trueman show DMC BPM DJ 2015

For many of you, it’ll be time to venture outside of London village into the barren wastelands of Mordor aka Not London aka Birmingham. You’ll learn that the trees and fields you see on the edge of the M25 do actually go somewhere, and you don’t just fall off of the edge of the Isle of London. You don’t need a passport or shots, and although we use the same money, we find that we get 2-3 times as much for it oooop norf. And the electricity is on most of the time.

For the rest of us, DMC comes to Brum, and we’ll get to see the UK’s best showcase and also go head to head in the supremacy. And hopefully we can get to see these guys doing their thing on the many BPM stands that will have scratchable gear too.

bpm 2015 5 off djworx


We’ve got you covered. As we’re hosting the vast Demo Showcase again, we’ve got a hefty discount for you. If you swing by the tickets page, using the code DJWORX5OFF, you can get… yes you guessed it £5 off the already discounted early bird price. Book with the code and you get three days of BPM and Pro shows for just £10. Wait until the opening day, and that’s a full 20 sovs mate.

So not only will you witness the UK’s finest turntablist talent scrap on stage, but you’ll also get to play with the newest shiny, and get to see it all showcased on our Demo Stage.


It’s a rhetorical question really. But if not, why not? And have you got a note from your mum excusing you?

BPM 2015 at Birmingham to host DMC UK final. No, not London

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