Novation are making great inroads into the increasingly grey area between DJ and producer and all stops in-between. The Launchpad S established Novation as a player in the Ableton Live wrangling market, rapidly followed by a succession of Launch This and Launch That products. Chris Calcutt was once again on demo duties at BPM 2014, where he delivered a splendid walkthrough of the Launchpad S, Launch Control XL, and Launchkey Mini, as well as the all new Audiohub 2×4 interface.

For those waiting for Novation’s next foray into pure DJing… well don’t hold your breath. While they blazed a trail that others have followed and will be following, there has been a very muted response when pressed on the question of a new Twitch or Dicer followup. Personally, I’d love to see what they could bring to the emerging Serato hardware accessory market. And they’d be ideally placed to bring out a Serato response unit to the sort-of-announced Kontrol S8.