Arturia microbrute demo

BPM 2014: Arturia MicroBrute synth demo [VIDEO]

Here’s one for the pure mono synth heads out there. The Arturia MicroBrute takes much of what its bigger sibling the MiniBrute has to offer and shrinks it down into a much more affordable but nonetheless powerful package. Sonic Distribution’s Alex Theakston once again takes to the demo stage to deliver an obviously enthusiastic and noisy walk though of the MicroBrute. And yes, the BPM sound police had to slap our wrists on this one. You’ll never take us alive copper.

This is another demo that certainly transported me back to the early part of my journey through music and DJing. And it’s really good to see that the same things that excited my friends and myself still do the same today, even if they’re more up to date. I mean… patch cables. Seriously? Love it, and clearly so does Alex in this video. Good work sir.

BPM 2014: Arturia MicroBrute synth demo [VIDEO]

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