xone:23c xone:k1 mixvibes cross demo bpm 2014

BPM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone K1 Demo [VIDEO]

It’s the last video fro BPM 2014, and we’re ending with a performance and a walkthrough. Ableton certified train Jamie Griffiths leaves Live at home and steps onto the Product Demo Stage to deliver a blistering scratch and breaks performance on the Allen & Heath Xone :23C mixer and the new Xone:K1 controller, all powered by MixVibes Cross DJ software. On hand for the walking and talking part is Alex Jann from Audio Technica, A&H’s UK distributor.

Apologies for the dodgy voice recording on this one. For some bizarre reason that I can still not adequately explain, while the music and vocals were coming out of the master, only the music was captured. So I’ve had to do my best with the loud and booming GoPro audio recording. It’s legible, and I’ve heard worse from a trade show, but it’s not up to the standard of the rest.

I’ve got the Xone:23c and K1 units in the worxlab right now and will be pushing out reviews in due course.

BPM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone K1 Demo [VIDEO]

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