BPM 2013: Odds and Ends

BPM 2013: Odds and Ends

BPM 2013: Odds and Ends

Anyone that’s ever been to BPM knows that you get bombarded by the big boys the moment you step through the entrance. It’s so easy for some of the smaller or less-DJ-focused products to get lost in the throng.

So, with our intern Sam in tow, I ventured into the wilds of BPM 2013 to find some of the odds ‘n’ ends for you to check out…

Nocs NS900

All the best looking industrial design comes from Scandinavia. If you don’t believe me, you can either take a trip over there to see for yourself, or feast your eyes on these beauties. Known for their sleek audio gear, this is a departure for NOCS.

Info was scarce on the NS900s as these prototypes were literally just out of the lab. One of two existing prototypes, this is NOCS’ first foray into the realm of pro-level DJ headphones. Taking a cue from the minimalist school of headphone design, I’m looking forward to trying the final product out.


Mix-Style spiky headphones

We don’t know either… We spotted these and had to share. I’m sure there’s a niche market in S&M clubs for fetish headphones, and these guys are all over it like the chafe from a rubber catsuit.

Mighty Boom Ball

Who needs an iPod dock when anything can be a speaker? We found these little bad boys tucked away at BPM.

Although not strictly DJ gear, If you’re anything like me, you’ll carry at least two pairs of headphones with you everywhere and always want to know you can play your music. Bonus points for outdoing that annoying yob on the bus playing music through his phone by using your window as a speaker.


Skullcandy Crusher

Everyone loves bass, especially Skullcandy apparently! So they decided to add something akin to a sub into their latest headphones. Featuring a second “bass-extending” driver to go with their 40mm headphone speaker, you can adjust the bass using a slider on one of the cans.


Novation Launchpad Mini and Launchkey Mini

What do you do if you want your flagship products to sit nicely with an iPad? You go “mini” of course! And that’s just what Novation did with the Launchpad and Launchkey… Mini.

Released to accompany their respective apps, It really is the easiest way to be introduced to making electronic music. I had a play on their stand and was cranking out Tech House bangers like a seasoned veteran.

This is another product at the show that isn’t strictly DJ gear, but I’d really love to see how the Launchpad Mini and some drum machine software would fit in a setup.


BPM 2013: Odds and Ends

Monkey Banana

We’ve now got these stunning beauties in the studio for an upcoming studio monitor face-off, but the moment we saw these at the event, we were desperate to give them a play. Plus, they had some poor sap in a monkey suit, which automatically gets you props.

Expect to hear more about these in the near future!


BPM 2013: Odds and Ends

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