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ATGR’s 6toX scales the rekordbox 6 walled garden

Pioneer DJ may like to think that removing XML export from rekordbox 6 would keep users ensconced in their ecosystem. But some simply see that as a challenge. It wasn’t long before new kid on the block rekordcloud offered a peek over the rekordbox walled garden. But now established player ATGR has created standalone software that jumps right in and pulls out XML that Pioneer DJ didn’t want you to have. 6toX could be the trojan horse you need to free rekordbox 6 libraries. 

There’s a lot of words:

[PRESS RELEASE] What do the ATGR Production Team and the Urban Cookie Collective have in common?  Rekordbox 6 XML export now possible!

With the release of Rekordbox 6, Pioneer DJ removed the export to XML function. This XML is the blueprint for many collection conversion related tools, including those developed by the ATGR Production Team. To make the situation even more complicated, the new Rekordbox 6 database is encrypted.
And here comes that dance hit from the subject line in play: ATGR holds the key to decrypt the database.
Access to the RB6 database means the ability to create a tool to export its information to XML. This new tool is named Rekordbox 6 to XML (6toX).
The use of 6toX couldn’t be simpler: start the tool and it creates a file named ‘Rekordbox(RB6).xml’ (RB6.xml). Alike the “Export collection to XML” in previous Rekordbox versions.
Our powerful new 6toX tool offers three major features:
  1. Continue using your RekordBox 6 collection with the conversion tool(s) of your choice
  2. Provide you with a path to revert back to a previous version of RekordBox if you want, by simply importing the RB6.xml
  3. Give you the option to select tracks contained in the RB6.XML based on modification date
Modification date selection
Hidden inside the tool, like an easter egg, is a very powerful feature, not available to Rekordbox users before: the ability to make a track selection based on modification date. Using this feature 6toX generates an XML that only contains those tracks which were modified or added to the Rekordbox 6 collection at or after a given date.
The XML file that is generated using the modification date will only have one playlist, named after the modification date entered. Modification date selection gives a huge efficiency improvement to those artists who use Rekordbox as their primary DJ preparation platform and convert to different DJ software on a weekly base.
The modification date function becomes available if 6toX is started while holding down the option (=alt) key.
6toX is bundled for free with these ATGR tools:
  • DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU)
  • Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool (ReCK)
  • iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool (CBT)
  • Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU)
The compatibility of the 6toX generated Rekordbox(RB6).xml is only guaranteed to work with the ATGR tools and Rekordbox. Pioneer DJ is aware of the development of 6toX. ATGR maintains an excellent relationship with Pioneer DJ, and is in consultation with the Rekordbox engineering team to provide a sustainable solution to unlock the RB6 collection data.
Conversion to Rekordbox 6:
Those ATGR apps that convert to Rekordbox are now fully compatible with Rekordbox 6. The notorious XML import bug, that plagued Rekordbox since the release of version 5.6.1 is still apparent in Rekordbox 6.0.3. ATGR has developed a procedure that circumvents the bug. Pioneer DJ has acknowledged the existence of these bugs and is working on a fix.
If an artist only needs Rekordbox to create CDJ USBs then ATGR recommends the use of Rekordbox 5.6.0 which is the last “import XML bug free” version of Rekordbox.
Here is a list of the relevant video tutorials:


There is an idealistic place where all of us want to live. In this mythical DJ utopia, all gear works in perfect harmony together, and all runs from one big beautifully honed open library.

And then the mists clear, the real world appears, and the realisation that this nirvana of an industry is never going to happen, as each manufacturer continues to build higher walls around their ecosystems to keep you trapped inside. 

But walls are designed to be climbed, and that’s what Rekord Buddy, ATGR’s DJCU, and Rekordcloud and their ilk are designed to. But it always feels like an endless game of cat and mouse, where each industry giant protects their turf by using their own unique but still seemingly accessible library formats.

And in this release, AGTR is quite clear that it takes a bit of work to get it running, and will only last as long as Pioneer DJ doesn’t change the encryption key, which could be tomorrow or could be never. This alone tells me that this is a totally pointless method on Pioneer DJ’s part and that they need to change, or ideally ditch encryption completely.

But if you’ve just jumped to rekordbox 6 and regret your decision, or just want to jump around software as you see fit, then 6toX combined with ATGR’s other tools apparently has the key.

What the hell — enjoy.