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algoriddim vjay 1.2 app of the week free snoop dogg

Video is having a really hard time getting any kind of traction within the DJ world. So algoriddim came at it from the iOS end of the technology scale, and created vjay — the easy to use video app for everyone to have a crack at pulling audio, video,  and effects together inside the more manageable iPad. Then came the iPod and iPhone version which did a sterling job of the considerable task. Video however isn’t for everyone, but algoriddim think it should be, and for this week the latest version of algoriddim vjay 1.2 is Apple’s App of the Week and free to download for all of that time.

Algoriddim’s official words:

Algoriddim Unveils New Updates To Top Selling VJAY App, Enhanced for iPhone and iPad.

The Next Generation Features Exclusive Content by Music Icon Snoop Dogg, Video Time-stretching Capabilities and More. 

Featured “Free App of the Week” on the App Store

(Los Angeles, CA) – June 20, 2013 – Today, the creators of the popular music and video mixing apps, Algoriddim, released updates to top selling iOS app, vjay. Best known for its ability to match different forms of media, the new version brings video mash-ups to another level by providing users with unprecedented tools that allow them to seamlessly mix and scratch video content just as a DJ would with music.

vjay is now featured on the App Store as the “Free App of the Week” where music lovers can download the app free for a limited time. Originally released in June of last year, vjay was honored with prestigious awards such as App Store Best of 2012, and nominated for an MTV O Music Award in 2013, which illustrates how the app has changed the way in which users interact with music and video.

The latest version of vjay comes preloaded with new exclusive content from music icon, Snoop Dogg, as well as music videos and visual clips by top visual artists. Users can now re-mix their video contents and play the finished mash-up video directly on the big screen through their Apple TV or share directly via Facebook and YouTube. The next generation of the vjay mobile app is reshaping DJ culture by allowing users to create their audio and visual mashups and easily share their creations with others.

In the latest version, vjay also features  “Video Time-stretching” exclusively created for iPhone5 and the latest generation of iPad. With this new feature, vjay now allows users to slow down or speed up a video clip without changing the pitch of the audio, leveraging the advanced processing power of the Apple A6 processor. This revolutionary app allows users of any skill level to simultaneously manipulate multiple music and video streams in real-time to build professional-grade audiovisual creations.

Also see the vjay introduction videos here:

vjay for iPad:

[youtube id=”0AlyX3re28k”]

vjay for iPhone:

[youtube id=”16aPCi5m6y0″]

vjay for iPhone and iPad are currently free App of the Week on the App Store.

Download here:

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: I made the above videos, and rather pleased I am with them too. When you’re watching them for more or less a week solid, they turn into something you don’t want to see again. But I’m really proud of them now. The iPhone version’s beat is especially good for scratching over. Anyway…

There’s absolutely no excuse not to download and try it out for yourself. For existing users, it’s not a radically bold upgrade, but the video timestretch is impressive, and the Snoop video contribution is going to get hammered on Youtube I’m sure. But who cares. It’s free and you should download it just for the hell of it. Who knows — you might end up liking video mashups and taking this whole video lark further.

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