Mixars Duo Serato DJ Mixer NAMM 2016 (1)

After a short period of teasing and then planting their flag into the DJ landscape, MIXARS is now ready to unleash their first product and I hope you’ll be as surprised as I was when I first heard about it. Presenting the DUO, a two channel Serato DJ ready mixer for the rest of us.

Here’s the word…

Bologna, Italy – 21st January 2016 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

MIXARS introduces the DUO for Serato DJ

The Mixars DUO is the ultimate plug-and-play battle mixer for Serato DJ.

The DUO has 8 RGB backlit pads on board for triggering 8 cue points per deck or the SP-6 sampler.

The built-in USB hub also provides 2 extra USB connections to allow integration with other USB devices such as MIDI controllers.

The integrated Mini-Innofader delivers super sharp scratch performance.

Crossfader and line fader settings such as Cut-in time and Curve are easy to adjust on the DUO front panel.

The DUO Exclusive Sampler switch allows to recall Sampler Mode or Cue section Instantly.

The MIXARS DUO is a solid mixer with phono/line inputs, mic input, XLR Output, Booth Output, USB2.0 Hub, integrated 24-bit/96kHz audio soundcard, analog low/high-pass filter on each channel and many other controls.
 Advanced users can custom map most mixer controls to many other third-party audio software.

Key Features:

  • 8 RGB rubber performance pads for control of Cues and Samples as well as a unique switch for quick switching between modes.
  • Dedicated Sampler volume control.
  • Looping control.
  • Control for Serato DJ FX.
  • Built in USB HUB to power third party USB devices and MIDI controllers.
  • MIC input with tone adjustment (Combo Input).
  • Easy accessible AUX input.
  • Analog High/Low-Pass filter on each channel.
  • USB 2.0 high speed class compliant audio and MIDI USB ports.
  • No driver required on Mac.
  • High performance dedicated ASIO driver for Windows.
  • Fully assignable MIDI functionality via USB can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.
  • 2-channel hardware mixer, 3-band EQ with dedicated HP/LP filter on each channel.
  • When using Serato DJ, mixing is software based meaning FX are post-fader.
  • Unique crossfader cut-in control.
  • The Mixars Duo is Serato DJ and DVS Enabled and requires no additional software licenses. It will be supported in a forthcoming Serato DJ update.

Price for the Mixars Duo will be $990 (USD) / €990 (EU). Details on shipping dates soon.


Getting to make a Serato DJ mixer is one hell of a way to plant the aforementioned flag. This was my biggest surprise — not that former DJ Tech head Alessio Foti was making DJ products in Italy and not China, nor that a large and respected company like dbTechnologies and RCF were behind it. But I was most definitely taken aback when I was told that Serato had agreed to go with a brand new company. Other companies (notably Stanton) had tried and failed to climb the wall into the inner circle, so you’ll understand my surprise.


Obviously, this is looking to take a bite out of Rane’s core market, as well as diverting attention away from Pioneer’s DJM-S9 too, and doing by adopting a very Kontrol Z2 approach. For the hard of reading, let’s dig into the specs a little. Like the DJM-S9 and Rane’s assorted Sixty-x offerings, this is scratchable out of the box with no additional purchases necessary, other than turntables of course.

On the scratch front (which is most probably where most interest will be) the Mixars DUO features a mini Innofader, with full curves and reverses on all channels. The crossfader also has a cut in control too which is a nice and often missing feature. I’ll doubtlessly pull this to bits to take a closer look inside to see if you fit fit Innofaders throughout. Or I could just ask I guess.

While it doesn’t have dual USB, it does have a hub. So if the range of Serato controls on the DUO doesn’t do it for you, then you can at least add other controllers and not take up valuable ports on your laptop.

There are some unusual control choices, specifically the use of switches. The channel selectors and sample/hot cue toggles are switches. The latter in particular seems like an odd choice — we’ll have a play to see if it’s clear which mode is engaged.

But it’s all about the price. With the Rane Sixty Two and DJM-S9 coming in at around $1600-1700, the less featured but still highly specced DUO comes in at $990 (confirmed at £745). That’s a fair amount of coin remaining in your pocket and still delivering most of what the target market want.


The prices charged by the established players is incredibly expensive for the average cash strapped turntablist. The DUO does at least make owning a Serato DJ ready mixer somewhat affordable. This more compact level of control has proved to be enough for the Traktor slice of the market, so there’s little reason why the DUO shouldn’t appeal to  those not looking for every bell and whistle. Let’s be honest, I suspect that most of the target market just wants a Vestax 06 with a built-in Serato DJ interface and an Innofader anyway.


If you look at the MIXARS site (which looks to be rushed out for the show), you’ll see a wider range of new product, including a new turntable called the LTA. It looks to be a superOEM, and outside what’s on the site that’s all I know. The MIXARS stand is just a short walk away so it’s better to go and take a look and report back later.