12 Days - the phone lines are closed

12 Days – the phone lines are closed

12 Days - the phone lines are closed

Well when I say phone lines, it’s just an excuse to use another picture of my rather fetching Orange desk phone in the studio, but you get the gist. After 12 Days of excited commenting, it’s now time to pick the winners of what is the biggest DJ gear giveaway in the world ever. I think. Well even if it isn’t, it feels like it because we received almost 10,000 comments across the 12 Days, an insane amount of interactivity from readers old and new.

So over the next 48 hours, I’ll be picking the winners and one by one informing them via whatever method they commented under. Once they’ve responded, I’ll publish the names. So keep checking your Facebook, Twitter or whatever you used to comment. I’ll get a few out tonight, and keep trickling them out in due course. It is Saturday night after all, and I’m putting my feet up before the chaos of Monday morning kicks off.

Good luck everyone. I wish you could all win, but a good number of you will!


12 Days - the phone lines are closed

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