DJ Zeke: Performance video nailed

We have policies — one is no full reviews of free software, and another is no posting of random performance videos unless specifically for a product release. Sometimes however, something comes our way that is just too good to ignore. And this video from DJ Zeke out of Australia is totally insane. Like utterly nuts and brilliant on so many levels.

From the video description:

Zeke performs an amazing scratch routine using the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 and just 1 turntable. Utilising features of the Z2 such as duplicate deck, cue point mapping, and tactile control of Traktor’s FX, Zeke is able to accomplish a great deal with only these 2 tools.

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Directed by Sam Price aka Naik

I’m so impressed by this video for so many reasons. Aside from being a really inspiring performance, the use of one deck is really clever, as is the use of assorted Z2 and Traktor features. But I also love the video production itself. Promos have a danger of all merging into one homogenous blob of virtual waveform blandness. But this video takes it a step further and improves on this idea to great effect.

I tip my cap to Kosmic, DJ Zeke and Sam Price for this video. You just showed the big boys how to do it.

  • lsanoj

    Great production.
    One question: why “no full reviews of free software”?

    • If you can download it for nothing and form your own opinions, why do you need us to do it? We’ll happily tell people of their existence, but why devote resources to something that costs you nothing to own?

  • blouherecomesthebuckshotshorty

    very nice indeed ! can see why he took to honour at qberts scratch university

  • I didn’t even pick up on it being for a shop, not NI on first watch.

    • Same here, thought it was a NI vid with a funky twist.

      • Me too. First time I watched it, I was thinking it was about time NI got Zeke to do video…

  • that was sweet!

  • Zeke is amazing, love his work and a great showcase of tech from a Local Perth crew here in Australia! Great work boys 🙂

  • lauti

    NI, hire this dudes pls.

  • very good indeed. I really love the way dj demos are becoming more and more professional styled all the time. it’s becoming it’s own genre of short film. wouldn’t it be cool to have a dj demo film festival 🙂

  • Ragman

    simply brilliant !!!

  • sureshot

    What no SL1200??? LOL. Glad to see the TTX getting some love. Oh and Zeke is nice on the cut

  • Top that NI, I double dare you!!

    Probably my favourite Traktor product vid since the X1 Rafik videos.

  • sneekgeek

    This is pretty awesome. Is there any other DJ mixers with similar capabilities like the NI Kontrol Z2, yet much more affordable? Would love a single turntable setup.

  • Jooks

    Technically its good, Impressive. Musically? I’d get really annoyed if it was live in front of me. Too many cuts, scratches, that render it un-danceable to me. Just my 2 cents.. Let the hate begin.

    • It was about technicality. Only a crazy fool dances to turntablism. 😉

    • boogah

      guess this place really is “dj” worx now and not scratchworx anymore…

  • Pure raw talent ! I’ve seen this young man go from strength to strength and always amazes me of how better he gets with every show, Zeke is awesome

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  • hmmmmmmmmm

    Second on the “no full reviews of free software” wtf?… if you won’t review them because you can’t then make money off of them, then you just completely compromised the objectivity of all your reviews…

    • To address this — why do we need to take the time to review free software that you can just download and own for yourself? In the time it would take us to download, install, test and write, you could have formed your own opinions, making our opinions unnecessary. We put our resources into things you can’t test for yourself.

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  • Baiter

    Real dj plays vinyl on technics ! One deck set up for me is just a laught, what’s wrong with the real djs, no many around anymore I guess