Christmas is a busy time for all sorts of reasons. But I’ve now made the draw for every day of the Worxmas giveaway and despatched emails to the lucky winners. So check your mail now, and reply immediately.

Luckily this year, picking the winners hasn’t been about reading every entry and deciding which worthy person should win. Instead, it’s been the flick of my finger down a randomly scrolled and sorted list, and wherever my finger dropped, that email was dragged to a folder.

So please check your emails, and claim your prize. If you don’t get back after 7 days, I’ll draw another name. And to underline this again, don’t be asking for swaps, exchanges, or cash equivalents. You won — live with it.

I have some codes already for software, so some of you might get your prize sooner than expected. For others, please give me a few days to organise your prizes. And for NI hardware winners, it’ll definitely be the new year before you hear or see anything.

I won’t be publishing lists of winners, as that really goes against my ethics and probably infringes data protection laws. But if you have won, and want to tell everyone yourself, feel free to leave a comment right here. And if you didn’t please take it on the chin and congratulate those that did. It’s Christmas!

Once again, thanks to our industry friends for ponying up such a staggering pot of gifts for the DJWORX community. And thank you to the DJWORX community for making Worxmas what it is. Wherever you are and however you spend the coming week, Team DJWORX wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Were the winners emailed via the same address that their entry was emailed to? For example, would native-worxmas@djworx.com reply to those who won that entry? Curious due to inbox sorting.

    • If you’ve won, you’ve got a response from me.

  • White Wulfe

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Aaron Jaraba

    Thank you Mark & the team at DJWorx – looking forward to playing with VDJ8Pro this summer season downunder!

    • thatonedude1010


  • Bill Ierardi

    this contest was rigged i tell you!

  • Robert

    Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2016 for the the winners and the losers of this contest and ofc for Mark.

  • bentselben

    Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you DJ WORX . I received a notice in the mail : “You’re a worxmas Serato Winner!” I’m very happy, even though I am a Traktor DJ. Never won anything. It’s very cool.

    • Platinius

      Me too, what were the Serato prices again? Can’t find the competition page.

  • White Wulfe

    I’m definitely looking forward to giving Mixvibes Cross a shot!

  • kuria g

    Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to the dj worx team. What a giveaway!

  • sinesthetix

    Congratulations to all of the winners. Best contest ever

  • dj ahtraddis

    thank you djworx i won vdj pro, and Happy Birth Day Mark Settle!!!

  • Borislav Petrov

    Congrats to all! I won nothing 🙂

  • bartekf2

    Is there an alone Santa helper wiling to give away Ableton9.5 serial number to poor beginning producer please!!!!!!!!??????

  • I won! I got a Mixvibes Cross licence. I am a VDJ guy, let’s see what Cross got. Thank you DJWORX. And congrats to other winners too.

  • Rockson

    Holy Ballbags i WON the NI HARDWARE! Thanks Mark! And Happy Birthday!

  • DJ Riddim

    Great contest, won the Serato prize. Did anyone get a respons after replying back to Mark?

    • I’m wading through it all today and tomorrow.

    • bentselben

      Not yet, most likely after the New Year.

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    Thanks to everyone at Djworx. I will put this Mix Vibes licence to very good use. So happy to have won. Happy New Year all!

  • bentselben

    EEEEHHHH…. I got My Serato DJ licence. Thank you Mark & the team at DJWorx. I very Happy.

  • Chris Galbraith

    So wish I had won a serato license. Congrats to the winners

  • DeeJay Mellowshe

    @MarkSettle, Pls I never receive the licence of Virtual DJ 8 Pro I won, Have reply to the email u sent since day one but no single reply or response from u. Tnx

    • I’ve heard back from everyone now and a list can be sent to VDJ to get it sorted. Next couple of days you’ll hear something.

  • Jason Dunham

    @MarkSettle- are we in the same boat for the Rekordbox licenses?
    Thanks again my best Christmas present!

    • I just mailed Pioneer again to get it sorted. Apologies for the delay.

      • Jason Dunham

        Still no word on the Rekordbox licenses??
        Come on Pioneer don’t play so hard to get, baby!;)

  • thatonedude1010

    Just got my VDJ license! Just waiting on the Ableton one now

  • Marcin Cedler

    Got a MixVibes Cross license. Thanks Mark.

  • inMusic winners should have their prizes now. The cool twist is that they’ve all been upgraded to full suites!

  • Simon Bone

    Massive thanks to DJ worx team and NI. Received a shiny new S5 this week. Off to play with some stems now.