Worxmas 2013 last chance


  • Grills Truceppe

    such a nice giveaway!

  • Shogster

    My fingers hurt from all the crossing.. :D

  • http://www.mobiledjforums.com/ GroovinDJ

    As the RHCP once said – give it away, give it away, give it away now.

  • Deejay One-two

    Really late on this, too much goodness, big up dj worx

  • http://www.mixcloud.com/heartyparty/ heartyparty

    Some luverly treats in store for a bunch of folk! Looking forward to seeing what new kit we get to see via Djworx in 2014. Cheers :-)

  • alkivar

    shit all I want is the tshirt and picture vinyl :P

  • Bill Murray

    Simply Irresistible… thank You Mark and The rest of The DJ Worx Team. I Hope this will be my years…I believe this is my 3rd or 4th year…Got my Fingers crossed…

  • N. The Brand

    Well since I had my car crash and been stuck in the hospital you guys have kept me sane just wanted to say thanks for another great year

  • vonrandom

    As many before me, I say, thank you for a great year djworx, This year was bigger with both more and better articles to read. I hope you continue your growing journey through 2014 and forward. I have only one thing left to say:
    “To infinity and beyond” – Buzz Lightyear, toy story.