Windows Embedded in Numark and Akai gear?

The recent Microsoft Build Developer Conference threw up some interesting glimpses of the future for DJs. On display was a prototype version of the mighty Akai Pro MPC Renaissance, running with a version of Windows Embedded (more on this later). But of most interest for DJs was a slide showing a render of a Numark NS7 II unit, complete with 3 screens. And not a laptop in sight.

Firstly, what Β is Windows Embedded? You know when you go to an ATM machine, only to be greeted with a load of computer gibberish, and sometimes just a C: prompt? That’s Windows Embedded – a stripped out version of regular Windows optimised purely for the hardware it’s running on. Think point of sale boxes in shops too. You barely get to see it, and almost certainly don’t get to interact with it directly. Remember, this is not Windows as you know it, and what it runs on cannot really be called a PC in the accepted sense, because… wait for it… it’s embedded. Geddit?

Embedding Past and Present

The idea of embedding for DJs isn’t new. Remember Stanton‘s SCS.4DJ? This ran a version of Linux inside that freed you from having to plug in a laptop. Music prep was done on your computer, and transferred onto USB devices that plugged into the SCS.4DJ. And it ran well, and the masses seems to love the idea of laptop-free DJing, even if the unit itself didn’t break sales records.

Numark has also sort of dabbled with the general idea of embedding via the iDJ Pro. Dropping an iPad right into the heart of a controller is a very cool idea, and is something that I expect to see a lot more of. Indeed, the idea of iOS embedding is pretty hot right now via Apple’s announcement of their CarPlay technology. While not truly embedding, the principle of iOS driving hardware without having to directly use an iPhone or iPad is a step in the right direction. Apple already has patents for DJ products, and controllers are a fixture in the majority of their ads these days.

Akai Pro MCP Renaissance Windows Embedded

The Case for MPCs

The MPC and its ilk are traditionally standalone units, designed to be used just about anywhere that a music maker wants to. The main issue has been that the demands of producers has increased, but the screen (which is being generous) has stayed the same size. The solution was to hook up the newest generations of grooveboxes to computers, thus opening up a huge screen and enormous feature set to music makers, essentially making them no more than controllers. Booo said the groovebox faithful, as they now had to take 2 boxes with them.. And even though a magical world was open to them, they suddenly felt hampered by this now not-so-portable workflow.

So it makes perfect sense for producers to welcome the idea of Windows Embedded. Not only do they get their standalone music machine back, but they also get a much bigger windows to play with as well. And this machine (in theory) will also play nice with laptops too. I assume it’ll still work with the respective Windows and OS X software too.

Numark’s NS7 II concept running “Serato Something” in Windows Embedded. It’s just a render so don’t be calling up your retailers for a price. Someone will though.

The Case for (or against) DJs

The sell to DJs is going to be much harder. The beauty of the current workflow is that music prep is done on the laptop inside the very software that will be running, and it simply plugs in to the controller. To go embedded, you have to do all your track prep the same way, and then transfer it to the DJ unit running embedded software. Think Pioneer and their rekordbox workflow for CDJs.

So it’s not as slick and adds an extra step into the process of getting music out to the masses. But it does ditch the laptop from the workflow. There’s something incredibly cool about NOT having to constantly defer to a separate screen, thus taking attention away from your DJ gear. Looking at this gear, I would love to have a play to see if this is a workable model.

It’s interesting to see Serato‘s software being used in this, especially as OS X is the unofficially preferred platform. Clearly it’s little more than a fancy render at this point, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in some form of reality. Remember that OS X was running happily inside Apple for a very long time, thus it’s not outside the realms of reality that there isn’t a unit held together with gaffer tape and hope running an alpha version.

I do love the idea of a completely self-contained DJ unit running without recourse to any laptop while playing. I want my focus to be on my DJ gear, to the point where I’d love a waveform sized screen right where the strip search is. And if embedded software lets that happen, then I’m all for it. It does of course raise so many questions about software features in hardware, and if the price of embedding will raise the price of hardware even higher than ever. But hey β€” that’s what comments are for, so that all these issues can be raised and kicked around before companies commit resources to a potential money pit.Β 

Your Opinion

Obviously, this Numark unit would cost a fortune, but what of the principle of running an embedded OS so that you wouldn’t need a laptop β€” sound good? Does the thought of Windows anything scare the crap out of you? Or do you welcome ditching your laptop when playing out?

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  • Loudist

    i want both of them.


  • Dj KOM

    Then we will see Apple announcing at the next WWDC that they will also extended their embedded IOs to DJ Stuff with a special partnership with Pioneer ??? πŸ™‚

    • Dj KOM

      Anyway, I will Stanton is kinda the poor hero in this story! Thier R&D has made such anticipated awesome products like the Final scratch, SCS 1.D, SCS 4DJ..etc much sooner than their competitors but without the honors they should deserve now

    • bkbikenerd

      Interesting theory. Apple always needs to have control over their products so I doubt it will happen but if it does it will have a lot of Apple design points. Still, I highly doubt that iOS will start showing up in embedded devices anytime soon.

      I know most DJs prefer Mac OS to Windows but in embedded systems Windows would work just fine because it would be trimmed down and closed off to things being installed that would slow it down.

      • I tend to agree here. The whole point of Windows Embedded is that it’s stripped out and totally tailored for the hardware it’s installed on. And if you’re talking about Serato doing it, they’d control the hardware it was being installed onto. You can be sure that the embedded hardware would be the same across controllers, meaning that the variables would be nil. Potentially, a Windows Embedded version of Serato DJ could be the most stable platform bar none.

        • Ragman


  • So they’re “limps of gear” (on the front page)? LOL Freudian slip?

    DJ hardware has been here before. The Numark HDCD1, D2 director, DDS & HDMIX. The Denon HD2500 and HS5500 etc. Pioneer are still dabbling, with their R1 and Aero systems.

    They may not be running Windows, have huge screens or be combi mixer/players, but having the OS onboard the device isn’t a new concept.

    As long as they slap in a powerful enough CPU, then there’s no reason why track import and processing shouldn’t be done on the kit itself. That was the flaw with the earlier implementations – not enough CPU welly.

    The units could process tracks themselves but it was stupidly slow – even on more recent units like the aforementioned SCS.4DJ. When it first came out, there was no library s/w for it. Stanton expected you to process tracks on the unit. It just wasn’t man enough.

    I love the idea of not needing a computer. They just need to do it without cutting corners with the grunt of the CPU.

    • filespnr

      You dobt need a super computer. Heres traktor pro running on a dell venue 8 pro.

      Surprisingly, on this tablet, traktor outperforms vdj and itch

      • Neel

        I run Virtual Dj on IBM Tablet with a keyboard dock. it has 2 usb built in, 1 used for flash drive and another with Numark controller. runs smooth with no audio drops on the controller. tablet has Windows 8.1 with Atom dual core processor and 2 gig ram

        • filespnr

          This one has one micro USB port, and I connect two controllers, a keyboard and a mouse(thru a powered hub), and it runs forever, which is pretty awesome. The sound is distorted in vdj, itch works but loses connectivity with the controller, and the one works well but will only accept one controller at a time.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    I’m still wanting the right solution motorized turntable controller standalone (like denon3700) with carplay mode (and controlling the software of your election in iOS)

    One deck and linkable (like cdj2000 file system sharing). Then you manage your library in your ipod/iphone/ipad (like traktor) plug into the unit and power multiplies by 2 not divide by the less powerful)

    More or less what I’m developing with an ipad+macmini combo (until new Appletv with Apps and usb host came)


  • GΓ‘bor

    And then they will invent a controller with an embedded touchscreen, and name it the “iDJ Pro”… Oh wait…

  • Mark Stewart

    just the images have made me stop to reconsider all purchases this year. This is something I have wanted from the first days of my digital switchover … add to the mix it has serato’s ‘slicer’ …something i’ve been trying to emulate in traktor without success. Count me in for one … even if i have to wait.

  • Kapn KuTT

    ATM Machine’s have just normal Windows: XP or 7. This Windows is modified with special tools so any kind of normal Interaction is locked.

  • Dancin’ Mark

    This already somewhat exists in the way of the Nexus CDJ’s from Pioneer. That could be a point of reference for you as to what something like this would cost? Take to CDJ-900’s and then know a few hundred dollars off of that and I think you’ll have a good idea as to what a unit like what you describe might cost?

  • The concept of all in ones is similar to the concept of all in one mixers with amps built in. That seems to be a good answer until you consider the weight, and then what happens if the amp heats up, dies? breaks? Now you not only have 1 device down, but 2. Putting all of the power into a controller with embedded computing power sounds great in theory, except when you have to lug it around, and more importantly what happens if the damn thing dies. Now I don’t have a controller or a embedded computer. I see a lot of room for potential failure still. But who knows what the future will hold.

    • Edgar

      The “if it dies, you lose 3 devices” argument really does my head in. Even if you take the most expensive controller, the DDJ-SZ, (not exactly an all-in-one granted but it does contain a lot of kit in one unit), the initial outlay is only $2000. Compare that to an equivalent setup of 4 CDJs (4 since the SZ controls four virtual decks), a DJM mixer and perhaps a RMX effects unit. If just one piece of this setup fails you’ll be spending MORE than the cost of the entire SZ just to replace it (with the exception of the effects unit).

      So bottom line: you’re spending much much more initially AND more if one piece fails. So just like clubs might have a spare $2k+ mixer and/or a CDJ for emergencies, they can easily & more cheaply just keep a single SZ or other all in one solution around.

      • Jared Helfer

        But what happens when DJs don’t use the software on that controller? Clubs are going to want the most agnostic set up possible for their own so anyone can show up and use it.

        Individual DJs are going to want something tailored more to their style and preferences.

        And… the initial outlay of the SZ is $2000 + a laptop (maybe around $1000, could be cheaper, could be more expensive). The comparison to 4CDJs and a DJM isn’t really fair, but even if you consider all of those, including an RMX-500…. if any one of those pieces brakes it is cheaper to individually replace them than a SZ. Unless you mean buying 4 CDJ-2000s but that’s just dumb.

        • Edgar

          In terms of having an agnostic setup, rekordbox isn’t exactly agnostic. Another one of my comments mentioned hoping that the mixer can take external outputs like the SX/SZ. In that case you could then have some CDJs for the few DJs still on the mostly agnostic platform of CDs.

          Don’t know where you’re getting your prices from but ONE CDJ-2000 Nexus is EQUAL to the price of an SZ (~$2,000). As is a DJM 900. So it’s clearly the same price to replace one part of a traditional setup and an entire all-in-one setup.

          And as an owner of an SX, I really do think it’s a fair comparison. For a DJ that doesn’t use CDs, the SX and SZ offer far more possibilities to a DJ than a CDJ + DJM + RMX setup.

          • Jared Helfer

            Rekordbox isn’t agnostic at all, but CDJs are. I don’t need Rekordbox to use CDJs, but I need Serato to use the SZ (or some hacky Traktor mapping).

            I just can’t see clubs buying something like the SZ which will easily be obsolete in 2 years and need replacing.

            Comparing these units to an SX or an SZ is completely fair, definitely. Wanting features to match is something we all want, right? And that’s a discussion worth having. But I find it strange to discuss the an SZ and Serato DJ compared to 4 CDJ-2000 Nexuses (Nexi?), a DJM-900 and a RMX-1000. Don’t you get just as much from 4 CDJ-1000s, a DJM-750 and an RMX-500? And all of those are cheaper individually, AND you don’t need to replace almost any of them if one breaks (cause really, 3 CDJs is just about as good as 4, right?).

            • Djs of the round table

              Two yours, now you are really optimistic, heck, the new hardware SZ or the Nexus are of way lesser quality, than say CDJ 2000 or DJM 800 / 1000.

              Sure they made improvements, but quality of the components are worse.

              So all in all, the shelflife would be quite shorter

              And as we all know djs always want the coolest gear, so after 1 or 2 years max, djs would whine and weap as they want to be the coolest cat in town.

              I cant imagine why as many of them just change tracks, push play and cue, they dont even touch the pitchslider.

          • Djs of the round table

            Rekordbox is crap, just as lousy as Musicmanager from Denon!
            must be a brainchild of an idiot!

        • Djs of the round table

          Not many clubs dont even have a 4 player / mixer setup in the firstplace, why would they, not many even master the art of quadmixing.

          And bringing a retrocontroller like the SZ would kill the vibe completely, dont give a shit if it says Pioneer on the front and if it was made out of solid gold.

          When clubs introduce controllers / mixingdecks, the end is really near, we will see alot of problems emerging, and when the lights go out, they have no backups, usbsticks, sds, cds, vinyl or the hardware you need to be able to dj on.

          Its dangerous to narrow down the equipment.

          Sure its smaller, and in some ways cheaper, but for a club thats just petty cash, they pull that money in a heartbeat.

          Every club should have a dual setup of every dj gear, so if something goes wrong you just put on a mixtape, and rearange the booth putting aside the faulty and use the good one. should not take more then 10minutes to have it up and running.

  • This had to be the way forward. …..

    As long as it is rugged enough to withstand club use and can easily updated on the software front.

    No laptop and motorised vinyl platters would be tempting for a lot of people as long as you don’t mind being tied into one particular software experience. …. I guess midi mapping may be out of the question with this.


  • Edgar

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Just like some have said, this did seem the most logical next step. I just think Pioneer was really holding back due to their fear this sort of device would affect CDJ sales which is a real bummer because I’d much rather have a Pioneer version of this rather than Numark.

    In terms of price, if the mixer can take external inputs and mic inputs (like the DDJ-SX’s mixer) I would pay $2k – $2.5k for this. Otherwise, it would have to stay under $2k.

    • Edgar

      Forgot to mention: for myself, I’d much rather have non motorized jog wheels in exchange for a price drop. Those perormance pads aren’t a big necessity either…

    • Djs of the round table

      Just buy and ipad and a fisher price controller, and you are good to go.
      no need for fancy gear, the art of dj is dead anyway, Pioneer, Denon and Numark have sawt to that.

  • Platinius

    I think it’s a misstake to partner with microsoft. Windows isn’t exactly big in dj-circles and for a good reason. That said, I like that we might get out of the laptop staring age soon.

    I hope they will make the final product look way nicer though.

  • Wirelessdj

    NEWS Microsoft is giving away windows 8 embedded free for all devices with screens under 9″ this is why you will be seeing more stuff like this.

    • Djs of the round table

      Hell nooo i hope not.

  • DJ STU-C

    just cdj2000 style screens on a controller would do me. an XDJ-R1 with cdj colour screens and better platters is the holy grail of equipment for me personally

    • Djs of the round table

      Why, anything wrong with your EARS!
      people stare to fucking much anyway, use your hands and ears like it should be used.

      Not messing your girlfriend via facebook in between mixes
      or jumping between torrents, Traktor and Itunes, when you realized that you dont have the track the punter asked for, even if you bring a 4 TB large harddrive, with half the internet on it.

      • DJ STU-C

        absolutely nothing wrong with my ears, but it is the 21st century after all and people do keep music stored on a hard drive, so what i would like to be able to see is the catalogue for selecting tracks in a usable format, with other basic info like time remaining and a basic waveguide to indicate breakdowns etc (nothing different to what we used to see on vinyl)
        oh and whilst were on the subject, dont come on here giving it the big ‘I am’ about using eyes and ears to someone who has been DJing for over 15 years and learnt to beatmatch on belt drive turntables. try flaming the people who cant actually DJ and dont have more tracks on vinyl than you have on your laptop

  • dj crossfade

    i love the idea only thing is it better be a better windows that windows 8 damm thing alwas has probs

    • Jared Helfer

      What kind of problems? I use it every day and don’t have any.

  • Jared Helfer

    Yeah, as WirelessDJ said, since Microsoft is giving Windows Embedded away now this is inevitable. I think it’s an interesting idea, but it needs to be laid out and integrated VERY well for it to work correctly. I need the right kinds of information, and the ability to change layers and all so that I can DJ with as much power and control as I can with a full laptop screen.

    It’s doable, but the weight and size would be huge factors for me. For example, I can use a laptop stand and fit in a small space, but these would all be huge.

  • djmannyc

    I’ll just leave this right here:

    • Phil


    • djmannyc – do you feel that people want to see this because of the features? Because it’s more mix and less scratch oriented? Or is it the Pioneer logo? And as a Pioneer unit, wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be a rekordbox unit?

      • Edgar

        I’d say the familiar Pioneer feel of everything. It’d feel like the best of the different worlds: CDJs, DJM and controller worlds.

        • Djs of the round table

          ok, that must mean crap then, expensive as hell crap!
          dont like the SZ one bit, if you want that much to carry around buy a coffin with CDJs and a mixer!

    • Djs of the round table

      @ djmannyc, FYY thats bullshit!

      What people want or need to see is a real dj, doing his or her craft on gear using his and hers true godgiven talent, not relying on a computer and software, dont matter if you put the Win8 inside the controller.

      Controllers are for jokers, djs use media, cd players, vinylrecords and a real mixer!

      This computer mumbojumboBS has gone far enough, but when producers like Pioneer and Denon continue to produce, people will buy, as they think their gear is the hotest on the block!

      noooo, you just got pawned and ripped off!

      • djmannyc

        Spoken like someone with an inability to change with the times and adapt to new advancements in DJ technology. Maybe you should just stick with doing things one way… The way you did when you first learned. Incidentally, how’s that working out for you?

        Oh, and just so you understand where I’m coming from, here’s a picture of me mixing ON VINYL live on Miami’s #1 radio station, way back when most of today’s DJs were still in diapers:

      • Asu

        you do realize a TT with a tone on vynl is a controller? so is a CDJ…you use it to control the music.

        If you wanna be real old school,eat your usb key and fart the tunes lol,that’s real old school…get outta here joker.

        I can play on TT,CDJs or my SX when i’m mobile…just keep the people on the floor man,no one really cares what gear you have.

  • OMA

    The funny thing is that when controllers era started it was all about being mobile against dragging lot of records into the club. But now, hey…:) really? Is that next step? Few years back it was much simpler. Clubs owned mixers, turntables and cds. All i needed to take was records, headphones and my systems. Now try to take this horse to club and find a place to put it in dj booth:) going further – laptops, soundcards, controllers..OMG! Just to have some fun and play awesome records. I see young djs today and most of them still use only 2 decks, so where is the so called creativity if they can not do the things i was doing on my beloved 1210:)
    And now you have problems with upgrades, systems, specifications….instead of putting niddle on the record:)

    • Clubs are not the only place where people DJ. It’s not all about if something will fit in a booth or not.

      • OMA

        I know but for me at that point it just does not make sense. Look how many controllers working with dedicated software are loosing upgrades capabilities. I know that u can always but different software but is it the way?
        If u do not play in the club mobility is a bit of a problem:) i got controllers of different kind and it is fun but for me real fun is to put a record and play it:) do not have to worry about software upgrades, if my laptop is enough to run it or if my software is not longer supported.

        • filespnr

          Replies, like these, at first glance make sense. They refer to a time in the past, yet only mention a few elements of that past. They forget that the people on the other side of the booth are now, with the ;internet, phones, itunes, pandora, youtube, audacity…etc,etc, much more knowledgeable about music, and therefore more difficult to impress. We LOVE technology and WANT to see the dj doing something we can’t or won’t. If a controller like that only gives the dj a small amount of extra or fresh creativity, then well, its worth it.

          • OMA

            For most of the part people just want to have fun and listen to the music. They do not give an interest how many buttons DJ needs to push. It is for us (freaks πŸ™‚ ) interesting and exciting. For me personally messing too much with a record destroys producer intent. Creativity is one thing, but take a look at most of youtube movies showing DJ using in a fancy way controllers. How long you can play loops? Try to give a gig for few hours with loops and pushing buttons only, not playing awesome tunes. For me the most important thing is records selection and connection with the people. You will not have good one looking for whole gig at the buttons. It is my opinion. At the bottom of it is if people have a good time with a dj πŸ™‚

            • Djs of the round table

              Jubetube is the nail in the coffin when it comes to real culture and real content, much of it is crap, pure utter crap, and should be banned, because of lacking good tase.

              Just watch Pioneers showcase, or Denon, Numark, Natvie for that matter.

              They put some fancy dude on a roof somewhere, pretending that he is djn, then they layer the screen of the computer to the hardware, and then they have a go for it for about 5-6 minutes, and then they call this djn.

              Let me be perfectly clear with one thing,

              If i were to djn like this, using all the knobs, buttons ,effects, scratching, redlining the mixer so it all sound like shit.

              WELL i would be out of a job, simple as that.

              Djs select the music, they stack and sort the music, they try the music at home, then the choose and play the tracks they think will hit big.

              Or at least thats how i try to look at things and hope that people think.

              As a DJ, you work all week, even if you only play on weekends, sorting music, litening to music, trying new gear, buying new gear.

              Its not just something you do in your room, and VOILA you are standing on “BURNS” or “REDBULLS” dj competition.

              Most of us have thousands of hours plowed into the wheels of steel, nothing that the ordinary person would ever understand, especially venueowners, that only want young guys that are cheap and that they can treat as shit, without risking getting shit or even worse getting a beating from an older guy that dont take shit from noone!

              Simply put, djn isnt what it used to be, the money is a joke, the hours are wayyyy to long, the music and quality differs to much from eachother that you need to remaster some of the trax you have bought.

              And we should not even discuss the “hype” surrounding the “DJ”, like every snottnosed little brat want to dj infront of everybody, for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
              and the owner of the club put the same terms on you after a while.

              When is it going to end and return to normal!

              • filespnr

                Yep, and we should go back to paying for long distance phone calls too. Audacity should stop giving away their software. Personally, I’m gonna stop letting people look at me for free.

                • Delaware

                  pushing buttons doesn’t mean anything when you cant even mix or scratch for that matter and i know what im talking about as i saw your “deleted” dmc vids ..we have toy DJs just like we have toy graffiti writers and you my friend are a toy

                  • filespnr

                    The rest of us are here discussing dj equipment πŸ™‚ and remember (pjutgbd)

            • filespnr

              But “awesome tunes” is a way more personal/individual thing than it has ever been. That is the change, so if a person wants to dj, they better learn to deal with that. I think of gear inthe same way I would think of the clothes I wear, I just wanna look good, be stylish, and fresh.

          • Djs of the round table

            So what do you really mean by creativity then?

            For me it means to take something to a much higher level, but thats not the case here, at all, only a tiny tiny group of people comprehend the hardware, while most just play, pause, sync and switch tunes.

            No real need for state of the art equipment, when you can do this on your PHONE!

            Ive been around to long to be dazzled by all the bullshit, its all about the money, no industry gives a flying fuck about djs and what we are trying to do, nobody, if the say they are, well they lie.

            Noone is interested in keeping the flame of eternal djn alive, why should we when we have programs like Traktor, rekordbox and Serato that helps destroying the culture as we know it.

            Why even learn anything, when you have GOOGLE and FACEBOOK!

            Instead there are tits and ass on jubetube claiming to be the greatest, mixing without headphones, trying to inpress their viewers, when the real guys know they are FAKE!

            The worst part is that these faceless bimbos (Both male and female) seem to win the hearts and minds of the “livestock” watching their clips. cause these dont know better.

            What most of the assholes should know is that djn isnt something you do when you feel for it, feeling the need of beeing cool, its WORK, and work demands practice, patience, workethics and money!

            If you dont have or lack any of these parts, well, you are no dj!, no matter how much fancy gear you stack on eachother!

            • filespnr

              Having to define creativity to a whole crop of technically proficient djs IS as much a part of the problem of disappearing culture as is the corporate greed.

      • Djs of the round table

        Most people dj @ home, and should continue doing so, they have no place in a real club, unless they are eating, drinking and dancing.

    • Djs of the round table

      I agree it was better back in the day, when djn ment djn and not bullshit with usb, computers, harddrives or crappy musicfiles!

  • Platinius

    They should make it upgradeable. Like when a newer model comes out with better platters you could upgrade that part or if the computer part gets outdated you can put a new motherboard in to keep ot running. A somewhat modular approach to the concept.

    Since I expect this to be pretty expensive that route would make people feel safer in buying it and Numark would keep making money from it.

  • Adam Majoros

    The NS7 should have a small RC motor inside and drive the platter through a gear-box.

    DD is good because of the minimal vibration and the constant torque.
    Since in digital DJing the minimal vibration is not necessary anymore, the nowdays 100+watt RC motors would be way more lighter and way more stronger in the same time.
    O.K., I dont want to have a 100 watt motor inside, but a small and light motor would be better than the heavy and weak one.
    Who cares if it is direct drive or geared drive anyway.
    And the 3 display setup….. it would be way better to have a 21:9 display in the middle.

  • Adam Majoros

    And any win 8 or win 8.1 tablet will be way better than enbed stuff into an all in one…..

  • The unit shown is just not handy and in my opinion nothing any DJ would like. With video mixing maybe?

    Do this in a smaller and smarter package. A screen with the size of the display just like in the CDJ-2000nexus – with two of them included in a DDJ-SZ. That would be cool and useful.

    But just as you said: The current workflow with a laptop is more than enough for now and I personally think that it will be for a very long time.

  • Delaware

    that Akai MPC looks sweet, a stand alone device is always better than a device reliable on an unreliable laptop

  • Djs of the round table

    Just keep M$ as far away from the hardware as possible, just look how they fuck up a simple PC

  • Steve Francesco

    Having worked with windows embedded machines in the past in mission critical applications (point of sale) I genuinely can’t see any downside to running something as “simple” as Dj applications, nor a way to potentially screw it up, as its likely to be highly tuned to the apps at hand with everything non essential stripped out and a non-writeable OS involved.

    The proof is in the pudding however, Is it going to be as simple as a DJ walking up with their pre-prepped USB key with their preferences all sorted out or will it be a case of needing the entire unit in order to prep a set properly? … the former is a surefire way to ensure that DJ’s can walk up to any DJ box with any gear installed and just play a set and paves the way forward to some kind of “standard” digital DJ platform just like turntables and cd players before.

  • Smokin J / Jason Vice

    I can dig it… I really like the NS7 concept. I’ve had V7’s since they were released and sill think to this day Numark has designed the best high end series of controllers on the market. The build quality is top notch and performance is outstanding. Nobody has even come close to doing it like Numark did with the NS6, NS7, NS7II, and V7. I even over look the Serato DJ problems and continue to use Itch with my setup. Anyway yeah I cannot wait to see what the future holds in this department. innovation is key

  • Smokin J / Jason Vice

    Sorry gotta comment on the club conversation… A DJ should be versatile and able to use multiple types of equipment. if the option is there for them to use their preferred gear let them, but if its not then they should be able to play on what in front of them. I have 32GB thumb drive on hand at all times with me just incase I need to play, I normally don’t even go out to clubs or whatever unless I am involved in the event either doing lighting or music. I am not a club person I am part of the crew that makes events happen. I love how egos blow up when people talk about gear. I don’t just talk and dream about gear though I use and own a lot of things. I’ll go buy something just to see how it works and after playing with it for a week or so I’ll return it for something else. I’m a gear junkie I guess you could say.

  • filespnr

    I love the idea of integrated systems. Mark has repeayed pointex out that not all djs in in clubs. Soo..i think wrre really talking about an all in one “home theater” style system, as a lifestyle device. I love the idea of a movie night at my house nd during a popcorn, bathroom break, scratching some cue ponts that we selected while watching a movie.

  • filespnr

    i really think any device like this should be pointed directly at video. planning to run vdj, and serato video out of the box. it needs a video hub with 3 hdmi, at least. the makers of that video mash up app should planning to connect to devices like this. i’d like to be able to do “live” rifftrax style video mashups from my tablet thru this device to the projector.

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  • CUSP

    All-in-one kits are both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to have everything you need all in one location, but if something breaks (increasing complexity and frequency of relocation increases the chance something will break) typically the whole unit goes down.

    I would hope that Numark make replacement parts, readily available and easily replaceable (like a laptop) in order for this unit to succeed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, waiting for that to happen. I don’t know why, but most engineers don’t tend to think along the lines of anything they designed failing, and typically don’t think about real-world use, abuse, and repair.