WIN: Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and RHP-20 Headphones!

Not only do we give you the very best news, reviews and opinion from the world of DJ technology, we also lurve to give you the very best prizes too. Not just any old rubbish you understand, but gear that we actually like a lot, and feel is worthy of your undying love.

This time around, we’re hooked up with our friends at Reloop for an incredibly cool package. First is the Terminal Mix 4, a rather stunning lump of multi-channels, effects and sample laden controller goodness. We liked it and its Knight Rider read and black aesthetic. But that’s not all – you’re going to need some headphones to go with it, and we’ve got a pair of RHP-20 cans to compliment it perfectly.


It’s a 3 stage button pressing plan:

1. Like Reloop on Facebook


2. Like DJWORX on Facebook


3. Subscribe to the certified spam-free Newsletter


Anyone from anywhere can enter, but you must do these 3 things to ensure that you’re in with a chance. This will run for 2 weeks after which time a winner will be picked from the mailing list, and asked for their Facebook name to verify liking Reloop and DJWORX.

Why Facebook? Because it’s a massive driver of traffic of websites, including DJWORX. So we want to reward those who get involved on Facebook. For those who don’t do social media – don’t worry. Your time will come.


  • Han Nes

    nice, done and done! 😉

  • Han Nes

    nice! done and done! 😀

  • BelgianJungleSound

    Already won myself some Reloop gear 😛

  • Dizzy

    I’ve jumped through the cyber hoops now give me my prize haha!

  • Sam Randell

    Would love the mixer

  • Christiaan Gombert

    I was yet an facebook liker of Reloop and DJworx. Also I did already subscribe to the newsletter. So let this price package come my way….

  • LLCoolJeans

    Don’t use facebook :

    • vladimirprieto


  • C.mE280

    Yo i ‘m a Relooper!!!

  • Kristof De Landsheere

    NICE !!!!!! Let the mix Begin ! ….. The perfect combination ….. me neighbours wil be happy !!!!!

  • Dennis Schundiak

    aaannd its done! 😀 now wait and hope :)

  • Michael Taron

    best dj set ever !!!!

  • PierfrancescoM

    Oh that’s incredible set! To win this prize I’m willing to like also Justin Bieber’s page if you want!:)

  • Piemme22

    Oh that’s an incredible set! To win this prize I’m willing to like also Justin Bieber’s page, if you want!:)

  • Stewe

    Terminal 4 is Traktor mapping beast… Wish me luck and you’ll see nice mapping pretty soon :)

  • Bill Murray

    Do I have to sign up for the News Letter again,everytime you have a contest?

    • Mark Settle

      No. Once you’re signed up, you’re in.

      What I can’t understand is people who signed up, and within hours unsubscribed. As the song goes – your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

  • Mellostate

    More in it for dem sexy phones

  • Deejay Veeyeda

    When will the winner be announce and how? How exciting!


    I HOPE I WIN!!!!

  • DJ Angurica

    In Bulgaria this controller in not most popular, but it priority over other DJ controllers it’s all too obvious. Greetings!!!

  • Clifford Villeda

    is tomorrow the drawing that will choose me as the winner?

  • Kaarl Nob Ibiza

    C´MON C´MON C´MON ((( d[^_^]b )))