OPINION: DJ gear you would love to own

Time for a break from the relentless stream of hot news and in-depth reviews, and instead let’s all pull up a chair, have a cuppa and chat about nothing in particular.

Given the stellar volume of work we’re getting through right now (thanks team!), I seem to have a never ending stream of nextlevelness in front of my lens sausage factory style. I barely get time to play, let alone form any kind of attachment to anything. It made me thing about the massive amount of gear that has come my way over the years, and how much of it I’d actually like to keep. If I had the room, I’d keep all of it, and build the definitive hardware DJ archive. But the one thing I truly miss is Numark‘s NS7.

Why? If I’m honest, simply because it was pure unadulterated fun – something I’d forgotten about. I could scratch well, juggle better than ever, and have all that ITCH based goodness, as well as messing with new digital juggling techniques that made the whole experience a massively engaging hoot. I miss it like hell, and may well get one for home fun, or as a quick way to despatch the odd frustration at the office. It’s that or a punch bag.

I’ve got a penchant for classic gear – usually mixers. I’ve nabbed a mint Numark Blue Dog (completely crap but iconic), a Vestax 06T, and a pair of Gemini Flash Formers. But once I have the space and the shelves, I’ll be grabbing all manner of classic stuff. Given my job, my new gear craving is satiated every week, I’m much more about classic gear. A Vestax QFO and some wooden sided Gemini PMX mixers are on the cards too.

So over to you – what items of gear do you wish you owned?  I’m more interested in things you’ve always fancied rather than the gear you need – the kind of thing that satisfies a craving. New or old, cheap or expensive – tell us what you covet and why.

  • lauti

    A rane 62, since its the ultimate mixer to me. If they werent’ charging 3000 dollars here in Argentina to buy it, I’d have it for sure.

    • Kool Chiefrocka Dave

      I’d like some new RCA cables installed in my Technics as I fear they’re f***ed on one of them.

      • Reaching high there in the “money no object stakes” I see.

        • Kool Chiefrocka Dave

          You should hear what they’re wanting to refurb Technics round my way mate!

          I wouldn’t dare touch electronics myself, i’d probably electricute myself or short the deck or something.

        • Kool Chiefrocka Dave

          OK if money was no object, i’d love an original 1980’s Urei 1620.

  • jprime

    I’d second that Rane 62 wish….but other than gear I *need* I think it would be fun to have a DJTT cue master midi controller for hammering away on.
    an old TR808 or 909 would be fun too.

  • My Dreamsetup would be 2x Technics M5Gs with Ortofon DJ Kentaro Needles + Pioneer DJM 850 + Pioneer Remix 1000 + DJTT Cuemaster!

  • I remember when you reviewed the NS7 & loved it to bits. For me any piece of gear that controls software is good for me, though I am more inclined to Numark & VirtualDJ or Serato Itch. I am looking forward to getting the Numark Mixtrack Pro by the end of this year or some Behringer CMDs when they come out.

  • In terms of old gear, I always wanted to have a Matamp Supernova. I had the pleasure of using one regularly in Valbonne Maidenhead, but they cost a fortune.

    A PA rig like Froggy or the other allnighter guys used in the 80s would be cool too.

    New stuff – what I want doesn’t exist. Nobody’s made it yet.

  • I recently had to sell a bunch of my core gear so what I really want is something to replace that, but so much better than what I had.

    4x CDJ2000’s and a DJM850. I would also LOVE an RMX1000 to replace the EFX1000 sitting here and we’re really going crazy I would like a Rane Empath rotary because I miss my old one (sold about 4 years ago).

    Or, to pair with the RMX, a Xone:42, my favorite mixer of all time.

    I have no interest on old Bozak mixers or anything like that. Just gimme new shit, the best new shit!

  • 4hero

    I recently acquired a Vestax PMC-CX mixer (the one designed by Carl Cox), but my ultimate catch would be to get my hands on Allen & Health’s Xone V6 Audiophile Rotary Club mixer with the Xone VF-1 filter and Xone V6 crossfader set-up. I hear the sound from this set-up is pure gold.

    • A PMC-CX is something I’d love to own at some point of my life, preferable one with faders.

    • When I saw this posting the first thing I thought of was the PMC-CX.

      Into vintage and vintage-style rotary mixers these days, tube power amps, and vintage Klipsch speakers. Even laypeople notice the (positive) difference in sound. You can listen for a lot longer, is the main thing. And they definitely do not make things as well as they used to.


  • sinjintek

    wow. if the sky were the limit.. foremost i’d have to say a Vestax Controller One and a custom fretless fader build.. maybe in a Vestax PMC-06ProBLK. (would an 06T be possible? hmm)

    lol @ Numark Blue Dog. it’s been forever since i’ve seen one used, i still crack a smile at the mention of one because of all those old memories. i do have a weakness for mixers.. i have my small collection and i do try to keep them in rotation. i still really want a Vestax PMC 37Pro and a Rane Empath ..hope to eventually find a Numark Pro SMX, a Urei1601S, an Allen & Heath Xone:02, a Vestax PMC-05Proiv, a Rodec Scratchbox, and i’m certain one day i’ll own another HAK. i’m still torn on the TKRworks PICratchBOX.

    turntables. i actually located a Vestax PDX-2300ProMKii in Texas.. but i haven’t purchased it. probably gone by now, but if it’s there after the US DMC final ..i will have it. chances are slim for a Controller One (and the $$ for it) so i’ll eventually get a PDX-3000. (i’d love to trade all my Techs for just a single pair of nice 1210 M3Ds)

    sadly the NS7 turned out to have a leg up on my V7s thanks to Itch. my next actual gear purchase will be the Vestax VCI-380. i intend to pair it with my V7s, hopefully. experience tells me it’s a little “dirty” with a Novation Twitch.. but it “works”. if the 380 works as well, i’ll be satisfied. or ecstatic. (fingers crossed)

    i have a feeling i’ll be keeping an ear out over the next year for anyone willing to trade a Numark 4Trak for my NI Kontrol S4.. but that’s just a theory until i get my hands on one 😉

  • andrecato

    I do love my V7, so have to agree with your comments Giz about the NS7, its lovely… If money were no option… I would add a Vestax S-1…

    Actually, who am I kidding, I want everything!!!!!

  • Really, no one mentioning Livid’s machinery? I love weighty steel gear as much as the next geek, but I’d choose the CNTRL:R without blinking.

  • whitewulfe

    I’ve always fancied Denon’s sc series of cd decks, so I’d have to say a pair of the 3700s or the upcoming 3900s. Or, for pure nostalgia, the Denon DN-2000.

  • Loudist

    For me, a money-no-object shopping list would solely consist of something custom-built from either Livid Instruments or 60 Works.

    • On the 60Works tip, I would love to get a proper working model of the [url=http://www.djworx.com/skratchworx/newspage.php?fn_mode=comments&fn_id=911]Faderbox[/url] made, but that would take more money than sense.

      • Loudist

        You can’t take it with you…

  • Dj Redicc

    Im recently sold my numark ndx800 cdjs (which sucked btw), and am now having a lot of trouble deciding between, stanton str8.150 tt’s, pioneer cdj900s, or denon sc3900s. I use tsp2 and mix house/electro. UGH, any advice??

    • BelgianJungleSound

      Reloop make some good turntables for 300 euros if you want to use dvs (well i say reloop, but lots of other companies make exactly the same ones, like Kam, Synq, Citronic…). Otherwise get a controller; don’t go down the CDJ route, you’ll only end up being bored / frustrated with them.

    • cp43

      Pioneer or Denon. Since you use traktor I’d go with Denton. Pioneer tends to b sera to gear.

  • BelgianJungleSound

    Hmmm… the 2 pieces of equipment I’d really like are the Vestax VCI 400 (cause in my opinion it’s the ultimate MIDI Controller now that it has standalone mixer capabilities) and a Pioneer TM-1 or whatever that ludicrously expensive 2-Channel mixer was called.

  • Dj Phat B

    Vestax PDX A2s just for the looks and a QFO

  • Sonic Surfer

    Vestax Controller One! The ultimate turntable

  • Rane Sixty Two, but I’m getting one soon. Controller One, Vestax Faderboard, PDX 3000 with Dynamic Balance Tonearm, DJM 800 or DJM 900, DJM 909. The list goes on…

  • Ragman

    Rane 62 and Ableton Live. Would love to master The Bridge. Just to expensive right now …

  • Vestax QFO with the balanced tone arms.
    Vestax 06t (drop an innofader in and you’d be dancing)
    Pmc 005 – This in the clear blue option http://www.audiosports.com/pmc005amk2_org.jpg
    Rane 62
    2x 1200/1210mk5g
    New laptop (mpb)
    Lots of custom equipment and dj desks
    Function one sound system and a studio/warehouse for it all

  • Vestax QFO with the balanced tone arms.
    Vestax 06t (drop an innofader in and you’d be dancing)
    Pmc 005 – This in the clear blue option http://www.audiosports.com/pmc005amk2
    Rane 62
    2x 1200/1210mk5g
    New laptop (mpb)
    Lots of custom equipment and dj desks
    Function one sound system and a studio/warehouse for it all

  • I’m lusting after a Rane TTM 56, I have no idea why! I just bought my second TTM57 last week but for some reason I just want a 56!!


    If money was no issue… an A&H DB:4

    If I had a time machine to go back in time and change history… I would love to have an Ecler 2.0 with proper FX routing, pan control, 2 selectable line channels (along with phono) and no cut problem on the crossfader. Still now to me the Ecler is the most gorgeus mixer around, with a great feeling of mixing on it…

  • I would say awesome post but I fear the next stop could well be eBay you bugger!
    Love the fact you’ve got a Blue Dog, the late 90’s pinnacle of the budget “dj in a box solution”

    The list of things I’d love to have if I could collect gear for the sake of it could well be endless, but here’s some of the more interesting (to me) bits I would love to own

    Intimidation Blue mixer, as a teenager I lusted after that thing, bit of marmite mixer but ahead of its time in looks and features

    Formular Sound FF-6000, If I was a mixing only kinda dj I wouldn’t be able to resist this beast, A collaboration with Funktion One sound systems, hi quality modular analogue build, hand made in the UK.
    I picked up a mint condition FSM 600 for peanuts a year back , the sound of the thing and the EQ’s are simply lovely!

    Vestax PDX-D3, my friend had a pair just before they changed the design, I was proper (1210) snobby towards them back in the day but now the looks of the black clunky original D3 gives me the geek horn.

    Vestax PMC-06T, not really sure why? that said it would be nice to load one up with innofaders all way round and fit it in to a flight case along with a PDX A2

    Boss SP 303, shocking build but that thing made some insane noises!

  • cromulator

    100k Funktion One rig, E&S DJR400 and 2 x 1200 M5G’s


  • Rane 62 or a vestex pmc 05 mk4 with a UBb 3.0 sound card or vci 400

  • datguyspider

    wish list……rane 62…vestax 380…..pair of cdj2000s for the recent stuff…..I’ve always lusted after the gold technics…..

  • phatbob

    +1 on the gold 1200s.

    Three of those, a vintage Bozak or Urei 1620, and an E&S Isolator, all mounted in a classic RLA style console, and I’d be over the moon. A couple of Martin Audio stacks for sound.

    I’d end up never using it, and it would take up a whole room, but damn, it would look so pretty.

  • Deft

    Yeah I have mulled over a gold 1200 a few times. If I saw a very lightly used one for sale <£1000 I could be tempted.

  • KLH

    I’m a simple guy that relies on a computer, DJ app and a controller (currently the S4). My biggest reason for doing so is that the computer is the ultimate tool for track collection and management… and there isn’t a replacement for that.

    IF (and only if) I had a collection of vinyl that rivaled my MP3 collection, I’d love to have a simple TT-based setup – just to see what mixing is like without a computer. Practically speaking, for TTs, I’d buy either Technics 1200s or Stanton STR-150s (most likely the latter). For mixer, I’d likely go with the TTM-56 or A&H Xone:42 (with Innofader Pro).

    As the above isn’t really realistic given my full dependency on a DJ app (currently Traktor Pro), I will likely simply append TTs to it and upgrade to Traktor Scratch Pro… and an InnoBender! …But I’ve been saying this for a year now…


  • If I attempted to list all of my wishlist, I’d be here all night!
    Instead, I’ll just give the first few items:
    1, Allen & Heath Xone:DB4
    2, Allen & Heath Xone:K2 (x2)
    3, Pioneer CDJ-2000 (x4)

  • QFO outfitted with all innofaders and modded with balanced outs and the nicer vestal tonearm.

  • QFO outfitted with all innofaders and modded with balanced outs and the nicer vestax tonearm.

  • Stewe

    Hi all,

    I’m Traktor guy who doesn’t have any latest controller as NS7, in effect I own Behringer BCD3000, but still like to have control over all aspects of software ether when doing digital DJ set or preparing tracks and setting hotcues and such. For this purpose I might need second controller in to setup or even third for effects, Since I can’t afford all that I dig into mappings and created multipage tsi that give me whole different layers for browse/load, beat grid, four deck transport and second half of mapping is all about controlling effects. So, there are eight different page (banks) on top and four more to be selected from eighth page. I set it that every time I select eighth page it display me which of four modes is currently active. It may sound confusing but it is selectable real easy. Pretty much, I like to get as much of potential that any controller can give.

    Then I saw Behringer Studio A4 which is actually an upgraded BCD with touch jogs, two FX sections, eight hotcues… Big potential for what I do! Would love to have one and provide a community with series of Traktor mappings for this unit as I did for BCD3000 so far.

  • Just the pure awesomeness that is the Ns7 or that rather pricey yet still alluring Traktor s4. Perphaps Vci-400 to soothe my cravings.Along side a couple of direct drive turntables and a two channel mixer just for those old school needs.

  • cp43

    I’d say get a vestax 2 channel scratch mixer from the 90s for your collection. You know the one with the gold faceplate, basically the standard in the 90s.

  • Jeremy

    A Vestax PMC 06 Pro in black. I have a Rane TTM56 so in no way would I need a PMC 06 as it’s inferior to the Rane – but there’s just something about it that I like.

  • Jeremy

    Also, a Numark CDX. Even today, it’s still supposed to be the best CD/media player turntable for scratching and you can pick one up on eBay for about £100.

    • dj Soniq

      A CDX? IMHO, that should be a Denon 3700s or 3900s.

  • only strange thing that comes to mind is an old urei or rane rotary mixer. i’ve had this fantasy of showing up to a gig with one and a couple boxes of reggae 45s.

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