“We’re going to need a bigger table…”

DJWORX studio worxlab turntables

I know a good number of you like to follow the developments of DJWORX, and especially the new studio. The Worxlab as I’ve dubbed it is slowly turning into the workspace I always wanted. It has a good way to go just yet, but I’ve just made one important change that has really made everything else make sense.

You might remember that Vestax UK was very kind and gave me some exhibition tables to get me on my way. These 4 tables butted together happily take 2 full turntable setups. Having just taken delivery of another set, it’s clear that I’m going to need a little more furniture to get to where I want to be. When I saw furniture, I’m probably going to craft some mobile stands, so that they can be moved around at will.

Importantly however, I’ve turned the tables around to look down the length of the studio, and suddenly it feels like a proper performance space as well as being my office and photo studio. I should really capitalise on that shouldn’t I?

In the picture, I’ve shoehorned some vintage Vestax gear into the middle, but the turntables at the end are hanging over the edge, and I can’t plug the D3s into the 06 without right angle RCAs. But you get the idea.

Just needs more people. And a bar. Maybe a pool table. Actually table football would be better — I’d never be off a pool table.

  • Ian Lewis

    you should totally do a performance podcast / video mix show from there, about once a week should keep us all happy 😉

    • That’s been on the cards for ages Ian. The team keeps trying to get me to do it, but as ever I’m hesitant to get in front of a camera. Not only that, I want it to be of a professional quality, rather than a bunch of guys chatting on a webcam. Unless of course that’s the kind of thing you want to see.

      • trayE

        boiler room, dj worx edition 🙂

      • James Wilson

        Maybe a mix of both would be nice. Some low key jam sessions here and there. And then, when the anal retentive professional inside you needs a fix, you can prepare something polished.


    The PMC 06 Samurai! My favorite and first ever mixer!

  • humpy

    I see a lonely SL, the poor thing…

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