Weekend Poll: Silver or Black Technics?

technics SL 1200 1210 turntable

The internet is built on a foundation of cats, memes and a wide selection of this vs that flame wars. I have little time for the first 2, but I do love a good old mass debate, as I’m sure many of you sat behind your keyboards gazing into certain corners of the internet do too. So I’ve decided to fill the void that is Saturday and Sunday with a little bit of throwaway social intercourse, by means of a poll.

I’ll be covering all manner of DJ gear subjects — some topical, and some that just come to me in the shower. This one has loitered in my subconscious for a while now, and has been brought to the fore as I’m wanting to do more with my photography. I have a plan to buy a single Technics turntable in mint condition and apply my established camera skills to the subject of shooting this icon in a multitude of ways. Obviously, I haven’t got the cash to splash on every variant of Technics, so I need to pick just one.

But the question is this — do I go for the 1200, which is a wee bit boring but possibly easier to shoot on different backgrounds, or do I go Black and aim for übercoolness? Imagine if this were a coffee table book or calendar — which would look best?

So I’m leaving it up to you. If you were to buy a pair of factory fresh Technics turntables, would you go 1200 or 1210?

  • Technics 1210 m5g is the best looking one :). Standard and in the gold ltd edition.

    • I can spring to a MK5, but not a gold one. I’d have to borrow it I think.

      • If u can spring just a bit further get the 30th anniversary model with the sexy gloss black paint

    • Dirk

      Its too shiny and flashy. the MK2 is what Technics is all about

  • Any color, as long as its black 😉

  • I’ve got 1200’s as when I bought them nobody really had them so thought it would be different. Now I’d probally go for black as they look better between a rane mixer. Although I keep meaning to get a silver 12inchskinz for the 57.

  • I love my silver SL-1200MK2 and think the SL-1200MK5 looks even a little better.
    Always silver for me but this doesn’t mean the 1210’s are less sexy 😉

  • Always bet on black.

  • Jose Silva

    My first pair were the black ones. I bought them used (to say the least) from a friend back in the late 80’s. Years later I bought the silver ones brand new and still have them to this date in mint condition. My vote goes to the silver’s.

  • Ryan Supak

    I’d say silver just because that’s the iconic one. In the end it’s the “1200”, not the “1210”. (Personally I think the black ones look better, however.)


    • sl-1200mk2’s actually come in both silver and black.

      • It depended on the market.

        In Europe the black 1210’s were the standard model. Later the silver 1200’s were introduced.
        In the US the silver 1200’s were the standard ones and the later introduced black models were named 1200’s too.
        Years later Panasonic unified the naming scheme to 1200 for the silver and 1210 for the black ones.

        • I somehow have the feeling that in the US the people think that the black ones look better while in Europe the people do more like the silver ones.
          Typical psychology of the human being: Always want something you don’t get but the others do 😉

    • Frommy experience everyone who’s referring to a pair of Technics is talking about “the twelve-tens”, but maybe thats just a european thing.

  • Black, just like mine ! hehehe

  • SL-1210 M5G is the best model IMO !!

  • M5G ftw!

  • Silver is so much cooler, the tone arm looks way better!

  • stenny

    i have a set of each..

  • black

  • ace

    What color was Night Rider?

    • sureshot

      Black and red

  • Hi ho silver!

  • djlotus

    For photography purposes I think you have to go with the black ones. They allow for more contrast and better low light shots.

  • The black ones look the best, but the ones you see in clubs are invariably beat-up, scratched, often-failing, LED-dimmed, silver ones.

  • black is sooooo sexy 😀

  • I think the silver ones would be better in the way of “looking like a classic technics” but I think the black would come up well in photos.
    Seeing as they keep value, why not buy one in silver, shoot it then sell it for a black one?

  • Akiem

    Dope, I want the faded one!

  • I love the flat black on the 1210’s (including on my own!)

  • BelgianJungleSound

    Definitely black

  • lauti

    black mate, NOT shiny black!

  • Dirk

    I love the 1210s (I own a pair) but the 1200s are the classics.
    Photography wise, the 1210s for sure.

  • Silver for the elegant people 😀

  • loomad

    When I bought mine 21 years ago, everyone I knew had a pair of black ones, except for one guy who painted his glossy red, but hes another story ;-).

    So I knew I had to get myself the 1200’s for their oldschool appeal, yes 1992…
    besides I always loved them for not being so dust attracting 🙂
    and inside their original Technics cases they look pretty awesome !
    plus silver Concordes…oooohhlalaaa 🙂

  • cutselecta

    SL-1210 M5G is the best looking Technics deck

  • got a black 1210 MK5 would be well happy to acquire an equivalent silver one though…
    i always remeber seeing G.M.Flash cutting on sliver ones when i was younger and thinking they were the ones…

  • sureshot

    SL1200 in Silver please! It’s just an iconic look and those are the ones all of my favorite DJ’s spin on.

  • Its not really black, is it? Mines the really dark charcoal grey color.

  • Mr Smith

    Silver is classic… black is fancy

  • usernameslol

    FAO those saying go for the M5G: That thing is gross. Cheesy metalflake fingerprint magnet gloss paint with nasty gold lettering. No way. Nothing beats the industrial, all business, no bullshit, matte tool finish SL-1210MK5.

  • The_KLH

    I’m too busy spinning in the dark to notice what the color of the faceplate is. Does anyone argue about the color of TCV? It’s ALL about the sound, bishes. You’d better ask somebody…

  • Silver all the way.

  • I’ve got the 1210 mk5G’s, they’ve got a gold/sparkle fleck through the paint so under a direct light they look awesome. Its teh only way to go if you’re going to be filming/shooting them.

  • FattyKutz

    Tech 1210’s, any series. I suggest painting the arms black as well, they look quite fetching.

  • Personally I like the Black, but you can’t beat the timeless look of the classic silver MK2

    • Harry

      You say the silver is the timeless look? Are you american? Not flaming, I just always considered the black as the original looking one (UK).

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  • SassyCaz

    I’ve always wanted a 1210 but never been able to afford one – still on my wishlist!

  • JD-One

    I prefer my Black 1200’s. Got them 17 years ago! Still spinning no matter what the color. It’s the Cadillac of sound!

  • Veronica Mckenzie

    black 12’10s still in great condition just soo slick

  • John Walsh

    I have a pair of 1210’s ‘black’ but if I could go back to when the guy in the DJ store asked me that all important question , “Black or Silver ” I would have said Silver all the way baby oh ye , Funky . But I didn’t I got Black & I just have to live with that .
    But to answer your question, Silver I think would be best for photography , the contrast of the Silver on Black & black height adjust ring in Silver if you see where I’m coming from .