Virtual DJ 8 Beta – out now

Virtual DJ 8 beta

It does seem like a dog’s age that we’ve been talking about Virtual DJ 8. Indeed, in recent times we’ve talked of it in imminent tones. But for imminent, read now for the first semi-public beta of Virtual DJ 8 is available to download today.

Virtual DJ 8 beta

I say semi-public as it’s only available to registered pro users right now, but I expect that the Virtual DJ team hope that after such an extensive rebuild and private beta test period, the showstopping bugs should be nailed leaving a few straggling annoyances. Time will tell on that one.

I know that they’re as keen as mustard to get over the release wall and have it in the hands of everyone, but there’s little point fully releasing a buggy crippled product. That would just undo all the hard work that we know has happened but won’t be apparent on the surface. So if you’re a Virtual DJ 8 pro customer, grab the beta and give it a thorough beating to help the developers hone this long-awaited release to perfection.

For a more detailed list of what’s new in Virtual DJ 8, check this link. And we’re definitely looking forward to hearing your comments, as well as sharing out own opinion.

Also, be sure to check out the new look Virtual DJ website. It’s had a much-needed makeover and has all the info about the new release.

  • sinjintek

    It certainly has an improved look. I hope all their work on this pays off.

  • 514niggaz

    Been testing it with the numark ns7 on mac so far no audio distortion that most users had running it on mac osx. One thing though is that whenever i launch vdj 8 it activates the discrete gpu even when i’m not mixing videos. Other than that love the new look. Also has less cpu usage which is a good thing for those that have minimum spec computers. Vdj has come a long way well worth the wait.

  • Distorted sound while scratching in 7 , on venue 8, now gone, nice work ! Finally use this tablet how i had planned.

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  • The funniest thing about this story is how people are clicking the image thinking that they are download buttons. 😉

  • Cebo Glover

    Everythinng is great new timecode and sound engine 100%better…New features are amazing. The only draw back i see is having to navigate so much to get to editors. Example, like every other software has figured out, you cbg and beatgrid editor should be embed in the skins wave form. Having to open windows to do this make on the fly editing a pain. But besides that this software has been truly reborn.

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  • Gulli Johansen

    It really surprises me how little hype this has actually gotten outside VDJ forum. I have tried it on one of my MBP it’s somewhat looks better then VDJ default skin. There are real problems with the colors they choose not real white more light grey on a grey background makes it dam hard to read if you computer in not placed right in front of your nose. their dropped timeline that instead is shattered all over with tiny button to open pop up windows makes most of it unpractical to use in live situation. I’ve switched to Cross after using Traktor after I used VDJ and bout Cross and Traktor have been updated with lots and lots of useful stuff since I switched. I was on VDJ 7.x before I switched now 3 years after there is an update that to me has not added 1 useful thing to help in my DJ’ing. My first impression of VDJ 8 is that it’s just an improved version of 7 like a .1 version of Cross or Traktor would be

    • Until Atomix say that VDJ8 is out of beta, I imagine that media attention will be low. Once fully released, we’ll give it a sound beating but not before.