This is how you do a DJ gear video review: Decksaver for Kontrol F1

One cannot help but notice the lack of video around these parts. If you’ll allow me a little back-patting, I like to think that I can shoot a mean video. Indeed I get commissioned to do such things for other people. But I’ve steered clear of making videos for skratchworx and DJWORX. This is mainly because we’re about words and pictures – carefully written lovingly crafted verbiage, as well as studio quality imagery. For me, unless a video adds something to a review, it’s just not worth doing. That’s why we write so many words and don’t just read them out on camera.

But I’m warming up to the idea of making videos, ones of the same quality as our words and pictures, but importantly add something useful. This is such a video – it’s not your normal review clip, but is considerably more direct and effective than most out there. To me, writing or talking about a Decksaver seems like a complete waste of time. To me, it’s better to show and prove, so that’s exactly what I did, and hopefully that’s what we’ll continue to do as well. Not every time you understand – time is often a factor, as is the suitability of the product for a video. And I’m fairly sure that not every manufacturer wants me to defenestrate their latest and greatest from the second floor of the worxlab to see if it will live or die. Interesting fact – Gemini did want me to do just that once, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I love DJ gear – I don’t want to hurt it.

So have a watch of this Decksaver for Kontrol F1 and X1 review. No spoken words, just actions. I stopped short of running the wheel of a car over it, as that would lapse into the realms of utter pointlessness. Neither will I be blending, setting fire to or applying WMDs to the new shiny that comes our way.

I hope you like this clip – it acts as a product review and an ad for DJWORX. As a frustrated creative, I’m never happy with my work, but this has been a highly cathartic exercise that has freed my mind to find a video direction I’m happy with. Feel free to share, but do try to send people back here. Enjoy and spread the DJWORX word.

I’ve also put it up on the now enabled DJWORX Youtube channel for those who prefer that troll-ridden but considerably more effective video outlet:

UPDATE: I didn’t think I’d have to even consider doing this but…


DJWORX and/or Decksavers are not responsible or liable for any damage caused to your expensive DJ gear if you’re insane enough to try this at home. DJ gear is not designed to be hit with a hammer, run under a tap or stood on by a 12 stone man with a pair of DMs on. This isn’t Jackass.

  • j-kut

    Best vid ever! ´Nuff said!

    • DJ Hessler

      +1 on that :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))

      //DJ Hessler

  • djlotus

    One thing I would like to see is if the deck saver stays on the unit of the unit is knocked to the ground while the deck saver is on.

    • As the review says, it’s a snug fit. So I think it’ll stay on. The review was more unplanned than devising a series of destructive tests.

  • Awesome review, Its a shame you cant use the decksaver as a stand similar to the X1/F1 bag to raise it to deck and mixer height, Id be all over it if it could! Instead i will purchase the bag and hope that noone jumps up and down on it or pours it under the tap 🙂

  • Booyacasha!

  • j-kut

    I just cant stop watching it ^^
    May i suggest you do a “does it blend” series of vids as well 😛

    • From the above article:

      [quote]Neither will I be blending, setting fire to or applying WMDs to the new shiny that comes our way.[/quote]

      Wouldn’t it be better to actually give the gear away to happy readers?

      • j-kut

        Probably, but looking at the odds of me winning, i rather watch a destructive video ^^

        • Is there a blender that can take a Numark 4Trak? I have one those to give way this week… 😉

          • j-kut

            Coincidentely I do have a blender of that size at home, just send me the 4Trak 🙂

        • j-kut

          And sorry for not reading the text, but the vid simply was so great I couldnt focus on anything else anymore.

    • Jared Helfer


  • Wow… Nice vid bro’!

    Though I would love to see Jared or myself try the jumping on the controller. 😉

  • Sonic Surfer

    Nice! I am a big fan of djworx and check the page out on a regular basis, and dig the reviews. But it would be great with some videos showing the gear in action. Maeby even some tutorials:-) Or some short posts with links to videos for inspiration and discussion like this:

  • DJ Rock Well

    When I expressed an interest in (and eventually bought) a Decksaver for my Maschine from their stand at BPM, the Decksaver rep promptly pulled one of the nearest bit of kit and started jumping up and down on it.

    Until that moment, I mistakenly thought they were just dust covers for prissy DJs to keep the dust off their CDJs – now I’ve used one for the last few months, I have to say that they’re great. They fit snugly and stay on in bags and I would say that anyone who regulary sticks their controllers in bags, no mattter how padded or rigid it is, really should try them out.

    • I was wondering where your comment was!

      It was quite amusing to witness, to be honest that was probably my favourite ever sales technique, throw product on floor and then jump up and down on it,

  • Now this is the attitude I like to see! This video is great, and dare I say television commercial worthy? Made me laugh aloud.

  • Sonic Surfer

    You could have a short posts like this (like they do on, but for us DJ’s):

    Scratch Science drops new skipless record.

    Official word:

    “Hi Folks, Scratch Science is proud to introduce a new advanced scratch concept called S.W.A.M.S acronyme for scratching within a muscial scale. Since the early years of turntablism dj’s always wanted to use turntable as an instrument, today it’s finally possible through the brand new Vand Vand release “Daily Thrill” wiches the first record using the SWAMS concept : In this one all sound banks are tuned to fit the musical scale of the song that they’re related to.
    As a short demo is better than a long talk enjoy Vand Vand demonstrating the SWAMS concept”

    If you got “Vand Vand – Daily Thriller” tell us what you think.

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  • Luiz Zen

    Holly cow! That’s what a review video should be!! Greaaaaat!!

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