VIDEO: DJ Woody’s scratching from a vinyl POV

It’s always nice to see an alternative point of view on all things DJ. But it’s especially refreshing to see a different angle on videos as well. So instead of watching hands on vinyl, this particular one from our favourite DJ Woody looks at a scratch performance from the vinyl’s perspective.

Now you might think that such jaunty camera work might be the province of expensive nanotechnology. But no — this isn’t so much blu ray as it is blu tack and his iPhone that made this a practical reality. Makes a bloody change from all that played out 3D waveform fodder.

DJ Woody Scratch POV vinyl

I hope this doesn’t start a trend, because it did make me feel a tad queazy and disoriented. Then again, racing games on my iPad have much the same effect. Either way, good work Woody. 


  • Em

    Haha so dope.

  • Mark

    I feel ill, and not in the hip-hop sense of the word.

  • acemc

    Very original. Great idea!

    • RDelight

      its not original, it was done in 2012 already

  • DJoldschool

    Made me smile this morning.

  • tsutek

    Nice! This actually makes it a bit easier to learn about record movement techniques, at least it made me realize a few new things 🙂

  • RBX

    I loved seeing “wrist-cam” in concert when DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist were doing the hard sell tour in 2007. I thought it was a really nice way of showing the record being picked out of the crate, put on the platter and cued up. A really neat little journey which I hadn’t seen portrayed POV style before…

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