The Vestax VCI-100 DJ controller: A Retrospective

Vestax VCI-100 History

There have been landmark products that have turned up on the pages of skratchworx and DJWORX over the years. The CDJ-1000 was a true game changer that ousted vinyl from the DJ scene, but was just before we sprang into life. We did however see Serato Scratch Live land at NAMM 2004, which went on to revolutionise the DJ industry as well. And back in January 2007 (NAMM to be exact), Vestax unleashed what was to become (for me anyway) the defining point of controllerism. The VCI-100 set the blueprint that everyone else to this day has often slavishly followed. This is what I thought about it at the time. Oh how things have changed.

And recognising this solid heritage, Vestax has put together a retrospective of the venerable VCI-100. Such is the speed of evolution in the DJ industry, here we are just 7 years later talking about it like it’s a museum piece. But it really is worth talking about, because the impact is still being felt today. Other MIDI controllers existed before the VCI-100, but none had the flair and quality that DJs needed.

So we doff our collective caps in Vestax’s general direction for the awesome, and most probably soon to be legendary VCI-100.

  • Jared Helfer

    My first MIDI controller. I still have it, though a few parts are busted.

  • Top left picture… WeGO?

  • corporation

    With the vci-100 was announced, I felt a proper dj controller had properly arrived.

    I was upgrading from a modified dm2 (w/dm2midi) I had been using for since 2003 in combo with a UC-17 for crossfader. ( )

    This seemed like a godsend.

    There were midi dj controllers before it, notably the Behringer BCD2000 and the Kontrol-DJ caught my eye… but one was too small and one too expensive.

    I ended up ordering one as soon as they came available in the states (late may 2007). I really loved the damn thing even though it had it’s issues – ramp up in the first firmware, and struggling to find a repair center that would do a fw update. I ended up buying another one with the 1.2 fw to fix the problem. I ended up replacing the fader with an x-fader, and kept it in use until i went with an s4 a few years ago. I just recently sold both on ebay, and was a little sad to see them go.

  • paddydj

    I was the first (known in the webs at least) who had built in a pro x fade crossfader 😀 it was my first midi controller as well. I think it is worth being a museum piece, too. Still love it,aalthough there are other controllers I’m working with.

  • steve

    Wasnt the maudio xponent released around the same time? my first controller, still rocking it.

  • blancodisco

    before migrating to the vci-100SE, i was on faderfox controllers.
    today, it’s a Z2 and two midi fighters.

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  • Lizzy

    Nowadays, a lot of portable sound systems are there…here are some of them.. ….. The one in the blog is surely a has come a loongg way……

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