Updated Traktor Audio 2 plays nice with iOS

Having been through a handful of incarnations, it will come as no surprise to learn that Native Instruments has announced that their diminutive Traktor Audio 2 interface has been updated to include the very thing it was destined for — iOS7 compatibility.

Some words from Berlin:

Native Instruments introduces the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 – now iOS-ready

The ultra-compact 2-channel DJ audio interface for TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR DJ is now iOS-compatible and available worldwide

Berlin, March 18, 2014 – Native Instruments today announced new iOS compatibility for the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 – the world’s smallest premium DJ audio interface. Now plug-and-play with the latest version of TRAKTOR DJ – the pro DJ app for iPad and iPhone – TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 transforms iOS devices into a mobile, crowd-worthy DJ setup. Designed for ultimate portability, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 delivers pristine, premium 24-bit/48 kHz audio in an unsurpassed pocket-sized format.

The ultra-compact TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 now joins the growing list of iOS compatible hardware by Native Instruments. With the release of iOS version 7.1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2, TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, S2, and Z1 now all connect seamlessly to an iPad or iPhone running the latest version of TRAKTOR DJ. With an even slimmer, streamlined profile, the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is more portable than ever. Two 1/8 inch stereo outputs allow for seamless track cueing and headphone monitoring in TRAKTOR PRO 2 or TRAKTOR DJ. The outputs of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 can be connected to a standard DJ mixer, allowing two TRAKTOR Decks to be mixed with familiar tactile control.

TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 connects to laptops or iOS devices using the included mini-USB or 30-pin to USB cables. Using the AUDIO 2 with iPad 4 and iPhone 5 requires a 30-pin to Lightning adapter. When using TRAKTOR DJ on an iPhone or iPad, connecting the optional power supply increases the overall output volume and keeps the connected device charged.

TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 includes TRAKTOR LE 2. Two decks, three effects, and all essential mixing features provide a ready-to-use package designed for entry-level DJs.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / £89 / ¥ 10,800.

A $50 / 50 € / £44 / ¥ 5000 e-voucher will also be sent to users upon registration of the included TRAKTOR LE software.

Further product information and press material

Additional information on TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is available at: www.native-instruments.com/traktoraudio2 

NI Traktor audio 2 ios7

Compared to the original, this one is leaner, louder, and has minijacks instead of 1/4″ connectors. It also lacks the full version of Traktor, which is reflected in the slightly lower price. But what the new Traktor Audio 2 offers is a highly compact USB powered audio interface that fits in the palm of your hand and works with your computer or iOS device for not a lot of money — and it has an NI logo on it. You also get a voucher to put towards the full version of Traktor too.

A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • You’ll still need to buy a 30 pin to Lightning adaptor for newer iOS devices
  • You’re going to have to update to iOS7.1 to make it work properly

Interestingly, because it has the potential to drain your iOS devices, you can hook it up to a power supply (the same one as the Z1, S2 MK2 and S4 MK2), which has the added benefit of making the Traktor Audio 2 louder. There’s only so much that an iPad or iPhone can chuck out without help.

And yay! Sterling price is listed. Thanks NI — you only had to set up a UK office to make this happen at last.

  • Klaus Mogensen

    It’s a deal breaker that it doesn’t support USB.3, since more and more computers without USB 2 are comming out, and it’s sometimes hard to figure out which slots are USB 2, when they do exist… And if it’s like the previous version, “not supporting” means “will crash”

    • Mark Stewart

      USB3 ports are BLUE.
      USB2 ports are WHITE/GREY

      USB3 ports are backwards compatible (NOW) especially with windows 8/8.1 or OSX 10.8 /10.9

      “Deal Breaker” is a little dramatic isn’t it ?

      • Klaus Mogensen

        USB3 ports are supposed to be backwards compatible – but they are not IRL.
        I’ve had the old version of Audio2 crash several laptops when connected to an USB 3 port by mistake – I have two of them and both of the acrs this way,
        If you do a net serach you will see lots of people having issues with backwards compability on USB, especially regarding sound equipment.

        So to me it’s just baffling that they would put out new equipment that doesn’t support USB 3. And based on my problems regarding this (I eventually bought a used laptop and sold my brand new one) I would never buy such a product until this has been resolved.

        So for me “Deal Breaker” is spot on 🙂

        Best regards
        Klaus Mogensen

        PS: I’m looking at my work computer right now (Dell), and there are no color codes on the 4 USB ports. They are all just metallic. Maybe it’s because they are all USB 2 – I’m not sure

        • Klaus Mogensen

          Another indicator, that the backwards compability is probably not fixed, is that NI put this on their homepage:

          “Please note: Under Windows, only USB 2.0 ports are officially supported by this product. Compatibility with USB 3.0 ports under Windows 7 or Windows 8 cannot be guaranteed at this time.”

          As I said, if it’s anything like the old version “cannot be guaranteed” means “will crash”

          • Mark Stewart

            You mean that I can’t use my S4Mk1 in my XPS USB3 port … damn, i’ll have to tell the club i can’t play on Saturday.

            Rather than jumping on the bandwagon of slating NI, why not do some testing yourself ? Take the laptop you want to use to the store and test it.

            As for which USB ports you have, it’s VERY easy to find out.

            open device manager in windows, scroll down to the USB ports and it will tell you exactly what they are and how fast they run.

            OSX is a similar situation.

            You may see my name on many of those internet posts you refer to as I have been testing USB3 way before it became an issue for NI, Apple and MS. I had one of the very first XPS series to have USB3 and I couldn’t get anything to run in it (including hard drives).

            The drivers were not completely at fault, the OS was the main problem. I worked with Renasys and then IBM for over a year working on this exact problem.


            try it

  • The_KLH

    IMHO, this little simple device might just open DJing to more people than controllers have.

  • khaiyin

    The naming convention has confused me for so long. I always thought this was a 2-channel sound card… You know like how the A6 and A10 are 6 and 10 respectively?… Much more appealing now.

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  • Wezza

    If you read all about it on here and on the tractor website it never tells you witch cable you need to plug it into a laptop using mini to usb and it ever shows you a photo in the set up guid on the website and i was just wondering witch cable it is as i have just bought a audio 2 for my laptop but no laptop cable !!!

    • At the time of writing, the Audio2 came with all the cables you need. You will need to use the supplied cables though. In our testing, other cables didn’t work. Did yours come with a cable?