UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.6.8 — a tweak and a fix

Traktor Pro 2.6.8

Native Instruments has just announced an incremental update to its flagship DJ software. Traktor Pro 2.6.8 isn’t a major leap forward in functionality, but does make essential tweaks to the Controller Editor, as well as fixing an album art related bug. See — nothing to get excited about.

Here’s the brief word from Berlin HQ:

TRAKTOR 2.6.8 is now available for free download in the NI Service Center. In addition to overall performance and stability improvements, here’s what’s new in this version:

  • Updated version of Controller Editor 1.6.2 allows full MIDI map editing of the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, S2, X1, and TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
  • Fixed stability issues caused by m4a files containing embedded art previously edited in version 2.6.6

We recommend all TRAKTOR users keep their software up to date to ensure the best possible user experience.

To install the update, please start the NI Service Center. Open the ‘Update’ tab, make sure the checkbox for TRAKTOR is checked, and click the ‘Download’ button. When the download is finished, just click the ‘Install’ button.

Best regards,

The Native Instruments team

Traktor Pro 2.6.8

Traktor 2.6.8 — ready to download

I say ready, but NI’s servers were swamped earlier. Just as I was ready to publish, the Service Center (which I still loathe with a passion — I have to enter my system password to run it? C’mon…) finally connected, and is now downloading at full welly.

Not much to see in this release. And I think it’ll be a little while before we see anything significant DJ-wise from NI too. As we’ve mentioned in our NAMM coverage, Traktor was notable by its absence, and they were saying nothing but “it’s going to be a good year”. So we’ll continue to patiently wait for the next big thing, which I suspect will be hardware and software aka the increasingly mythical Traktor Pro 3 that we’ve all been waiting for.

  • The_KLH

    While nextlevelness is always welcome, nothing is better than making what already exists stable. Serato does this better than almost everyone else. Everyone else seems to be getting the clue though…

  • HankBizzle

    These guys need to start taking lessons from the video game industry, they manage to update their software fairly easily and stealthily. I hate having to manually look for updates.

    • I do generally find the whole Traktor install and upgrade procedure to be a massive pain. Having to authorise Service Centre every time to run, which then often goes on to self update, meaning having to do it again, and then to have to download and install hundreds of megabytes, install, reboot and then the Service Centre self runs again to check for more updates… yes, it makes me mad, especially when Serato DJ 1.6 is just 37Mb, installs in seconds and doesn’t require a reboot either.

      • Mark Smith

        I run Windows 8. Is it different for OSX users? Mine went without a hitch and I didn’t have to do what you refer to here?

      • Rob Wyc

        why do you run the service center? go on their website, log in and download the latest version from your personal account!

      • Jamie nello

        With all the respect – what are you talking about ???
        Service center needs to be authorised once (check the “remember me” checkbox).
        I have never rebooted after installation Mac or PC.
        And do i have to remind you that Serato Dj had more drop outs than music until the last update ?

        • I see no checkbox, and never have. And Traktor on Mac generally asks me to restart after installation.

          As for reminding me about Serato DJ – I haven’t experienced the dropouts that you mention.

    • Djs of the round table

      Maybe if their software wasnt buggy in the first place they would not need to update as much.

      This they have taken from the gameindustry

      Produce, give a fuck in bugtest and REAL qualitycontroll, package and ship.
      oooh shit, did it not work, sorry we gonna patch it and update it SOOOOON

  • doei

    ehm..but i got 2.7 now.. do I need to roll back?

    • doei

      ah we mac users go to 2.8

      • Clearly there is some confusion here. Traktor 2.6.8 has just been released for OS X and Windows, Not 2.7 or 2.8.

        • He probably had/meant 2.6.7 and just got it wrong! 😉

  • Mark Smith

    Done and working without flaw.

  • tr4gik

    what about traktor DJ NI ??? any freaking updates soon to fix audio with ios7 when connected to your flagship controllers ?

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  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Native Instruments has to be working on video integration as well as audio plug-ins / integration with Maschine. I bet some butts still have permanent boot-prints in them (this is Germany after all) from failing to integrate Maschine and Traktor.

    • Jared Helfer

      I’d be really shocked if they integrated video into Traktor. As far as Maschine and Traktor integration, I think it’s going at the pace they are expecting, even though we all think it is taking forever.

      Hell, I’d like to say they are just getting it perfect, but we all know that integration like that is going to initially be buggy as hell.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        I’m still hoping that Traktor will have VST plug-ins as part of the 3.0 roll-out. Machine can run as a VST plug-in, and it closes the audio effects plug-in gap currently being filled by iZotope for Serato DJ. Also, Traktor still does not have the side-by-side track comparison most other (competitive) DJ software programs have.

        I can see standing your ground and working on making the best possible tool you can, but (almost) every other (competitive) DJ software company is working on some form or another of playing video and/or video effects (in addition to competing feature-for-feature with Traktor) and users will see Traktor as not keeping up by not providing this option.

        • Jared Helfer

          The first question I have, then, which I’m sure NI is considering as well, is how many DJs actually care about mixing video the way those competitors have provided? I would venture a guess that it’s very few. If someone really wants to mix video they are going to use a real video mixing tool and have the equipment to process it. That’s my guess, at least.

          As far as hosting VSTs, I’m sure there will be some solution, but it will most likely ONLY relate to Maschine. I could see Traktor existing as a Group in Maschine, or Maschine taking over a Deck in Traktor and kind of sitting inside of it, always sync’d. While iZotope and Serato DJ are an interesting comparison, before that partnership Serato had middling effects, at best, whereas Traktor had extremely solid ones. The next edition of Traktor, I’m sure, will set the bar far higher than a partnership with iZotope did for Serato.

          • DJ_ForcedHand

            Regarding video along with sound: I came from a Visual Arts background (specifically 3D Animation and Video Production) and I work as an A/V Tech specialist (currently). I’ll say, there really is something there when you provide a little time-synced eye candy (even if that eye candy is the official video to the song) and/or DMX synced effects. All Native Instruments needs to do is officially partner with someone like Mix Emergency did with Serato and eventually absorb them.

            Regarding VSTs: I eventually got to the point where I decided to think about my approach differently: “There is Maschine and there is Traktor. Know that Maschine is the core of the operation and Traktor feeds timecode (along with audio signal) into Maschine. Route the sound outputs from Maschine, and let there be sound.” So I agree with you that the VSTs should just be in Maschine, and switch the “Remix Decks”, into “Live Input” mode.

            In this way, Maschine effects could achieve pre-fader effects, post-fader effects and pre-fader post-post fader effects by routing the signal back into Deck C (or D) as long as that deck routes back out to the sound card (don’t forget to set Decks C and D to active on the crossfader).

            * Tracktor, Deck A (effects off) normal pre-fader effects ->
            * Maschine (optional apply effect(s)… or not) normal post-fader effects ->
            * Traktor, Deck C (optional apply effect(s)… or not) post-fader effects which are then modified by Deck C pre-fader effects. ->
            * Aggregated sound out (through sound card).

            … at least until Maschine and Traktor have a common communication platform (…when they actually learn to play with each other).

            I think we all knew that the Remix Decks were “Maschine Junior/Light”, but it’s time to take the gloves off… this Maschine/Traktor configuration should be called “War Maschine Mode” (if for no other reasons than I like Iron Man and when traditional turntables were turned sideways, the configuration was called “Battle mode.”

            • Jared Helfer

              I can’t agree with everything you said regarding Traktor and Maschine integration enough. Like, 100% hit the nail on the head, no arguments from me.

              As far as video, I just don’t think it is feasible. It’s not that it isn’t cool, or an interesting add-on, but NI doesn’t partner with outside companies anymore, and I’d much rather then spend their limited time perfecting the tools that are already there, rather than building tools that I doubt most people will ever use.

    • Djs of the round table

      If people want Video, maybe Native should make a dedicated software, please dont mess up traktor with videoshit and other crap, im a dj, not a VJ
      They gone from simple and working to complex and buggy, no wy in hell im gonna update.

  • John Matrix

    Death to Service Center!

  • Robert

    After installing 2.6.8. My vestax vci-400 jog wheels stopped working.

  • Christopher Harrop

    I have downloaded the new update 2.6.8 but It somehow would let me install it…? I’ve tried it 6times already.
    Anyone help me out….???

    • Christopher Harrop

      Is it maybe a problem with my laptop rather than the traktor program???

  • Michael Heston

    TO Jamie Nello the reason Why service center is asking for a password everytime is not a service center issue at all its a Security setting on your mac. Unfortunetly that cannot be disabled. But yes its annoying :0)

  • Filip

    Hi i have with this update critical issues yesterday, first, browser scrolling acts really strange its very quickly and scrolls even you dont turn the knob. Second. My b deck stopped at gig reacting, its start with some timecode speed issus when it started to change little bit pitch and after loading new track, no internal play button working, no relative or absolute mode trough cdj 900 timecode and the waveform was scratching without any interaction of me. I ve tested several tracks, plug out X1 MK2, turn off CDJ. Thanks god it started i dont know how working but the worst issue i found in traktor!!! very bad!!! Official version of Traktor scratch PRO, last drivers for all controllers, last firmware for soundcard Audio 10,OSX 10.8.5. I made NI system log so i will send it to NI. But i will never more use TSP update at gig before testing its second time when update ruined my set!!!!

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  • Dj Cohiba

    I just bought the Traktor S2 Mk2 and updated to Traktor Pro 2.6.8. and my main volume control don’t work….I go into the controller software and it not a option on the Midi control selection….It not a good thing!!!

  • KeepEmDancin

    Running Traktor Pro 2.6.8 on a Samsung laptop with i5 processor, 6 mb RAM, 750 gb hd. All background software disabled. Using a Traktor S2 Mk2 controller with latest firmware update. Prior to, and after updates, the Traktor Pro 2.6.8 will cause music to drag or entire program freezes. I have to back up with an older HP with a duo core processor, 2 gb ram, running my music collection from an external hard drive on HP. Similar issues with my HP, but to be expected on a 6 year old laptop. I have 90k tracks in my collection but never have more than 100 songs in any one of about 6 play lists. Traktor’s response is that a fix is coming out in May. So far no help. Only five more days in May. Not good for my DJ business.

    • Joshua Lane Newton

      Did you ever figure this out? I have a Samsung Series 5 i7 dual core, 8gb ram, 750 GB HD and now have 2.7.1 and still having the same issue since earlier in the year. I love Traktor, but this is killing me. BTW I’m using a Traktor Kontrol S2 MK1. I’ve tried everything. I bought a gear protection plan from guitar center. Im seriously contemplating taking it back and trying to get something else. I’ve waited long enough and still no solutions aft 6 or 7 months.

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  • Anne Marie

    Can I use Vestax VCI-100 controller with Traktor Pro 2.6.8?

  • Joao

    It’s not necessary to get the software in this site, go to native.

  • Lemmor Boado

    if i will upgrade the firmware of my traktor s2 mk2 controller will it work to old os too?

  • Jared Helfer

    No arguments from me. Though, it is weird to again have a 2 year old comment responded to.