UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.5.1

Traktor Pro 2 v2.5.1 Update

Echoing my remarks in yesterday’s story, Native Instruments have rapidly released a bug squishing update to their landmark v2.5 release of Traktor Pro 2. But this isn’t just a bug zapper – the much requested HID integration with the Pioneer CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 has now been included, making this, for some, a rather more important upgrade than just a minor update.

Here’s the complete list courtesy of NI:


  • Pioneer CDJ Advanced HID display integration
  • Browser (CDJ 900 / 2000)
  • Cover Art (CDJ 2000)
  • Stripe (CDJ 2000)
  • Cue Points (CDJ 900 / 2000)
  • Improved General CDJ Integration (CDJ400 / 900 / 2000 / MEP7000) in order to match original CDJ behavior
  • Play / Cue Button behavior
  • Loop In / Out Button behavior
  • Track Search Button behavior
  • Implemented CDJ Mode


  • Changing BPM Range in Preferences does no longer affect ongoing Analysis job


  • FLAC year tag is now preserved when importing files to collection
  • “Select All” entry now available in Context Menu of Playlists and Folders
  • Browser view switches back to source list after drag & drop
  • Tracks can again be moved to Playlists via drag & drop from deck into browser window
  • M3U export now again exporting file names and paths
  • “Load Previous” now again working in conjunction with Preferences option “Only load into stopped Deck”
  • Remix Set now displayed on top of contents list for faster loading via drag & drop
  • Fixed saving of Remix Sets containing identically named samples


  • Fixed Modifier condition “Hotcue Type”


  • FX snapshot no longer ignores first FX knob


  • Keylock Eco mode fixed
  • Fixed crackling audio and syncing issues in conjunction with Keylock


  • New preference option for Remix Decks “One-Shot Samples Ignore Quantize Mode”
  • Drag & drop of Remix Sets now possible on entire area of Remix Decks, including Micro Deck View
  • Dragging a sample on waveform of sample deck now replaces the sample
  • Fixed prelistening of Remix Decks


  • Software Hotcues and CDJ Cue button can be seamlessly used side by side
  • Dropping needle into lead-in now again jumps to start of track
  • Improved drift prevention for Relative Vinyl Timecode
  • Random switching from Absolute to Relative Timecode does not occur anymore
  • Fixed cue point drifting for Relative CD Timecode


  • Tempo Tapping precision and robustness (TAP) improved
  • Synchronization no longer ignores second and following grid markers
  • Fixed Cue Point inaccuracy visible in zoomed in Waveform


  • New preference option to swap F1 Mute and Stop behavior


  • Channel Clip LED on S2/S4 now again working

So aside from the Pioneer/HID implementation, it’s a matter of fixing bugs and responding to user requests. It’s in your Service Centre now. Go get it.

  • just updated yesterday
    now i can finally drag songs into playlist without issues!! this was a huge huge bug in 2.5.0

    everything seems to run perfectly so far, pretty happy with this update!

  • HID Mode was already supported by Traktor from 2.0.x, now it supports HID in “Advanced Mode”, like Serato supports from the time CDJ2000 came out (almost).

  • Too cool for school!

    Off to update now…

  • Nice one! I dont use CDJs but this is definately a straight update for me.
    ‘Synchronization no longer ignores second and following grid markers’, just for starters.
    Thanks NI.

  • Dj Redicc

    wow, this kinda changes things in my mind. I originally was set on getting a pair of sc3900’s in august over cdj900s, but now with hid compatibility i’m having some second thoughts.

  • TMRW

    God, I hate the guys at NI every time they bring out a update and they have the old CDj 400 with HID support, but are to focused on their own products to put in the CDj 850.
    I think everybody who owns a 850 wants an HID support, regardless if they will use it when playing live with it or not.
    It can’t be that hard right?

  • MouseAT

    Just when I was starting to lose hope, this happens!

    I’m a Serato Scratch Live user, but their CDJ 400 implementation has been somewhat annoying at best. Until now the Traktor implementation has been pretty abysmal, but I had a VERY brief (5 minute) play with the demo of 2.5.1 last night, and damn it’s looking good. I’m not a scratcher, so I don’t know how the platter response is, but my initial impression of the way in which the player looks and responds made me feel like I was actually using a CDJ to skip through tracks and set cue points, rather than using some half-assed controller implementation.

    I’ll have to have a better play later, but I must say this is the first time I’ve considered ditching SSL in favour of Traktor for use with the CDJ 400s. Especially with the recent price cut, if there aren’t any show-stopping annoyances I’ve missed then it could be a no-brainer.

  • Piemme22

    The best Traktor ever!

  • Djsureshot

    My God their Customer Support is HORRIBLE. I was considering a purchase of Traktor A6 as my Torq is dead now, but after the 4 attempts at getting a hold of a rep and the fifth time getting some arrogant woman from the west cost telling me “If you don’t want to purchase our product that’s up to you” after informing her of how poor the reviews were of Customer support. I’ve come to the conclusion that Traktor is not for me. Just a bit of good ol advice. Customer Service is very important, and if you suck at it, you will lose in the end. I don’t care how many endorsements Qbert gives your product.

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