UPDATE: Stanton SC.IX system 4.0 for SCS.4DJ

Stanton scs.4dj SC-IX v4 upgrade

When Stanton‘s SCS.4DJ hit the scene, the industry applauded the complete standalone nature of the unit. Having a Linux brain inside, no computer is necessary, but only having a limited number of controls and a small screen to peer into the belly of the diminutive beat left it a tad lacking in features. But Stanton have been working hard to make the SCS.4DJ work hard for you and present the SC-IX v4 system for your upgrading pleasure.

The official what’s what words from Stanton:

STANTON Releases VERSION 4.0 firmware update For the GROUNDBREAKING SCS.4DJ

Stanton®, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, is pleased to announce Version 4.0 of the SC-IX operating system for its groundbreaking SCS.4DJ Complete Digital DJ System. 

Stanton broke new ground with the SCS.4DJ, making it the first fully integrated solution capable of providing the functionality and performance demanded by today’s DJs and performers. The SCS.4DJ’s state-of-the-art processors remove the need for an external computer when performing, making it a complete digital DJ system. This fresh approach means a DJ can simply plug in a storage device and start mixing using the built-in decks, mixer and high-resolution color display.

“SC-IX Version 4.0 looks to bring even more customizable capabilities to the SCS.4DJ,” says Douglas Landfield, Global Marketing Manager of Gibson Pro Audio, a division of the Gibson Guitar Corporation. “The new features, such as the ability to preview songs along with gain control, help provide SCS.4DJ users with all the tools they require to focus on their creative work, rather than the technology.”

New Features:

  • Song Preview Path – The update has added the ability to preview a song directly from the song browser.
  • Gain Functionality for Each Deck – This allows for user-adjustable gain control, which is stored with each track.
  • VU Meter Source – This gives users a visual representation of Master Output or Decks A & B.
  • Artist Column Added – Now artists are included in playlist information.
  • Resort Active Playlist Capability – Now the active playlist can be sorted by artist, BPM and time.
  • Increased Pitch Range Options – Adds +/- 8% and +/- 15% to existing options.
  • BeatGrid Editing – Users have the ability to edit a track’s beatgrid in realtime, with both “Tap Tempo” and “Dial-In-BPM” functionality, for increased Sync and Loop accuracy and stability.

The new SC-IX Version 4.0 release and both Mac and PC versions of the QuickGrid high-speed analyzer are now available for download from the Stanton website. www.stantondj.com

Had I been organised, I’d have realised that despite having all manner of DJ and camera gear at the worxlab, I’d left all the USB keys at home, making it impossible to upgrade the SCS.4DJ that I have here. I’ll rectify that next week and update the review accordingly. It certainly looks worthy of revisiting given the extensive list of updates since the v1 I reviewed. In the meantime, if you have an SCS.4DJ of your own, why not upgrade and let us know what you think.

  • yeahdef

    I used the unit for about 6 months and could never get over the plasticky feel of the construction. That’s something a software upgrade can’t fix. Stanton: release this system competing with a build quality of a ddj-sx and you’ve got a buyer lined up. 2013 – the year we get rid of laptops?

  • Shaun Blackburn

    I bought one of these to use as my interim DJ setup while I am temporarily living away from my decks for a few months. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s danged amazing for the price. It’s good enough that I’ve been able to teach myself some new scratch techniques. These frequent updates are an unexpected surprise, and make it an even better value.

    Now, if I could just figure out how to transplant a better crossfader, I could almost be happy with this as more than a temporary solution.

  • Not sure about Stanton’s “first fully integrated solution” claim. Surely that was Numark with their HDMIX, originally shown in 2006 (as mentioned on Skratchworx in 2008).

    • The HDmix hardly did anything but loop and pitch. Not the same.

      (Btw, I left Stanton last month-I’m just calling BS because what you are saying is flat out wrong)

      • No it’s not “flat out wrong”. I also didn’t say that the HDMIX was “the same” as the SCS.4DJ. I’m just saying that the SCS is (IMO) not the the first fully integrated solution – as in, it doesn’t need a computer, separate mixer etc.

        • By your logic than the CDmix 1 was the first back in the early 2000’s. The SCS.4DJ was the first unit to bring full capabilities of an integrated solution in line with a PC. Up till that point (and I say this having also worked on the Cortex HDC3000/HDTT5000/Dmix300/Dmix600, which came out BEFORE the HDmix and IDJ2), integrated solutions were little better than a cheap CDJ that happened to have hard drive storage.

          Like I said, at this point I have zero vested interest in what Stanton does-I worked on this update, but that was at this point nearing a couple months ago. I just get annoyed by missinformation.

          • If there’s any “misinformation” it’s what Stanton wrote. It’s their claim I’m questioning. If you want to rant, direct it at them.

            Maybe the Dmix products were earlier (I’m not certain) but even if they were, it still makes Stantons claim incorrect.

            • Well…..considering that I was there when we wrote it the first time……

              At the end of the day the HDmix and iDJ2 (and, for that matter, the products I product managed at Cortex!) were first gen and very incomplete. All of us knew that they were. The SCS.4DJ is the first truly complete integrated system, in the sense that you have the same sort of feature set as a laptop computer and MIDI controller.

              I’m just going to back away from this one. When you product manage something (which is way more than just designing) then throw stones. I was involved in the design, concept, software UI, beta testing, even writing the manual of the product, as well as the products that led up to this product. I think that I have a right to say if it is correct or incorrect based on the work I did prior.

    • The HDMIX didn’t have MIDI, nor could you scratch or cue on the jog wheels. With the SCS.4DJ you can rock just about any style.

  • Peter Tran

    You couldn’t just drop by a Target and pick up a $7 usb key? J/k, keep up the good work, can’t wait to read your review.

    • Target? In jolly old Blighty? Perish the thought!

  • Good that Stanton continues improving the software. Only time will tell if iOS / Android compatible or integrated hardware will make the race. Looking forward to a higher quality device from Stanton or maybe license out the software to someone else?