Traktor DJ: Free! For now anyway…

Traktor DJ iOS free

For those who feel that anything but free is too much to pay for apps, I have some good news. Traktor DJ is free for now. It could be a day, or it could be longer. If only it had been last week.

Why now? Generosity? Grabbing market share? I can hazard a guess based on a few factors that will doubtlessly be revealed imminently. But who cares — it’s free for who knows how long (probably a day), so grab it now, without delay.

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  • is that across the board i pad etc if so, i want a refund, after paying £15. i just lost £150 on my z2, because of the price crash

  • Gábor

    I encourage all DJ Player users to download and try Traktor DJ, then let us know how does it compare, what’s better, what’s not.

    I send this message on all channels i can, sorry for the shameless marketing. 🙂

  • I want my money back! Hahaha

  • It’s free because of Apple’s 5th anniversary of the App Store. A few other very famous apps/games (like Infinity Blade 2 and Tiny Wings) are free as well this week.

    • SLFC

      Oh hey, you’re still around! Any chance for some comment?

      I believe I also sent an email through your website.

      Just wanted to know if you’re still continuing Quartz’ work
      as far as getting NS7 working reliably with Traktor is
      concerned, or if you gave that ghost up ages ago.

  • You, bloody right, if they get away with it once they’ll keep doing it!

  • Chris Hultman

    Thanks for the heads up! Been on the fence about buying this for the last week. Glad i waited haha. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Thanks!

  • Brad Giezentanner

    Pissed. Bought it for Twenty Bucks last week! Ugh!

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  • Actually, I believe it’s apple that discounted it- as some sort of anniversary sale. It’s a lot more apps than just traktor

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  • Daniel is right. It is part of their 5th anniversary celebration. They are giving away a bunch of apps only today……..but man! A 20 dollar app! I was like what! I am one of the ones who payed full pop? Still though, DJ is one badass app! Well worth the 20

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