The DJWORX Survey 2013: Tick those boxes!

DJWORX survey 2013 win dj gearIt’s that time of year again, when we ask you to do just a little more than just read. We ask you to click a link, read the questions and tick some boxes. And in return, you could win big. Yes, dear reader — it’s the possibly annual DJWORX Survey 2013.

It’s incredibly simple — click the survey link, and after about 5-6 minutes of box-ticking and some possible actual pressing of keys to form words, you’ll be asked to give your email address if, and only if you want to be entered into the price draw to win a pair of Stanton ST-150 turntables, a Native Instruments Kontrol S4 and the Traktor Scratch upgrade kit that allows you to use the S4 as a mixer for the turntables. The survey asks for no personal details whatsoever, but we do need a way to contact you if you win the big prize, hence asking for the email address.

It’s really important to us that you take part in this survey. It helps us get a more detailed picture about you lot, and also helps us to make important decisions about the future directions of DJWORX. The survey will run for 2 weeks, and the winner drawn in early September.

So please take part, and make a difference. That link again: click the survey link. And many thanks in advance.



  • Alexander Wyatt


  • Borislav Petrov

    It’s done 🙂

  • timtempest

    yeah ticked all the boxes. It’s tricky setting up questionnaires but some boxes for us old folks please: Yearly budget? I’m married! I used to produce but don’t any more. I didn’t recognize nor care about all the music categories. Do I play out? ooh… once every few months or so I play at home when I unplug the router so Glee isn’t on.

  • Knorf86

    The question on how you usually prepare your tracks misses an option. You know, there are powerful media players besides iTunes (such as foobar2000) which are excellent for organizing the track collection.

  • funkbro

    my music taste is “electro funk” wich wasnt even categorized..without electro funk a lot of the genres wouldnt even exist…electro house doesnt come even close to the real original electro i grew up the survey doesnt include my musical taste

    • Lee Shaw

      to be fair the page would be endless if they included all sub genres

      • funkbro

        thats not a subgenre at all, you must be totally clueless and too young to understand what i was talking about

        • Lee Shaw

          i know what electro funk is and i dont consider myself a youth of today. What i was getting at is to list every possible genre and sub genre would be ridiculous they have clearly labeled what they feel most popular which is frustrating as it doesn’t include hardly any really i agree. But where do you stop ………, electro house, funky house, soulful house, tech house, hard house, deep house and so on. Every genre has crafted into another along the way and yea electro house def does not sound anything like electro funk but then the electro only states that its created electronically with the funk being its sound and movement etc

          • funkbro

            then im sure you know about Morgan Khan who was the first to release the original electro tunes in the UK, the genres or styles of music you mentioned all came out of original electro..Kraftwerk is the most well known example and that music is no sub genre..its the foundation on wich house and other genres where build..the “Cutting Records” label started as an Electro label in 1983 and from 86 it became a house label..thats cause the producers switched to house when electro hiphop died out..the electro funk era is basically the period from 1982-1986..thats when all the important stuff was released and that stuff was influenced by Kraftwerk..Arthur Baker is the man who covered “Trans Europe Express” and made “Planet Rock” with a borrowed 808. All that shit happened before house/techno even excisted. The foundation of most if not all electronic music is electro wich aint a sub-genre.

            • Lee Shaw

              I’ve obviously hit a nerve here so ill stop after this but i am already educated on the history of music so as impressive as you sound i haven’t learnt anything new, i love my house and i already know that it was all started back in the 80’s with Chicago house which was influenced by soul and disco which as you stated was crafted from the early sounds of electro funk or boogie and artists like Kraftwerk. I have not disagreed with any of that. At least your gonna sound super impressive to anyone thats reading this eh and ill learn not to make a mistake and say sub genre in case someone attacks me for not knowing anything and being to young to.

              • funkbro

                well you called it a subgenre as you wasnt aware till i educated you..Par example Disco music wasnt a subgenre but but Italo was..get it?

                • Lee Shaw

                  yep your a genius of the music world

            • DJ Why

              That is off topic now. And I sense some personal issues here. Why is that so important? I don’t care what music I play as long as I like it! Just go along with the survey man and hope for the win.

              • funkbro

                that was 5 days ago, no need to get butthurt over old posts bro

  • Darren E Cowley

    Not available on iPad? Hmmmmm, I’m out……

    • Kyle Thom Hughes

      Literally just about to post that. Not available on ipad in 2013 is poor.

      • I thought they fixed this last year.

        • Darren E Cowley

          It lets you onto the first screen, and when you are just about to click the enter button it takes over and switches to a new screen saying unavailable on the device, i’ll do it on the Mac later….

      • Herp di Derp

        Not really poor. Stop whining and use your computer 🙂
        Everyone who owns a tablet also owns a laptop/desktop I’d like to guess.

      • The_KLH


  • synthet1c

    it’s the same survey as DDJT…

  • Adrian with a W.

    Can’t seem to get the survey to load…? URL just stalls trying to load the page.

  • Mutis Mayfield


  • mattatya

    Even Though Denon isn’t as well received in the US. (poor advertising IMO) I still a huge supporter & fan of Denon. I use their hardware for mobile gigs and home practice. Why no love on this survey?

    • DJ Why

      I can answer for myself – Denon CD players for example were well known for failures back in late 90s. If you saved your hard earned cash to buy equipment that will serve you a “lifetime” surely you’ll avoid products with poor reputation. That being said I own a Pioneer MD player made in the same Malaysian factory where most of their DJ gear comes from and it failed within 20 hours of use. That is exactly the same reason why most people avoid other “low” end brands even though they have some quality products.

  • The_KLH

    For shame. Serato is a company, not a product.

  • luke skywalker

    when survey ends it seems that stops for some reason , so i`m not sure that i`m in and i t`s my second try ??

  • Ezmyrelda

    Page 404’d after I got a few questions in.. I’ll try later.. hopefully it was just a slight hiccup.. I really really want decks!

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  • Christiaan Gombert

    So, do you share the results of this survey and do we have a winner of the big prize?

  • DJ Why

    “…and the winner drawn in early September…”. Well it’s 22nd now and the survey is still active. Maybe they meant early October?