The 12 Days of WORXMAS 2012 – £5000 of DJ gear giveaways!

djworx 12 days of worxmas DJ giveaway

I’m a huge fan of Christmas, not just because it’s our wedding anniversary, but the 27th is also my birthday. So it’s fair to say that this time of year sees me in a very generous and giving mood. And a tradition that has grown out of skratchworx is the annual clear-out of the studio. But it’s also a time for the people who usually sell you gear to actually give you some as well. Hark – the 12 Days of WORXMAS is upon us!

It’s a new name, but the intention is exactly the same – to say a huge thanks to all you readers old and new for keeping us as the longest running, highest quality and most respected and independent 100% focussed DJ technology site around. We’ve got over £5000 worth of gear from Allen & Heath, Jetpack, Decksavers, Vestax UK, Behringer, Korg, Algoriddim, Stanton, Gemini, Novation, MixVibes, Reloop, Pioneer, Numark and Native Instruments (I think that’s all of them). I’ll try to squeeze it into 12 days, but there’s also a newsletter subscriber only giveaway too. No purchase necessary.

Starting today and for 12 days I’ll have a tidy package to give away – sometimes it’s a few prizes per day, other times 1 single prize. The day 12 prize is pretty epic. No details – you’ll just have to wait and keep coming back.

DJWORX Studio - worxlab at Christmas

The WORXLAB at Christmas

So what do you have to do to win? Very little to be honest. It would be very nice if you followed us on Twitter, liked our Facebook page and subscribed to the once in a while newsletter. But all of those things are a step between what I really want, and that’s you dear readers on the DJWORX site all the time, getting involved and supporting us the best way you can. Remember, we don’t need you to buy anything from us to get involved. Your continued traffic is all we need to keep growing and be able to provide bigger and better coverage from the DJ world.

So if you want to win a particular prize, all you need to do is leave a comment on each day’s giveaway. That’s it – no surveys, newsletters or social media malarkey. Just come back each day, and see if you want the goodies that are on offer.

But there’s no point in leaving a guest comment as I can’t contact you – grab a free Disqus account, or sign in via your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. There’s no criteria for winning either – just leave any old comment and as long as I have a means to notify you, then you’re in the prize draw for that day. It’s a day by day thing – you might want to win one particular prize and not win another, so just leave a comment in the days that you want to win. There are however no limitations – enter any number of days that you like, and enter from anywhere in the world.

Be aware that the prize draws will be open until 5th January (traditionally the 12th Day of Christmas), at which point they’ll be closed and the winners drawn and notified, and prizes sent out soon after. I don’t have them all here in the studio, but those that I do have will leave as close to the draw date as possible.

I think that covers everything. Time to get the day 1 draw ready.

P.S. Any manufacturers who haven’t stepped up to the plate, there’s still time to express your love for our readers… 😉

  • Mike_Safari

    Uh, yeah. I shall be here with bells on daily.

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    Merry Christmas! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

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    I want it all; money, fast cars, diamond rings, gold chains and champagne, s#!t, every damn thing. Merry Worxsmas

  • MrMatic Boabmatic

    Looks like you have pulled out some big prizes for this year…. Hopefully I’m more successful than I have been in the past… :-)

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  • Alex Kamantauskas

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate DJ techniques into my music production style, this could open the door to that.

  • Andres Ramirez

    hell yeah I’m excited for this 😀

  • The_KLH

    I was good all year… I swear!

  • Chris

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    Good work :)

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  • Richard Stowe

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    Man, All i wanna know is what the 12th day is going to be.

    • Mark Settle

      A pony.

      • GroovinDJ

        £25 eh? not bad!

  • Dave Ockwell-Jenner

    Marketing… you’re doing it RIGHT! Good luck everyone :)

  • Marco Arreygue

    I’d love a nice gift for myself since I can’t afford it!

  • DJ Dario

    Yeeeahh. Can’t wait to see the giveaways.

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    Merry Christmas, Hope to get something, Love the Website. Keep up the good work

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    would be nice to have a cool gift this year :-) Nice one Mark

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  • Frederik Ongenae

    Giveaways, always a very very small chance to win, but mostly it’s just fun thinking you can win something without doing anything special. I love this!

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    I’ve been a following worx for years now.This sounds fun

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    1/44 Chance so far :)

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    Nice Worxmas gifts this year Mark.. I would love to win a pair from Xone

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    I frequent this site while I’m at work, instead of actually doing work.

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  • Kaj-Bjørnar Olsen

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  • Justin Schuurbiers

    Hope I’ll win!

  • Alex Kies

    i would give anything to have a single piece of kit. ive been a DJing for over 2 years now with a usb keyboard that ive custome mapped to my cracked version of traktor.

    • RogueDJ

      wow, obviously you don’t care enough. I worked 21 days straight and went a few days without eating much but some free cookies in order to buy my first decks.

  • Matthew Tindall

    cant really afford much gear, would be great to win something!

  • Jason Colthrust

    Wouldn’t mind having a new set of headphones!

  • Martin Karner

    that’s just great! would be awesome if i win something 😀

  • lambrettist

    That is soooo cool!

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    I don’t ever win things like these, but hey, let’s give it a shot. Thanks for the contest. =)

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  • Thin Lines

    To be entered you have to comment EVERY day?

    • James Wilson

      No, you leave a comment on the page of whichever prize you’d like to enter for. A new page gets posted for each day and it’s corresponding prize.

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    Hook a brother up!!!

  • kash04

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    Maybe this year will be my lucky year! Thanks for all the great work!

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    Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! And a big thanks for the quality of what you do here, nice worx…

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    Its always better to give then receive this time of the year thanks DJ Worx!!!! And im still waiting on that pioneer ddj sx review :)

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    This is really cool. Thank you!!!

  • John Darcy

    A very generous and amazing prize….nice one guys

  • Tim Smith

    on the 12th day you super sweet folks left for me a pair of CDJ 2000k nexus hooray for me…….. oh well one can always hope

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