TEST: Fitting a Mini Innofader into a Denon DJ DN-MC2000

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (11)

Having got the scoop on the Audio Innovate Mini Innofader production units last week, they’ve been sat patiently in their boxes just waiting for me to bust out a screwdriver to transplant them into the bellies of assorted mixers and controllers. One such unsuspecting unit is one of my favourite small controllers the Denon DJ DN-MC2000 (our review here), and having experienced a serious lack of gear surgery in recent times, it seemed like the right thing to do.


First things first, before opening up the controller, it’s worth checking out the compatibility chart on the Innofader website. To my surprise, no Denon controllers are listed as being compatible. Yay – first. I wasn’t sure if this filled me with dread at a potentially wasted session of unscrewing, or with a sense of adventure at how long it would take me to fry the fader and controller in one go.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (2)

Knowing where to start when pulling apart a controller is tough. Sometimes going in base-first is a good plan, but my general approach is TTTO – take the top off, and do it with the power off, or in this case the USB cable pulled out. Handy hint — when pulling off all the knobs, be sure to lay them out in a way that makes it easy to fit them back on.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (3)

Luckily, the fader fixing in the MC2000 is simple, and fits into a large space, but as shown in the review, it doesn’t take a full-sized Innofader. Pulling the fader out is as easy as unscrewing two screws and then removing the fader from the plate. At this point, you can fix the mini Innofader to the plate or leave it until you’ll connected the fader up.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (5)


Now comes the slightly daunting bit for some people — connecting the wires. Thankfully, Audio Innovate’s vast experience with the various Innofader incarnations has stood them in good stead, and the P version comes with a rationalised set of connectors to give you the very best chance of hooking up the mini Innofader to whatever you find in front of you.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (4)

In my case, a 3 to 4 pin adaptor was necessary, but before connecting the fader to the controller, it’s vital to make sure that the mini Innofader is in test mode via the switch on the base. Then it’s a simple matter of hooking the connector up to the controller and the mini Innofader.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (6)

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (7)

If you’re unlucky and see a red light on the base of the fader, just disconnect the 4 pin  end of the connector, turn it 180° and reconnect. Viola — green light and you’re off. Yes, it’s that simple.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (10)


After screwing the fader in, dropping the faceplate back on, and fitting the fader cap, it was clear that the fader was sitting a little too high above the faceplate. Now you could get even more hackish and apply a grinder to the fader stem, but a better and safer solution is use some of the included fibre washers between the fader and the plate to drop it down a tad in the controller body. I used two per side to drop it down enough to stop my fingers grabbing under the fader cap when I crab.

Mini Innofader fitting Denon DJ MC2000 (8)

So how does it feel? Having used the DJ Tech DIF-1s and Traktor Kontrol Z2, it feels just like them. Because it is them. There’s nothing new to report on this front, other than it feels light, smooth and more than capable of handling a beating in the hands of a turntablist.

Luckily, or perhaps by Audio Innovate’s design, there was no need to calibrate the mini Innofader at all. The curve was sharp, and the lag distance was just over 1mm. Reading the instructions, if you really need the tiniest lag distance, adjusting it is akin to doing boss moves on your favourite fighting game, but I’m quite happy with what I have now.


In my original piece, I was eying up the Numark NS7 II as my next transplant patient. But Elliot Marx from Audio Innovate tells me that because of voltage differences, only the Innofader Pro can be used. Questions have been asked about the Pioneer DJM-T1, and luckily I have one in the Worxlabs HQ, and some noise is being made about the Akai Pro APC-40. I’ll have to lay my hands on one first though.

I imagine that as the mood to mod takes me, I’ll rip open the chest cavity of many a lump of DJ hardware to see if transplanting will work or not. I’ll be honest and say that doing the whole wire cutting and soldering necessary with the S version fills me with dread. I hate the idea of shorting out hardware and potential killing them to death, but I guess I’ll have to take one or two collateral casualties for the team.


  • Ehrlich Alba

    DJM 700 fittings please?

    • Elliot Marx

      Yes that was one of the first installations we did 🙂

      • Ehrlich Alba


  • Toastmonster

    whats the voltage of the mini innofader?

    • Elliot Marx

      Output: 0 to 5 volts
      Input: 2.5 volts to 12.5 volts

  • Deejay Rolex

    Put Video Test its important….

  • Otter

    I would love to know if the reloop terminal mix 4 would work.

  • Jeremy

    Can you test the Vestax VCI-380?

    • Elliot Marx

      Yes that works with the mini Innofader PNP P also

  • Callum Davenport-Lambton

    it was super easy to install in my vestax pmc-06

  • Elliot Marx

    Feel free to send any equpiment you break my way 🙂

  • Lorne

    I’ve searched “DJM 900 Innofader” on the site and turned up nothing, so forgive me (and link me) if it has been done on here. I’d like to see a DJM-900 install with both the cross and line faders. That would be great. I know from the videos I’ve seen that it can be done (with some extra work/grinding/etc. it seems), and it is obviously listed as compatible. Being that it’s such a popular and common mixer, I would think a tutorial like this one would be a hit.

  • Elliot Marx

    I’m happy to help with the mini Inno S soldering if you want to give it a try!

  • Guest

    How will it accommodate for someone who is running 2 track decks and 2 remix decks?

    • Exactly the same as it did with the stock fader.

  • umx user

    Hi Elliot!!! When I can install mini inno in Gemini umx series????

    • Elliot Marx

      I think UMX did something weird with the power so the mini doesn’t work. Might require something like a mini Inno Pro

  • hey elliot can we get a demo vid of this working (i have a dn mc-2000 and want to know if its worth installing it)

  • iddison68

    Can anyone tell me if the 3 pin adaptor cable comes with it or do I have to buy it separately if so, then where please?

  • DjBj

    Do you know if it will work with the Denon MC6000 MKII? Any information is greatly appreciated.

  • Edwin Alvarez

    would it be safe to say this works with the mc3000 and mc6000 as all the part numbers are identical as the mc2000 (crossfaders are same across all 3 models)

    • Mike Jackson

      Did you get an answer if the mini Innofader works with the Denon DN-MC6000?

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