Technics update from CES – confirmed price. Ouch.

Technics SL-1200GAE (4)

Obviously we’re all talking about the momentous news from the CES show floor, but some questions remain, from our perspective the cable connections and the price. There are many rumours floating around, but thanks to our old friend Louis Dorio from Ortofon, we’ve got some clarification. Brace yourselves, for good and bad news is coming.

Quoting Louis directly and using his photos with kind permission:

So, according to the lead engineer on the new 1200 from Technics Japan, the only difference to the base is the top metal layer, making it 4 layers instead of the former 3. The motor is coreless, which is better for speed stability as it is said to eliminate any cogging effect. It is a 9 pole motor instead of 12 pole. The arm is still stainless steel bearings, but the machining process has been improved to reduce friction. Same arm geometry. The pitch control is now fully digital, but the engineer could not tell me the gradient. The platter is now 40 pounds because if the brass layer. Another thing to help with speed stability. Removable RCA cables on this, and a 78rpm function like the MK4. The chief engineer claims that the table is a full rebuild with much less in common than the former models than ever before.

There are torque and break adjustments under the platter, and a USB port for service purposes. So there goes your home servicing, it looks like.

The limited edition model will sell for $4000 MSRP, and when that is done, the non limited model will *also* be 4000.

Wait what? Limited edition is $4K and then $4K for the regular edition? That sounds completely wrong, so I asked for Louis to confirm for me. This came back:

Yes both will be same price, confirmed with both Japanese and American Technics reps.

That’s crazy, but if I’m honest not unexpected. As I’ve mentioned in comments in the original story, Technics is being promoted as an audiophile brand, and for the new 1200 to sit happily in with the rest of the range, it has to be priced into thousands. But $4k really puts it outside the realms of sanity for DJs. But it can’t be marketed as a DJ turntable anyway because audiophiles wouldn’t soil their hands on DJ gear.

That said, there’s part of me that feels that this is Panasonic throwing out a ridiculous price to gauge reaction. We won’t be seeing the G model until the end of the year, and a lot can happen in that time.

I have no doubt that the limited edition will sell out almost immediately, and that some DJs will have their names down on a pair. But after that? Unless that price is dropped to $1299 at the most, it’ll be clear that Panasonic may well be using the DJ scene to get the word out, but have no intentions whatsoever to support the DJ scene. Hell, we didn’t buy enough to keep it going first time round, and it’s not DJs leading the vinyl revival either.

So unless that price for the regular model drops dramatically, it looks like the bottom won’t be falling out of the second hand market any time soon, and if anything will boost demand. And small refurbishing businesses can prosper as well.

Technics SL-1200GAE (6)

Not that it really matters now, but both RCAs and power are now removable cables. Somehow, that doesn’t make up the price difference. But now we know.


Assuming that this $4K price remains, will you still buy a pair? And if so, why?


  • Regular Citizen

    These guys are CRAZY if they think we worship their Sl1200’s enough to drop that much money. I’m fine with whatever gets the job done… stuff on the market even has more features than those things.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, crazy… I’ve just remortgaged to get some.

  • New technics turntables. now in full 4K

  • Simon Kennedy

    I don’t get it, they make a clealy what looks like a dj turntable with 8/16 % pitch, variable torque etc, obvious features aimed at dj’s, audiophiles don’t want or need these features, then price out 99% of dj’s

    • Bradley Fried

      The Rolex of DJ turntables. (-;

      • flash

        dj jazzy jeff has already pre-ordered 2

        • Black Scorpion

          Nah Jazzy Jeff is too busy circle jerking with Scratch Bastid over their hanpins and stroking each others egos on social media.

  • chris

    thye are going after that high end, and thats what they said when the brand was relaunched last year. So i am not totally shocked by it. The high end audiophile doesnt care about midi, and reverse and all the other things that are on TT that are marketed toward DJs right now.

    • DJ Hombre

      The high end audiophile doesn’t care much for direct drive belt-less turntables.

      So who’s going to buy these?

      • Bradley Fried

        Not completely true. Collectors love the old SP-10 MkII and III broadcast decks and pay thousands of dollars to have them refurbished and mounted in hand-made plinths for audiophile vinyl playback. The spec of the new 1200 motor is equal to or exceeds the decades old SP-10, so I think there will be a healthy market for these. Hopefully Technics will also make an armless version at some time in the future so that customers can choose to mount an aftermarket tonearm like the SME V as well.

        • CutSelekta

          as i recall the SP-10MKII had an external power/transformer to reduce noise in the turntable, now thats what i call audiophile.

          If they really wanted the SL1200G be 100% audiophile/hifi then they could have done that too but they are very aware that thousands of DJs have been complaining about the end of the 1200 since 2010..there are at least 5 feautures specified for DJs and audiophiles couldn’t care less about those features

          • Bradley Fried

            That’s very true. However, as a hi-fi listener, I know that the most important features that contribute to sound quality are a quiet, high-torque motor, platter mass, a precision spindle bearing, vibration isolation, precision bearings in the tonearm, and an excellent cartridge. The original SL-1200 already did these things very well in spite of snobbish criticism of direct drive in some circles. In fact, my main table is an SL-1200 MK6. The improvements to those elements appear to be some of the major investments of the re-design project and will have specific appeal to audiophiles IMO.

    • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

      yea but at 4000 comon? Thats rape a pair of CDJ 2000 NXS are the same price!

      • Oddie O’Phyle

        2KNXS are over a $1000 cheaper a side.

  • Mark

    $8k a pair, wow. Is that USD?

  • Anteater

    Bet there’s a couple of happy marketing bods at Pioneer DJ tonight wondering if they can up the price an extra $200 per deck while nobody’s looking…….

  • CutSelekta

    looking at the cables in the back they clearly thought about the DJ who might put them in flightcases so that the cables won’t get in the way, also torgue and brake adjustment is clearly meant for DJs.

    Anyone who still believes these are stricly hifi decks is a nutter

    yep 4k is way too much for 95% of us, they should be 2k

    • Steve

      Also it looks like the power supply (AC to DC converter) is internal just like the original. The problem with this is that power supplies emit noise and having the audio cable run directly over the power supply causes it to pick up much of that noise. Having the power supply internally is convenient for DJs as you don’t need a wall-wart and everything is nice and self-contained but less ‘audiophile’ as a result…

      • CutSelekta

        i agree, they could have added an external power box but they didn’t cause DJs wouldn’t buy the turntable then

    • djremedy

      Then I am a nutter. haha. Replaceable cables just make sense. It would be dumb not to include those in 2016. If it were meant for DJs they would have had the full +/- 50% ultrapitch, and the brake adjustment would be somewhere that we could use it on the fly, not hidden under the platter (just like the old 1200s). Pretty sure they didn’t consult with a single DJ before working on these 😉

      • CutSelekta

        i never heard any DJ in a club using 50% ultra pitch, thats a feature only a very tiny minority uses in the turntablism scene

    • I don’t believe that they are strictly hifi, but I’d say that’s the target market. If they’d left pitch control off, the DJ market would be instantly closed to them, and we wouldn’t be here talking about them. And the 1200 would be seen as taking a step back too.

      The detachable cables brings them in line with other high end devices and the ability to hook up snake oil interconnects. And with the torque and brake adjustment being under the platter, it’s clearly not been thought about for DJs, and is there simply as a concession.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    Ouch… I was kind of waiting for something like this to be released. I held off on the RP 7000 and the PLX 1000 due to the Hanpin, but at this price point I may just rebuild an old pair of MKII for something with a wow/flutter better than .1%.

  • kasper

    search in for “new technics”
    the target audience is enthusiastic

  • Spazzmadic

    Guys remember your Technics 1200 history. The 1200 was made for highend audiophile use when it first debuted back in the early 70s. DJs discovering it was not Technics plan from the onset. Technics just took advantage of the notoriety amongst the DJ world over the next 40 years (which is only good business sense). It appears they’re going back to that initial business model. That is specifically due to the fact that they know it’s a digital world now. But the audiophile purists have shown a rigorous renewed interest in the old school analog sound quality which Technics feel they can capture a piece of. Alas, DJs sometime function with tunnel vision and think the audio world revolves around them. $4000 and 40 lbs per turntable is not meant for DJs.

    • Regular Citizen

      Interesting point.

    • CutSelekta

      Im pretty sure you will see DJs getting busy on them this summer, clubs will get them too,actually im thinking 90% of the limited edition sales will go towards DJs and clubs.

      They of course will also be used for DVS, not just as analog players.

      So im sorry to say you are totally wrong on this one, looking at all the DJ friendly features you must be kidding, im saying its both a hifi and DJ deck.

      • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

        really? and why wouldn’t clubs just invest in Pioneer Turntables instead? makes more sense to me if they already carry full pioneer dj equipment that I see in many clubs

        • CutSelekta

          Pioneer PLX are known to have feedback issues, and also they are Hanpin decks so nobody knows if they will hold up for years in clubs

          • Minos Kritikos

            Agreed, most if not all Hanpin rebadges suffer from a lower feedback threshold than technics.

      • Dubby Labby

        4000$ each ltd and regular. Nothing more to say until someone buy a regular for 1500$ in reality (which still is an luxury for collector)

      • acts_one

        So you spend $8000 on a pair of these new(er) versions of the 1200. To put on a pair of $100 M447s and use DVS.
        that’s some dumb shit.

        • CutSelekta

          im not using DVS, im just saying not everybody in the world is as poor as you are

      • B

        I am with you : if these hold up just as good as the old ones, it is not a big investment for club install.. If clubs can buy new cdj2000’s every couple of years at 2000 a piece, the investment of a new sl that maybe last for 20 years or longer is nothing.

    • jbchengito

      No, audio purists have dismissed the SL-1200 as inferior sounding to other tables for years. Only in the last few years has the tide turned, and that’s been largely because of the hype surrounding their discontinuation, rising prices as the became scare, and the mythos that have kept them being talked about by the Djs who use them. Six years ago no audiophile worth his salt would admit to using an SL1200. It’s been the moderately-budgeted audiophiles that have been keeping them alive on the used market as a good value. They are one’s panasonic is screwing with this pricing. The one’s who petitioned for it’s return. The ones who kept the name alive. Wealthy audiophiles — the only ones who can afford these “re-boots” to stash away in pairs for flipping, haven’t been buying SL-1200s on the used market, That’s been younger vinyl spinners have who have dreamed of getting a new one. The dream now crushed by Panasonic.

  • Paolo Maligaya

    If they are trying to gauge reaction by putting this price out there, then we should react accordingly and not just accept it

  • kinguman

    I thought that all the products for this small audiophile market where limited (edition). so why the second ,not so exclusive model. and why is the limited the same price tag as the regular. something thats exclusive should be more expensive or not?

  • Omid ‘Kamayo’ Ali

    did that asshole who raised the prices on that aids pill also buy Panasonic/Technics?

    • jbchengito

      Ha! Exactly. Time for a new petition: How many won’t pay $4k for the SL-1200. They plan on sell “3 million” of them at $4k, according to Stereophile. Are they serious? There’s aren’t that many in the 1%.

  • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

    Hail the Pioneer PLX Turntable lol

    Looks like the Technics Fanboys will slow down a bit! Seriously $4000 per turntable common I can buy a full ranged Pioneer 2000 decks with Mixer less for that than a pair of these woah!

    • Ezmyrelda

      Hail the PLX? Have you not seen the video breakdown of them?

      • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

        I did after I bought my plx turntables and It was too late to return them. I dont know but I am happy with my plx turntables they feel like technics to me and I wanted something new so If I wanted to go ahead with the technics route I would had spend about 3000 on turntables when I only spent less than 2000 on new plxs. I used to own a pair of mk2s before I sold them before technics decided not to produce them anymore. Also if I bought a used pair It would had been the M5g or mk2s again but I would customize them and that already out of my price range. ✌️

  • Vic S.

    That’s what you get for being stuck in the past :^)

    • minimalanimal

      say this to the rotary dj 😀

  • ⛵The Other Denzel⛵

    After 2 years of waiting for Dj Tech to drop the Lf-12… I finally plunked down the cash for a pair of gently used TTX’s….. I paid 300 bucks for the pair (with ortofon elektro carts)

    Their is absolutely no way any respectable club is paying 8000 bucks to replace their aging tech’s when a pair of Plx’s or ttx’s or even audio technica’s are, at the most, 6500 dollars cheaper.

  • Kevin Basher

    They’ll have a hard time selling just the 1,200 limited edition decks.
    I highly doubt a “regular” SL-1200G at the same price will thrill any audiophile, let alone DJs.
    For my part, I’ll keep my M5Gs.

    At Pioneer’s HQ they must be opening the champagne bottles right now.

    • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

      Lucky you I would love to had a pair of m5gs but the cost of them now are damm expensive.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Well.. Shit.. Sounds like my dream of having a matched pair of new in box technics is never going to be realized.. Fuck.. Back to lusting over the RP-8000s.

  • Honest Mike

    They are marketing em to the “Trust Fund” djs @_@ Honest™

  • Shaudi Dj-murph Murphy


  • Shaudi Dj-murph Murphy


  • White Wulfe

    Yeaaaah, at that price it isn’t even worth contemplating to me.

  • Mack Daniels

    There are far better and far nicer turntables for less than $4k. If they really want to sell these, they better shave that price in HALF at the very least. The Limited Edition’s might sell out to the wealthy audiophiles… unless they are smart: Then they already have something 10x better than this already and would probably only buy it for the novelty of it. I personally wouldn’t pay more than $1’200 for it – which is what it SHOULD be sold for IMHO!

  • Black Scorpion

    Short sighted DJs never stop amazing me. It is GREAT that Technics is coming back. Look at the positive, perhaps they have another more affordable option in the vaults as well. It does not mean that this is the last and only version coming out. I for one applaud it. So go circle jerk to your hanpins.

  • DjFocus

    All other opinions aside, it is fantastic to see the Technics name back in the mix. Right inline with everything else that is happening.Hopefully Vestax is regrouping and is back in action in 2016…

    • kebzer

      Indeed! I just hope that Vestax won’t come back with similar ideas, like relaunching the 07 ISP, now with a USB port, at 3k MSRP, lol

      • acts_one

        Vestax doesn’t do high end gear. If they do come back I’m sure they’ll be pushing the envelope. It’s only after their departure that their turntables, C1, QFO and handy trax have been highly sought after.

        • kebzer

          The C1 was the most expensive TT when released. The same with both the silver & black QFO, due to their limited numbers. They might never been hi-end, but they were most definitely niche products. If I add also the various limited editions of their mixers, Vestax has probably the largest line of over-priced niche products in the market.

          • acts_one

            Yeah but the features on these things is what sets them apart. They might not have been <$1k but def not out of the range of DJs wanting to do more with their gear. $4k for a turntable that has no real added value is my concern. Really, what turntable warrants it being purchased brand new? I know Vestax offerings were niche. Turntables in general are niche. But I feel Vestax can come back in a big way and still be priced in a range that is affordable. Limited anything will always be expensive and sought after. The last turntable that really got my juices flowing was the reloop8000? The one with the midi…. But really I'm happy with the ultra pitch on my $100 3rd hand pdx2000s.

            • kebzer

              I’m with you on this. Vestax is my favorite mixer brand and I REALLY wish they will come back. But I hope they won’t have any similar ideas like Technics when this happens.

              • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

                I really hope to see a return from Vestax as they were the only company in my mind that pushed the boundaries of what could be done with turntables & dj equipment in general (even if it was niche and inherently increased cost at times, C1, Faderboard & other products) sadly the only way i see a revival for them is if Serato resurrect them as a hardware partner now Pioneer are seemingly moving away from them. Fingers crossed

                • kebzer

                  I can only wish for Serato to bring back Vestax. They are the only ones that can handle such a brand name in a correct manner.

                  • I always said this too.

                    Serato would have been the ideal guys to have purchased Vestax. That would have have put them into the Native/Pioneer category.

                    Vestax made solid mixers, TTs & controllers and would have been a perfect marriage.

                    Maybe Vestax was never up for sale and just waiting for a re-launch? After today’s hint of things to come it’s clear there was a plan.

              • Black Scorpion

                Seriously did your daddy buy you a Numark DJ in the Box with a blue dog instead of a pair of 1200s for x-mas back in the day? Whats your issue lol

          • CutSelekta

            the C1 had a weak link, the tonearm, absolutely rubbish for playing regular vinyl, yes the deck was meant for scratching but for that price you would want to p[lay a normal record too without ruining the grooves

    • Kevin Basher

      +1 for a Vestax return.
      Hopefully with a revamped 4 ch PMC-CX 🙂

  • Simon Kennedy

    technics have stabbed dj’s in the back, after 30+ years loyalty f**k you £2750 each

    • jbchengito

      Yeah, man. Let’s keep in mind what DJworx writes: “Unless that price is dropped to $1299 at the most, it’ll be clear that Panasonic may well be using the DJ scene to get the word out, but have no intentions whatsoever to support the DJ scene. Hell, we didn’t buy enough to keep it going first time round, and it’s not DJs leading the vinyl revival either.”

      If Panasonic and Technics depending on DJs to get the word out, Yeah, let’s get the word out … about everything wrong with the table that’s inferior to the non-“Gs” and show how the $3,500 improvements are a laugh. We’ll keep the value of our tables and devalue their insult to the supporters they ph**ked over.

  • DannyDj

    Cost 4K = disappear to every club (except one or two in the world)…It is a pity.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    For $4000, Technics better give me some sucky sucky.

    • Black Scorpion

      You can get some pretty decent rub and tugs for $8k #justsayin

    • Dave Coakley

      I wonder if the stores will let me take out a mortgage with them to purchase?


  • Miso Whore Knee

    me love you long time.

  • Nobody has mentioned the possibility of the SL-1210GAE either. Or will Panasonic stick to silver only because it matches the range?

    • acts_one

      It matches most of their hi-if gear. But there are those $36000 speakers that are black, so there is some hope for a different colour.

      • Coming soon, SL-1200GAE-BK: $40,000.

        • Oddie O’Phyle


        • Spazzmadic

          Awesome. 😉

      • I’m rather more hoping for a different price.

  • DJ Go Fuck Yourself

    Hey, I’m DJ Go Fuck Yourself

  • washi

    So you sell your kidney and balls for a pair of these,then in the next 1 year or so technics decide to make a turntable specifically for the dj’s,better yet they resume production of the 1200’s at a sane’s man price.And you are stuck there watching in disbelief as you try and justify buying decks for $8000 to use with serato dvs and your collection of djing records which you have owned for decades and sound like shit.

    I’d rather join that circle of jazzy jeff and scratch bastid in jerking of to the hanpins.

    • Black Scorpion

      No one mentions that Jazzy Jeff is being paid by Pioneer promote that mixers and turntable, gee I wonder why he posted that post. Scratch Bastid is the vanilla midget of turntablism, his sets are dry and he always came just short of winning any competition except Scribble. (mainly because the real heavyweights didn’t enter)

    • Spazzmadic

      Dude you had me laughing pretty damn hard. Nice rip man. I couldn’t have put it any better than that. Hehehe!

  • Zartan The Destroyer

    The collectors will be ecstatic.

  • kebzer

    I still have serious CONCERNS about the quality & durability of these new decks vs the legendary mk2s. The fact that they are practically admitting that they redesigned 90% of the deck is further proof to that. How many chances are there that they will actually build it better? How can we be sure that they will again over engineer it?

    This whole story reminds me of the AKAI MPC series relaunched by InMusic. The name itself proves nothing. And the pricing indicates nothing but a semi-clever idea of Panasonic’s marketing to cash out on the whole mk2 deity net posture during recent years.

    I hope I’ll be proven wrong. Otherwise, in a few years we’ll be talking about the biggest gear shitstorm EVER. This looks more and more like a monumental fuckup around the dearest and most beloved product of all DJs worldwide.

    • It’s a good point I’ve made before. This is an all new untested unit. The brand offers instant confidence, but even the best brands have had issues with new products.

      • kebzer

        Actually, every single revamp or relaunch of legendary products has been a huge let down. The example of AKAI is the most distinctive one and I can’t remember of one that actually held it’s place against the original product (especially on DJ/beatmakers stuff). All this because of the rule of engineering cost. The o.g. mk2 is probably the best example of over-engineering, alongside the Mercedes-Benz W124.

        MSRP of 1200G is probably going to be half of 4k, but still I highly doubt it will even justify itself against the top Hanpin ones, like the Stantons.

        • Black Scorpion

          Provide some proof and statistics to quantify this wigger.

      • John Shersby

        Indeed Mark. Lest we forget their foray into the CD turntable market a few years ago.

    • Black Scorpion

      Panasonic is not Inmusic, what ignorance in this comparison, we reject your deposit.

      • kebzer

        Hop to the hype backwagon!

        • Black Scorpion

          Quiet you wanker, I’m not on any bandwagon go cry about not having super pitch when you just scratch the same sounds on your 7″ portable belt drive!

          • kebzer

            Oh shit, you’re absolutely right! Never thought about it myself…. Now spare me the comments and go fuck yourself.-

  • hyper hyper

    great social engineering from technics.
    now every dj would love to pay 1500 for a turntable thats only 800 worth.

    pioneer should be envious, they pay a lot of djs to get their gear hyped.

    • Goldie Wilson

      “now every dj would love to pay 1500 for a turntable thats only 800 worth”

      We have a winner ladies and gentlemen

  • The fact they are selling a direct drive turntable as an audiophile is a joke, and anyone who falls for it is a fool. DD is a poor approach for audiophile turntables, proven over and over again. Basically Technics are taking the absolute p*ss out of everyone with this and they are probably laughing their heads off waiting to see which mugs line up to buy them. I guarantee senior Technics execs will have a bet going on this. A technically laden direct drive deck made of metal with pitch control and a crap s-bend arm as a quality deck hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

    • Black Scorpion

      Who elected you knowledge born supreme on audiophile audio or electronics? Are you an engineer? Nope didn’t think so.

    • Brian “Cryptonix” Bradley

      I keep saying this! Audiophiles shit all over DD turntables, including 1200’s. It’s beyond foolish for Panasonic to even try to market to audiophiles. Makes it sound even more like an attempt to milk the vinyl revival while they can.

      • jbchengito

        This is exactly what it is, an attempt to milk a quick buck out of the revival buy producing a “limited” table that will be snatched up by Saudi discos like over priced glitter Rolexes. Hey, Panasonic, why didn’t you stick some swarovski Crystals on it?

      • DiamondDNice


    • steelsberg – if you’ve got to go Technics and audiophile, if that’s not a contradiction, I’m sure you’d be better paying this dude a visit! Probably getting something belt-driven and exotic is the way most audiophiles would go though.

  • jm2c

    4K? Even for the non-limited edition? You can almost afford a vestax controller one for that price

  • MuWu

    Although I own Technics SD1210 MK2 and I love them very much but for cca. 4K I can buy 2 x Reloop RP 8000 , RANE Sixty-One and a Macbook Pro….

    • DiamondDNice

      and if you bought a $4000 1200 you’d still need another one lol.

  • Minos Kritikos

    Would like to add my 2 cents/pence about practical use of DJ turntables and feedback from high SPL’s such as those found in club environments. In my experience, Hanpin DJ5500 based DJ turntables, such the rebadges from the cheapest of the bunch being the Omnitronic DD’s to the most expensive of the bunch being the Pioneer PLX’s, is that they are unusable in a club environment because they easily and readily rumble and howl from feedback and people stop dancing and stare at me as if I have three heads before they start looking for the exit. This means they are a no-go for such an intended use. I’ve read mixed comments regarding feedback issues from the heavier Stanton’s and also about the Reloop 7k & 8k but never used them to know for myself. I also had some Vestax PDX 2k that were slightly better but still prone to feedback. Now i can still get my own and club owned technics SL to feedback in club environments, but they have a much MUCH higher threshold and i’ve never had issues with them in the past two decades. From what I understand, this is due to a denser rubber base and improved platter insulation. I am no technical expert, but from a mere practical perspective and in IMHO, Technics SL mk2 and above have always been the way to go for loud club environments, with the rest of these newer and fancier Hanpin based tables reserved for quieter home use or perhaps lower volume small party SPLs (and even then feedback can persist). If these new technics are as feedback resistant or better than the older SL’s, then for me that IS the distinguishing and most important factor to consider for their usability by professional DJ’s in loud club environments.

    • CutSelekta

      amen to that, some people here are totally unaware if a Hanpin or vestax PDX performs well in the bedroom it doesn’t mean they will perform well in a club

      I have witnessed 6 PLX1000’s in a club and the feedback was a fact, if i was a club owner i would invest in something more reliable wich cost more instead of wasting money on internet hype products, and idgaf if Qbert is featured in some promo vid

      • I understand one can take expensive measures to provide feedback insulation i.e. Isonoe feet, vinyl clamps etc. But once you add that cost, you might aswell purchase a used and serviced SL for the similar money and not have to worry about feedback so much.

        • CutSelekta

          true but clubs having a big revenue could easily invest in new gear as they do with CDJ2000nexus and DJM900

    • kebzer

      Indeed, feedback tolerance is lousy at best for all Hanpins, including PDXs. However, do mind that most people who still use TTs these days, are operating them with DVS, not vinyl. Therefore, feedback can be worked around differently under such a system. Nevertheless, it’s not good to sell a new product that can’t operate correctly, like selling a race car that can’t hold it on a race track.

      • Agreed, timecode use permits a level of feedback without causing a serious issue, but as you say, why spend money on a product that can’t go all the way? Seems wasteful… As for these new technics tables, time will tell how well they hold up in this regard.

  • Marco Yanez

    Facts and thought about Panasonic Marketing:

    1 – Panasonic don’t care DJ scene, neither Hip Hop, turntablist and all those people that they made Technics in a cult brand. Is crystal clear that Panasonic has targeted HI Fi end users for this turntable
    2 – Is clear that Panasonic is no betting on volume sales but in very high margin operations, just like Ferrari, Maserati….etc. They want to catch the big dollar’s people market, forgetting the average DJ an musician that clearly cannot afford that crazy amount of money…. Is worth mention that Ferrari lose money every year… FIAT is funding that company as marketing…
    3 – Panasonic is obviating the middle user market with their potential sales. Lot of thousands of people showed deeply interest on that new Technics release… is really profitable sell, let’s say 2000 units and 90% margin than 1.000.000 at 30%?????
    4 – The margin thing…. Don’t have clue about the manufacturing cost, but really don’t think that the material and cost of manpower has been multiply per 4 in Japan… when the market tends to be more cheap… so, are they making expensive this product only to create cult????
    5 – For the product success, one of the main decisive factors is know very well who are you customers…. So, Panasonic… your customer are only the HI end FI users??? You don’t care about the thousands of Dj, Clubs, Musicians and general users than can pay half of price but can you upside your sells per 100x???

    Hope all this is coming with intention to generate market overreaction and the following free publicity, in any case don’t like how Panasonic is doing with us. First they let us on the shadow cutting of the production and Pioneer ate us with their plastic autosync controllers and now they are asking Ferrari prices

    • ferdinat porsche

      your car analogy is nice. however, the new technics but not Ferarri, is a Volkswagen Phaeton

      • Marco Yanez

        in turntables they are the top… and for general audience that don’t have discussion

        • DiamondDNice

          IN Dj turntables they are the top. I don’t think in terms of real audiophile turntables they are remotely the top. I’ve had both. my dad’s a lifelong audiophile. They are not really in the conversation.

          Now Panasonic may be trying to put it into the conversation. But i don’t think it’s been there historically.

          • Marco Yanez

            yes, your’re right on the audiophile side… is a good question why Panasonic knows want to settle the SL1200 there….

    • Steve Brown

      Well I don’t know how they lose money. The 3000 mile service (at the official place behind Miramar Rd. In SD) costs $6300. And they want you to buy a new clutch at every 20000 miles, cost $14000. The worst part is the damned thing only gets attention from dudes, not chicks.

      • Marco Yanez

        Ferrari is well known “license” company, they “only” sell 7.000 units per year, even with the crazy price is very low to maintain engineers, racing sponsorships, directives, etc. They get a lot of revenue for indirect sales like jackets, shoes, toy and lot of merchandise…so they get more profit from these items, the cart production itself is not a very good business…. in Technics is the same, is better sell 10.000 units at 4000 or 1.000.000 at 2000$? For me volume sales are always more attractive, continuos and less fluctuant…

    • DiamondDNice

      as they say a fool and his money are soon parted. I’m not fool though. At that price only fools would pay. And they could cut it in half and i’d still call buyers fools. Loved my 1200s but that day may be gone.

  • Steve Brown

    I’m surprised people are surprised. The second I saw the story, I thought “it’ll cost 4 grand”
    I’d be more bothered if Stanton made new Str8-100s, my fav tt, and priced it higher than I’m willing to pay.
    There’s lot of gear, I would buy if I didn’t feel they were just charging too much. I’m happy to support the companies that make the things I love. I refuse to support them to a lifestyle level markedly higher than my own.

  • acts_one

    I’m wondering if Technics will show up at NAMM. CES is one thing, NAMM is a whole other beast.

    • bkbikenerd

      Your guess is a good as mine but, CES is a better place to show off a $4000 turntable. NAMM is not a good place for such high price fuckery.

  • Does anyone know if there are Technics 1200 buyer demographics? I’m interested to see where DJs sit in the whole scheme of buying them.

    • DiamondDNice

      Oh i’d guess pretty low. I’d guess they are after the idiot hipster that goes to stores today and buys vinyl albums form $34 and goes to urban outfitters. And maybe they are trying to make it an “audiophile” sort of turntable.

  • Dirty Steve

    It’s absolutely bonkers to me how many DJs continually, and sometimes blindly, support a company who does not give one flying shit about them or the culture in the slightest bit. Yes, the 1200 is the best DJ TT around but does that justify dropping $8K on a pair just because it’s “the new 1200”? Please. You will be playing the fool Panasonic wants you to be. Yours and my current 1200’s work just fine.

    If it really does dampen the feeback even better, than it is ideal for huge venues. But for the (guessing) 98% of the rest of us who don’t play colossal venues, and don’t break a threshold of 155dB, and don’t play through subharmonic synthesizers, there is no point to buying into this. Unless you are just a pawn in Panasonic’s game of cashing in on the vinyl resurgence. Or have too much money. If so, you can donate a new pair of these to the “Dirty Steve GAS Foundation, a suborganization of the Human Fund”

    • Black Scorpion

      Yeah they supported one of the best known DJ competitions in the world for decades.

      • Dirty Steve

        And yet, they make no mention of “DJ” on any of their TTs EVER. All they would have to do is put “DJ” somewhere in the press release or description or somewhere if they really wanted to show that this is not just for audiophiles. But alas, they did not.

        The company I work for sponsors events all the time that we don’t really care that much about. Just because a corporation throws some money at an event doesn’t mean they care about the “scene” or “culture” or any of the like. So no, sponsored events don’t prove to me they care.

        • jbchengito

          If you have a “TECHNICS” label on your club table, make sure to add a “SUCKS” sticker on top of it.

        • Motiv

          The Mk II was designed after consulting with DJs

        • DiamondDNice
          • Dirty Steve

            Ok, fair enough. I may have went a little extreme. I still think this is aimed at audiphiles though, and if DJs want to drop insane coin on it, Technics won’t complain

  • Simon Kennedy

    Technics don’t deserve any respect any more, so If Pioneer went back the drawing board, sacked off the PLX-1000 as a bad joke, and made a decent solid metal turntable “themselves on their own factory” close to or better than to the spec of the original technics mk2 they could really clean up?

    • Black Scorpion

      Actually “Pioneer DJ” is not “Pioneer” the DJ division was sold. Try again, sorry about your luck.

  • RogueMURICAN

    From all of the complaining on here people need to understand that these tables are not DJ tables, these are meant for ultra high end HI-FI systems where your average HI-FI turntable is like $5-10K.

    • jbchengito

      It looks like the same DJ-durable SL1200 arm to, not the kind of precision arms people who buy those tables demand. The first thing an audiophile does is rip cheap arms of their decks and put on Regas or SME arms. And a MAGNESIUM arm. Hey, audiophiles, magnesium is famous for BENDING.

      • To me, Magnesium is famous for burning bright white in chemistry classes. I wonder what would happen if someone took a zippo to it?

        • Spazzmadic

          Mad scientist you are…

    • CutSelekta

      It’s a Dj table with hifi quality, the MK2 was a high end Dj table as well wich Panasonic made for radio stations and disco DJs, the original 1200 from 72 was hifi and for radio

    • DiamondDNice

      I think you’d be crazy to spend that much for 1200s if you’re an audiophile. You can get better for less if fidelity is your aim.

  • jbchengito

    This table is like a shiny, gussied up high-priced hooker for Wall Street execs to plot in their bedroom as spin “Adele” albums. Thanks for fucking us over, Kazuhiro Tsuga

  • Dave Coakley

    There’s a lot of nonsense being talked in this thread. This whole thing about Technics not supporting the DJ scene is utterly ridiculous. They supported the DJ scene from the very beginning by inventing the turntable Disco DJ’s were asking for with the extra torque and the pitch control. This is the reason we have the SL1200 in the first place: Because they listened to what DJ’s want. Secondly they sponsored the World DMCs for 30 years.

    The criticism that they don’t support DJ’s is a bit rich considering most people fucked off Technics to jump on the CDJ phenomenon and then the digital DJ’ing. People in the main, and outside of the turntables world, have no loyalty to the old workhorse the SL1200. I fail to see why they should make a turntable at great financial loss, to satisfy the very, VERY few people in the market for a new SL.

    ….but hey, perhaps they were seeing what the reaction would be to a limited run before going to the great expense of re-tooling an entire factory. Maybe they will do a more standardised, lower spec deck that is closer to the original to go along with this new turntable. But hey….they don’t owe us shit.

    • jbchengito

      And they sure are acting that way.

      • Dave Coakley

        As Mark stated in the article: “We didn’t buy enough to keep it going the first time round”. End of.

        A business which must answer to shareholders and produce profits has no obligation to provide a service or product most people have proven they don’t want anymore, at a huge loss.

        Why would they re-tool the factory just to satisfy a few thousand DJ’s.

        • Spazzmadic


          • Scott Frost

            People didn’t buy them enough to keep them in business is because people who bought them didn’t need to replace them. I’ve had mine since 1996 – they are in still mint condition and have 1000’s of hours on them. They made them too damn good and built to last. Those that bought them don’t need to buy another pair (rarely) and clubs who still have 1200’s have had them forever.

            Unlike other manufacturers who built things like crap so they can sell you a new one the next year, these are not meant towards existing owners, they are meant for never before owners.

            It will be interesting to see the demand in the next year and if people will support the comeback of vinyl, however I don’t see DJ only record shops reopening nor do I see record labels pumping out 12″ singles in the near future.

            but we can dream….

        • Steve Brown

          There’s a bit of a twist to that. Yes, people did stop buying turntables and begin buying cdj and controllers. It appears that a section of those people have since realized that the turntable was a superior product, and are now returning to the turntable. I think this trend will increase exponentially, as it relates to controllers(because they just ain’t good)
          It seems that even the Panasonic people don’t even understand just how many of us are out here, and how willing we are to spend money.
          One would think that a well built, modern turntable with interchangeable tonearms, could be sold in diffident quantities at a high enough price to justify their production.if it’s well made and has the technics name, it will sell.

          • Marco Yanez

            In market terms is a balance between large volume low margin sales vs small big margin sales.. is clear that Panasonic bet for the second…. but, that the most complex, unstable and fluctuant market, ask Ferrari, Rolex and other big margin segment companies how difficult is keep revenue and margin….

            • Steve Brown

              I wonder if there will even be a place that can afford to have one out of the box as a demo.

              • Ztronical

                No, can’t get germs on it.

    • Marco Yanez

      With all due respects, I totally disagree… with this release they don’t event think on the DJ community… they haven’t consider DJ’s on their sales target… so they don’t care about DJ a bit, they want to work with HIFI users…we are not in picture for them….this means that they don’t support us, we don’t exist for them….
      Is true that Panasonic is not a charity company….but do you think that is reasonable that this turntable is 4 times more expensive than the M5G…???
      Of course, we are in an open market and they can ask 10.000$ if they want… but also is our decision buy it or let it go…and I really want to see if they can support the sales only with the HIFI users….
      About the jump over the CDJ we can talk hours, I bought a SL-DZ1200 on that time and can write an full blog about fails, problems, bugs…. they make a terrible design mistake and Pioneer took advantage of that until now…and will happen again, for sure that Pioneer will release some new turntable more affordable, more cool and will bury again the Technics sales…. I really don’t like Pioneer, but again and again Panasonic is making big mistake on their sales strategy…
      Again is my personal opinion, maybe they sell 1.000.000 units and we can see Tiesto, Armin Van Bureen and so on playing with this turntable on the next tomorrowland and they became standard… but I really doubt it.

  • Dirty Steve

    The new “Only available in the U.S.” SL1200….

  • Dirty Steve

    The new “Only available in the U.S.” SL1200…

  • W

    Yep they are expensive. But look how much money you spend on plastic piece of shit “industry standard” players that do a shit job of mimicking the vinyl feel that supersede themselves with things like putting tacking on a color screen and ‘more seamless seamless loop but not actually 100% seamless therefore not seamless’ – and sticking a USB port on it to read MP3s… Call me Shania but that don’t impress me much (or at all.) The combined price of the players plus that garbage mixer in the middle adds up. The price is insanely marked up for a bunch of DSPs but a lot of you eat that shit up like candy so you can dress up like a knob head and play your electro house crap. Personal opinion aside though, I think Panasonic seem to know that DJs will emotionally spend a packet on this equipment as they do with Pioneer. I’m not excluding myself from this – I’m starting to save now for the new 1200s. And yes I’m sure the H model is 4 years away… With a small OLED screen showing the pitch and BPM… But these wankers DJing with no headphones, cold cutting at the breakdowns and pressing the sync button make me sneer with disgust and hate the thing I once loved. I’m going to ride the last wave of Vinyl and get it out of my system before the music industry emotionally implodes and reforms in to something that I will probably dislike.

    • Marco Yanez

      When Technics surrender to Pioneer, they begin ate us with the CDJ and plastic mess controllers…they became “Standard” and at that stage they start to increase wildly the pricing…. I personally think that Panasonic is not on the same stage and they cannot compite on that arena… are they clubs to spend 8000$ or 12000$ to buy new turntables… don’t think so…. are they clubs to star buying again vinyl records… don’t think so… are the average DJ with an average salary able to spend this crazy amount of money, don’t think so… is true the emotionally thing, I even thought about saving to buy a pair…. I have a good job and thanks God I can afford them, but when I think twice and put out the emotionally side, this price is a shame… I paid 2500$ for a M5G pair that still works wonderful… make sense pay 8000$ for an upgrade.. don’t think so

    • Black Scorpion

      This is an actual real response well said. *raises pimp cup for a toast*. Dudes drop $2500 on a plastic CDJ that says “Nexus” on it CD players are 1980s technology and no one points out how dumb that is. Mark Settle peddling reviews for junk controllers that cost 2 grand so he can get adds, no one says anything. Word life this is basic thugonomics. And mark is a Mary sue!

      • W

        Totally agree about the Nexus stuff… None of it is justification for the price tag, but you dare tell Pioneer fans that their equipment is shit based on build quality, planned obsolescence, and a cheap DSP with unreasonable limitations (for the price) they just tell you that you are wrong and band together in emotional stupidity. When I finally bought the mk3s years back I was scratching my head at how people could call it “pro” equipment when the platter made some whiney noise when I span it for the first time, and the whole unit was plastic (my CMX-3000s I’d bought years prior even had a metal case.) But it didn’t matter, I learned to live with them, and 2 years later the 2000s came out. I was in the local music store and I saw the new price tag and what you got for the money and decided that I cant afford to upgrade decks every couple of years to be using the what is now unfortunately the ‘industry standard’ (that is, until the cdj3000s come out, with the price tag doubled again and a few extra features that the Pioneer users with a credit card will claim is revolutionary.)

        Just speculation, but I think the initial death of 1200s cut Mark (and/or the team) deep… hence the reform to DJWorx… that must have been painful… Just when they’ve convinced themselves and everyone else that Technics are completely dead, patent expired, Technics name no longer registered (as it was at some point) and MP3s, plastic shit and throw away technology is the way forward, Technics are back, albeit with price tag leaving everyone sour… They’re still back though. People who were once passionate about it probably need a bit of time for that to sink in… The once reliable constant in the fickle music industry that abandoned us are back. They will eventually adapt… The vinyl resurgence will peak and then probably die once and for all, but at least we got an encore…

    • Ztronical

      It’s just music in the end. Everyone has their own opinions.
      I Like electro music. As well Psychedelic, Trance, and House, hell even Hardcore.
      Cheap plastic toys, I’m holding one in my hand right now, it’s an LG G3 phone.
      My point is that’s what people buy.
      Products manufactured so that they can get technology at a middle-class price. These tables are not for everyone. But not everyone does music the same. For many those are Divorce Tables.

  • Clay Ford

    Fuck it, I’ll just go with the Audio Technica OEM.

    • Ivory Samoan

      Out of curiosity, what’s Audio Technica’s torque/build quality like to play on? Never used them – always been curious.

      • Clay Ford

        Similar to the Techs of old. If I’m not mistaken they share quite a few of the same parts for the lp-120 model. Their lp-1240 is a ‘super-oem’ deck which means it shares a lot of the same parts of the Stanton 120, Numark TTX, etc.

        • CutSelekta

          the LP120 is a piece of plastic junk trying to look like a 12

          here is why its junk:

          SN ratio – >50 DB (that means too much noise)
          Wow & Flutter 0.2% (seriously wtf)
          starting torgue 1.6kg/cm = constant torgue of about 1kg/cm
          easy skipable tonearm not suitable for heavy scratching

          Tell me how a piece of plastic junk shares any part of a high quality metal rugged turntable thats been around since 72,

          • Ivory Samoan

            Thought as much: a mate just got some and was telling me about them and I wasn’t sure If I should be congratulating her or morning her opportunity cost (would have advised to go for the Pioneers or 2nd hand Techs which would have been optimal).

      • CutSelekta

        all the oem turntables are not suited for clubs, they are suited for the bedroom and small house parties without PA systems and large woofers nearby

  • Ivory Samoan

    I would bite for 2 of them at $3,000…but 4? Nah man… I’ve already got MK5G’s and 1200mk2’s as spare – $8k all up is luda cray. I reckon they’ll drop by next year to around the $3k mark (Technics, pls).

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    I called $2k and I was half right. Damn. Talk. About. Prohibitive.

  • jbchengito

    Why do I feel like this price is payback for Hiroshima?

  • thebrightpixel

    This article is pure speculation. Technics/ Panasonic hasn’t officially released pricing info. The source here is ‘Louis from Ortofon’. I think I’ll wait for an official comment before I get my panties in a knot.

  • Anthony Alonso

    Why is there a pitch fader on an audiophile turntable. Panasonic is stupid to even hint that this is audiophile market only and so is anyone who believes it.

  • Dirk

    I believe one of the reasons that the original 1200s were discontinued a few years back was because the tooling was outdated and no longer available. That stuff is extremely expensive to make so in the price they most likely have factored in the cost of retooling and buying new machines. Not to mention expensive stuff like that brass platter or the machined parts like the tonearm