NAMM 2014: Gemini Slate and Slate 4 Virtual DJ controllers

Gemini Slate 4 Slate 2 Virtual DJ controller Namm 2014

Gemini has bucked the NAMM 2014 trend for huge Serato DJ controllers, and instead has announced the Gemini Slate 2 and Slate 4 Virtual DJ controllers.

REVIEW: Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ Controller

Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ controller review (11)

The Gemini G4V was first seen at NAMM 2013, tweaked a little more for Messe, and is now hitting the shops. Jared Helfer took a look and was impressed.

Sandboxing comes to Virtual DJ 8

Virtual DJ 8 sandbox DJ Expo (1)

Imagine having a separate set of decks for cueing in your headphones as well as those playing. That’s what Virtual DJ 8′s new sandboxing feature is.

Virtual DJ — now Steam powered

virtual DJ on steam for windows

Thought Steam was just for games? Wrong. Virtual DJ is available in the Steam store with a 10% discount. But only for Windows.

NAMM 2013: Gemini G4V Virtual DJ Controller

Gemini G4V virtual DJ controller NAMM 2013

Virtual DJ gets its own on-trend 4 channel controller courtesy of the Gemini G4V controller. It’s a render right now, so here’s hoping that there’s more at NAMM itself.

UPDATE: Virtual DJ 7.3 released

Virtual DJ 7.3

Atomix throw us another bone in the shape of Virtual DJ 7.3. A few new morsels and bug fixes should satisfy our hunger for VDJ8.

Denon DJ MC2000 — now plays nice with Traktor and VDJ

Denon DJ MC2000 Traktor virtual DJ

The Denon DJ MC2000 now spreads its wings and plays nice with other software. Traktor and Virtual DJ get some love.

BPM 2012: Virtual DJ 8 Progress Update

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 15.23.59

Having a gestation period longer than most mammals, Virtual DJ 8 is a long time coming. So we put them in of our cameras to tell us how things are going.

REVIEW: Stanton DJC.4 DJ Controller


A cost effective controller for everyone – the Stanton DJC.4 with Virtual DJ ticks more boxes than ever for entry level DJs.

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REVIEW: Vestax VCI-400 Controller Part 2


In the second of 2 full reviews, guest reviewer Ken Uston pours over the Vestax VCI-400, in particular the software side of things.