How many Vestax QFOs and Controller Ones were made?

vestax qfo controller one how many were made

It’s a question that’s often asked but has never had a definitive answer. How many QFOs and Controller Ones were actually made? We have the answer.

Musikmesse 2014: Vesta Audio turntable and speakers

Vestax Vesta audio act-x100 turntable vma 20 speakers musikmesse 2014 (1)

Vestax is known for left field thinking. And their new Vesta Audio ACT-X100 turntable falls into that category. Calm down — it’s not for DJing with.

NAMM 2014: Mixware — UDG, Magma, Decksaver, and Vestax

mixware-namm-2014 Vestax UDG Magma Decksaver

Having taken on Vestax as a client in the USA, the Mixware stand at NAMM was full of Decksaver Pro and LE, Magma Bags, new UDG hardcases and Vestax.

NAMM 2014: Vestax VCI-400 ONE Edition

Vestax VCI-400 ONE The One NAMM 2014

Vestax and Audio Artery have made the VCI-400 ONE, a special edition that comes complete with a full version of The One and a custom faceplate.

The DJWORX and IDA UK and Ireland Scratch Jam

DJWORX IDA Scratch Jam Rasp Woody Angelo Jon Furst (15)

We had more turntables and scratch DJs than were at The BPM Show at the DJWORX studio this weekend to send off the IDA UK winner to the world finals.

BPM 2013: the Vestax Dance Classics Party

BPM Show Vestax Dance Classics Party

Trade shows are generally a sound clash of dubstep or deep house. Thankfully BPM 2013 will host the Vestax Dance Classics Party.

OUT NOW: Vestax VCI-380 in red and white

Vestax VCI-380 red and white edition

Tired of boring old black controllers? Vestax can help with that via all new read and white editions of their VCI-380 controllers.

Vestax PDX 2000 MIDI mod — turntable becomes instrument

Vestax PDX midi mod (2)

Meet the unofficial Vestax PDX 2000 MIDI mod, where the turntable can become an instrument.

The Vestax VCI-100 DJ controller: A Retrospective

Vestax VCI-100 History

There have been a handful of game changers in DJing, and Vestax’s VCI-100 was one of them. Recognising this, they’ve put together a retrospective piece.

SHOWCASE: Vestax VCI-380 and Serato DJ

Vestax VCI-380 Serato DJ Demo video

A short and sweet showcase of Vestax’s VCI-380 with Serato DJ courtesy of Martin from Serato’s support team.