stpVx update: The Phoenix mixer in photos

The Vestax rebirth edges closer. We saw the stpVX mixer a while ago, and now Paco has posted a few small images of the Phoenix and an update on progress.

STPVESTAX is now stpVx — new mixer images

We’ve got some more info about the company rising from the ashes of Vestax. And we have proper images of the stpVx mixer too.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The state of play of Vestax from Mr Shiino

Vestax owner Hidesato Shiino has issued a statement to bring clarity to the state of Vestax old and new. Read it in full here.

STPVESTAX: Is Vestax rising from the dead?

We all miss Vestax. So when a domain called stpvestax pops up, and offers clues towards a 4 channel mixer with proper analogue VU meters, we get giddy.

PRIVATE STASH SALE: Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter

A reluctant sale, but up for grabs is this Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter. It needs just a little work and is sold as a project with a lot of blanks too.

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Win Vestax Battle DVDs from the Worxstash

I’ve uncovered some gems while cleaning up. These Vestax Extravaganza DVDs hark back to a time before even skratchworx, and can be yours.

Vestax keeps calm and carries on

Vestax as we know it has closed down, but that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel has been revealed by Mixware, their US distributors.

A personal farewell from Vestax’s Toshi Nakama

It’s nice that DJWORX is a place that the DJ industry can come to and feel part of something, even if they don’t always make themselves known. And although we’ve had to report the difficult news of Vestax’s closure, Toshi Nakama, the President of Vestax dropped me a thank-you note to pass on to our readers for all the support we and you have given Vestax over the years.

The end of an exciting era — Vestax closes down

In the total absence of anything official, we’ve held off passing any comment about Vestax rumours. But with news hitting the streets that Vestax has finally filed for bankruptcy in Japan, all we can do is lament the passing, hope that they come back, and offer a deep respectful bow for all the good things they brought to DJing.

How many Vestax QFOs and Controller Ones were made?

It’s a question that’s often asked but has never had a definitive answer. How many QFOs and Controller Ones were actually made? We have the answer.