Atomix Power Room video #3 — DJ Eyecon

Atomix are at it again, and has another VirtualDJ Power Room video ready. This time DJ Eyecon chats and performs a short set with his Rane Sixty-Two.

Numark NV working with VirtualDJ – including screens

When we first saw the Numark NV, we figured that the screens would be off limits to any other software. But the clever people at Atomix have managed to make VirtualDJ work fully with the NV, screens included. Next stop world domination?

Worxmas 2014: VirtualDJ 8 Pro x 10

VirtualDJ 8 is moving and shaking, and making a name for itself all over again. And we’ve got a 10 licences for the full VirtualDJ 8 Pro for Worxmas 2014.

REVIEW: Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ Controller

The Gemini G4V was first seen at NAMM 2013, tweaked a little more for Messe, and is now hitting the shops. Jared Helfer took a look and was impressed.

Sandboxing comes to Virtual DJ 8

Imagine having a separate set of decks for cueing in your headphones as well as those playing. That’s what Virtual DJ 8’s new sandboxing feature is.

UPDATE: Virtual DJ 7.3 released

Atomix throw us another bone in the shape of Virtual DJ 7.3. A few new morsels and bug fixes should satisfy our hunger for VDJ8.

BPM 2012: Virtual DJ 8 Progress Update

Having a gestation period longer than most mammals, Virtual DJ 8 is a long time coming. So we put them in of our cameras to tell us how things are going.

REVIEW: Stanton DJC.4 DJ Controller

A cost effective controller for everyone – the Stanton DJC.4 with Virtual DJ ticks more boxes than ever for entry level DJs.

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ME2 – not me too, but MixEmergency 2

While the Serato door has been closed to MixEmergency, the MIDI controller door is very much open. I fired up the new V2 demo, did some mapping as saw an opportunity.