OUT NOW: Vestax VCI-380 in red and white

Vestax VCI-380 red and white edition

Tired of boring old black controllers? Vestax can help with that via all new read and white editions of their VCI-380 controllers.

SHOWCASE: Vestax VCI-380 and Serato DJ

Vestax VCI-380 Serato DJ Demo video

A short and sweet showcase of Vestax’s VCI-380 with Serato DJ courtesy of Martin from Serato’s support team.

Musikmesse 2013: Vestax VCI-400 and VCI-380 versions

Vestax VCI-400 VCI-380 Serato DJ Deckadance djay Traktor Musikmesse 2013 (13)

Vestax rolled out a handful of VCI-400 variants plus a sneak peek at the long awaited VCI-380 Serato DJ version.

NAMM 2013: Vestax Red VCI-380 and VCI-400 Serato DJ edition

NAMM 2013 Vestax VCI-400 Serato DJ VCI-380 red (1)

Vestax are known for their limited edition paint jobs. But the long awaited Vestax VCI-400 Serato DJ edition made an appearance, as did a red VCI-380.

REVIEW – Vestax VCI-380 DJ Controller Part 2

Vestax VCI-380 Serato ITCH DJ Controller review (14)

In the second full Vestax VCI-380 review, Chris Cartledge gets a little more intimate with the more mixer based elements.

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REVIEW: Vestax VCI-380 DJ Controller Part 1

Vestax VCI-380 Serato ITCH DJ Controller review (22)

Vestax take all lessons learned from their DJ controllers, and make the VCI-380. Mark Settle plays tunes, writes words and snaps pictures.

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Vestax VCI-380 fader surgery – look away now


This is either gear geek porn, or savage butchery. Either way, the VCI-380 comes out better than before.

Vestax VCI-380 – a first brief play


The VCI-380 came and went into the DJWORX office over a lunch break. But I spent enough time to get a good feel for it.

Musikmesse 2012 – Vestax VCI-380

Vestax VCI-380 Musikmesse 2012

Vestax released info on their new VCI-380 ITCH controller, but then kept it at strictly at arms length at Musikmesse 2012. Well for most people anyway.

Vestax VCI-380 – the 300 with errr… pads on

Vestax VCI-380 Serato ITCH controller

Vestax blend a VCI-300, 400, Pad One and Twitch to make something with the best of all units. The VCI-380 is a 2 channel ITCH controller with a lot going for it. Like the VCI-100 before it, can this become the one controller to rule them all?