Citronic MINI:MIX2 — 2 channels in your pocket

citronic Mini-Mix-2 4 channel USB mixer

A 2 channel mixer doesn’t have to be huge, and the Citronic MINI:MIX2 squeezes into the smallest corner of your DJ life, for not a lot of cash.

Denon adds USB: DN-D4500 MK2 – CD makers weep

Denon DN-D4500 MKII USB controller (9)

Denon attempt to shake up the mobile DJs by adding USB to their very successful DN-D4500 MK2. I wonder if they’ll use it for anything more than a flexi-light?

Audio Technica release pro DJ turntable in vinyl-not-quite-dead-yet scandal

Audio Technica AT-LP240 USB Turntable

Didn’t think I’d see this – a new turntable for DJs. Audio Technica ignore sales figures and trends and put out the AT-LP1240USB turntable.

Vestax VMIDI – MIDI for all iOS devices

Vestax VMIDI iOS MIDI Interface

Always wished you could hook up your USB MIDI controller to your iPad or iPhone, and get audio too? Vestax have just the doohickey – VMIDI.