NAMM 2016: Bluetooth-enabled Akai BT-500 turntable

In a shocking turn of events, Akai have announced a consumer turntable with Bluetooth connectivity. Is the world ready?

Micro-DJing: Faderfox MICROMODUL DJ4 out now

German DJ controller maker Faderfox has a new all-in-one device, the MICROMODUL DJ4, and it’s about as portable as you can get.

Citronic MINI:MIX2 — 2 channels in your pocket

A 2 channel mixer doesn’t have to be huge, and the Citronic MINI:MIX2 squeezes into the smallest corner of your DJ life, for not a lot of cash.

Denon adds USB: DN-D4500 MK2 – CD makers weep

Denon attempt to shake up the mobile DJs by adding USB to their very successful DN-D4500 MK2. I wonder if they’ll use it for anything more than a flexi-light?

Audio Technica release pro DJ turntable in vinyl-not-quite-dead-yet scandal

Didn’t think I’d see this – a new turntable for DJs. Audio Technica ignore sales figures and trends and put out the AT-LP1240USB turntable.

Vestax VMIDI – MIDI for all iOS devices

Always wished you could hook up your USB MIDI controller to your iPad or iPhone, and get audio too? Vestax have just the doohickey – VMIDI.